steps to create a breathwork space

4 Easy Steps to Create a Breathwork Space

Breathwork is a breathing practice by which you enter an altered state of consciousness.

It is usually done in a group setting. But if there’s no option where you can go and do it with a group, your options go down to one.

You have to figure out how you can set up this activity, at your home. This means taking the right steps to create a breathwork space.

Our experience with solo breathwork is very limited, but we have a good 5+ years of experience in meditation, which is an adjacent practice.

We understand the importance of putting aside space for something like meditation, and we figured breathwork is quite similar in that respect.

Now we understand, you are more likely to not have a lot of extra space, wasting away in your home.

It’s usually the opposite situation we find ourselves in. Too any functions, not enough room.

So before we give you the steps to create a breathwork space, we have to convince you that there’s some actual value in taking the effort to make space.

Why create a Breathwork Space?

We create a separate space for Breathwork so that your intent is clear as soon as you enter it.

It is the same reason you set up an office in your home, if you can spare the room.

If a space or room is set aside for something, simply walking into that area puts you in the mood to do what it was designed for.

It’s also about clutter. When you use a living room for breathwork, you take in all the information from the area before you start.

It could be the sound of a song before you switch the TV off, an unpaid bill on the coffee table, or a sound through the open window.

Any of these can set off trains of thought in your mind when you should be shutting your mind off and concentrating on your breathing.

Instead of the deep inhale and the slow exhale, you’re thinking about when the bill is due, or the name of the song you heard before you switched the TV off.

Of course, you can’t really be expected to put aside a room for breathwork.

As important as it is, it shouldn’t require substantially rearranging your living space around it.

In many cases, it’ll be impossible. But if it can be done, the next section will help you go about it.

Steps to create a breathwork space

1. Figure out how much space you'll need

This depends on whether you’ll be doing breathwork solo or with a partner like you need to in holotropic breathwork.

Are you more comfortable lying down or sitting down?

breathwork-lying-down-steps to create a breathwork space

This will give you a fair idea of how much space you’ll need, or even if it is possible.

If it’s not, you do the best you can with your current set up.

2. Pick the space to do breathwork in

Now you pick the exact area you’ll be ‘converting’ to a breathwork space.

Of course, there will be compromise. You will have to scale back on whatever you’re cutting into.

If possible, do not pick a common room in the house. Breathwork sessions are long, and others shouldn’t be expected to time themselves around it.

Try lying down, or sitting down in the space you’ve put aside. Does it feel good? Could you get used to this? Comfort is of utmost importance.

3. Set up your breathwork space

Now comes the part where you convert this space to a breathwork-friendly area.

This means clearing out anything that could even be remotely distracting. If you do breathwork sitting down, check what’s in your sight-line too.

breathwork-room-steps to create a breathwork space

Then place any cushion, bench, mat or pillow you will be using during breathwork. The phone definitely doesn’t come into this space.

4. Sanctify your space

This is optional. But our experience with meditation tells us that something as simple as burning incense just before we sit down to meditate, puts us in the right mood.

burning-sage-steps to create a breathwork space

Other ways to sanctify your breathwork space include burning sage or placing a meditation bowl in front of the bench.

But these simple rituals at the start make a big difference to how well your breathwork session goes.

Get ready for breathwork

We’ve been in the meditation space for a while now and eagerly jumped into the breathwork space in the last couple of months.

Based on our limited experience in Breathwork, and years talking about meditation, we have a few suggestions that can help you set up a breathwork routine.

1. Yoga & Exercise Mat

AmazonBasics Yoga & Exercise Mat-steps to create a breathwork space

This is a no-brainer if you’re practising Breathwork. It is more commonly used than stools or cushions.

It works whether you prefer going through breathing techniques sitting down on lying on your back.

2. Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

Mat Cleaning Spray-steps to create a breathwork space

If you plan on doing Breathwork regularly, it would be wise to get yourself one of these.

With the more intense types of breathwork, this is near-compulsory.

3. Microfiber Yoga towel

365 DAYS Microfiber Yoga Towel-steps to create a breathwork space

There’s nothing quite like working yourself into a sweat and towelling yourself after.

4. Meditation Cushion

Seat Of Your Soul Meditation Cushion-steps to create a breathwork space

Mats are not for everyone, and cushions are a great alternative.

Grab one of these if you’ve never quite felt comfortable doing breathwork on a mat.

5. Meditation Pillow

Gaiam Yoga Bolster-steps to create a breathwork space

If you prefer lying down for Breathwork, consider getting a meditation pillow to support your neck.

6. Meditation Bench

Lotuscrafts-Meditation-Bench-steps to create a breathwork space

If the mat, pillow and cushion isn’t doing it for you, your next best choice is the meditation bench.

It’s not immediately attractive, but something you grow fond of with time.

7. Meditation chair

padded Floor Chair-steps to create a breathwork space

At this point, I’m going to assume you’re fussy or you really want to do your breathwork sitting on your floor, and your back against a wall.

8. Workout Tops for Women

Mippo Womens-Workout-Tops-steps to create a breathwork space

The basics to start with are of course, comfortable, breathable wear to ensure you are not at all hindered during your practice.

9. Workout tops for Men

Neleus Men’s Gym Shirt-steps to create a breathwork space

Workout tops for men from a very reliable brand.

10. Capri Pants

Oalka Women’s Yoga Capris

Easily, the best in comfort and suitability for breathwork.

The Best Music for your Breathwork

Now that you’re on the path of breathwork, you should also know that music plays a huge part in the experience.

This is where our expertise lies, and we thought we should give you a few recommendations as to what music you can play during a breathwork session.

1. Nirvana Shatakam Mantra

nirvana-shatakam-steps to create a breathwork space

Nirvana Shatakam is a mantra dedicated to Lord Shiva, or the eternal consciousness.

It is a great mantra to destroy your ego, which is very useful in a breathwork setting.

Give it a listen here, before grabbing your own copy.

2. Sudarshana Ashtakam Mantra

Sudarshana Ashtakam is a Hindu prayer to Lord Sudarshana.

It is widely popular because of the healing benefits listeners have felt. It should be played during breathwork, if you want to combat any illness.

You can listen to it for free here, and grab a copy if it's right for you.

3. Tayata Om Mantra

Tayata Om Mantra is a Buddhist Mantra. It asks the great Buddha to move you past the influences of pain and suffering.

You can find true liberation, only when you have moved past your reactions to your challenges.

Listen to our version here. If you like it, consider getting a copy of the mantra.

Final Word

That’s our take on the importance of a separate breathwork space, and what you might need to set it up properly.

Another choice you’ll be making when it comes to breathwork is the music or mantras you’ll play in the background.

We have put together a list for both. Be sure to check them out.

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