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Heal Your Life With Mantra Meditation

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Create the life of your dreams
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Preeti Pillai

Preeti Pillai

Welcome to Mahakatha Meditation Mantras!

A mantra holds the power to wash away the burdens of your mind. In the first few seconds, it connects with your inner being. It detaches you from the noise of negative thoughts and patterns and lets you focus.

Then, through the magic of repetition, a mantra gradually cleanses out the negative energy that has been accumulating and clears your path to everything you desire.

And so, in a gentle yet deeply powerful way, you begin to heal and nourish your life.

A mantra is a spiritual connect to the soul inside you.

Mantra meditation is a powerful age-old practice that allows you to let go of your limiting beliefs and suffering.

In return, all the health, wealth and happiness you desire come flowing to you.

With mantra meditation and guided meditation you can:

  • heal your physical suffering by aligning your mind to good health
  • heal your broken relationship with your body
  • gain emotional relief and resilience
  • cut away from negative thought patterns that hold you back
  • heal from painful or broken relationships
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The Desire To Heal The World

When we at Mahakatha discovered mantra meditation, we couldn't wait to share it with the world. It began with one ancient Indian chant – Nirvana Shatakam. Since ages, the mantra had been chanted for deep relaxation, yoga and meditation. 

But when Preeti Pillai, the voice behind Mahakatha, chanted it every day to a pregnant woman, the most miraculous and enlightening thing happened. Every single time the mantra was chanted, the baby would physically respond from the womb.

That pure, primal response was what inspired us to dig deeper into mantras and mantra meditation. That's what inspired us to create Mahakatha as our medium.

Since then, we have created and shared over a 100 mantras with the world. The amntras have been released as albums like – Ancient Chants from India, Ancient Healing chants of Shiva, Chakra healing chants and more. 

These are ancient chants that can heal, relieve suffering, remove negativity and design an abundant life.

We desired to heal, and the world responded. To this day, we receive heartfelt letters and comments from listeners, about how the mantras have helped transform their lives.

These beautiful stories from beautiful strangers across the globe inspire to keep sharing.

How Mahakatha Meditation Mantras Help

Mahakatha meditation mantras and guided meditations are designed to break free from the noise and connect with your soul instantly.

While retaining the power of the sounds and their repetition, we chant these mantras for you in a new, deeply relaxing way.

We recite our mantras and guided meditations for you in a soothing, soulful voice and rhythm. We want the healing effect of each and every syllable to sink deep within, to give you the ultimate experience of inner peace and joy.

Our mantras are also designed for repeated, non-interrupting and easy listening. You can play our mantras and music in the morning, during yoga, while working, or even before going to bed, every single day.

The more you listen to our meditation mantras and music with intention, the easier and quicker your healing becomes.

To help with different challenges that riddle our lives, we at Mahakatha create mantras, music and guided meditations for different kinds of problems. For instance, meditation music to clear the negativity out of our homes, Shiva mantras to overcome fear, or attract wealth, or heal relationships.

By making room for these mantras in your daily life, you set the wheels of your deepest desires in motion. With practice, you learn to create the life of your dreams with ease.

What We Offer

Through Mahakatha, we constantly bring you the most treasured, powerful chants from across the world. On our YouTube channel, you can listen to them in short and longer versions.

On our store, we curate albums of meditation mantras, guided meditations and music for an uninterrupted, regular and deeper experience.

We also offer premium courses around these mantras, where you learn how to use these mantras to attract health, wealth and relationships.

And lastly, for a more personalized experience, you can also sign up for a one-on-one chanting or consultation session with us.

For our community of mantra lovers, we share and spread a new episode on our Mantra Meditation Podcast every week, and inspire deep, uplifting conversations through our newsletter.

Heal Your Life With Mantra Meditation​

Sign-up for our newsletter to receive our most loved mantra for FREE delivered right in your inbox. This mantra is good for healing your health, wealth and relationships.

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