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Welcome to Mahakatha Meditation Mantras!

A mantra holds the power to wash away the burdens of your mind.

In the first few seconds, it connects with your inner being. It detaches you from the noise of negative thoughts and patterns and lets you focus.

Then, through the magic of repetition, a mantra gradually cleanses out the negative energy that has been accumulating and clears your path to everything you desire.

And so, in a gentle yet deeply powerful way, you begin to heal and nourish your life.

A mantra is a spiritual connect to the soul inside you.

Mantra meditation is a powerful age-old practice that allows you to let go of your limiting beliefs and suffering.

In return, all the health, wealth and happiness you desire come flowing to you.

With mantra meditation and guided meditation you can:

  • heal your physical suffering by aligning your mind to good health
  • help you overcome your anxiety and stress
  • heal your broken relationship with your body
  • gain emotional relief and resilience
  • cut away from negative thought patterns that hold you back
  • heal from painful or broken relationships

You're in great company.

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"Gratitude, is the word and feeling I have for your work. For over seven years I lived with pain, stressful mind and a few other issues that no doctor were able to release me, until I found your channel on youtube which is helping very much."

Marcelo Vieira Dos Santos

"Hearing this mantra for continuous 10 loops helped me achieve peace when it seemed impossible as I had a long week of feeling hopeless. It really works magic."

Sumedha Mehta

"I experienced gentle yet very powerful Soul healing .... I am forever grateful for this priceless gift ..."


"I am so happy with your mantras, they make me feel like I am reborn."

Dane Wyatt Mckay

"At first I would like to thank you for the wonderful mantras. Very pleasant and very effective. I have very good feeling whenever I hear to these mantras. I Had severe hand pain mantra helped me too heal instantly. Simply Amazing."