Complete collection of Sooryagayathri Songs


Sooryagayathri is a singer from Kerala, India, known best for singing the Hanuman Chalisa to Kuldeep M Pai’s music.

Sooryagayathri Singer

Pic : Kuldeep M Pai's Website

Ms. Sooryagayathri is a ten year old prodigal girl who hails from Vadakara in North Kerala.

Her father is P.V. Anilkumar a Mridangam player father and and her mother Smt. P.K. Divya a poetess.

Coming from a naturally artistic and musically inclined family Sooryagayathri possesses a burning desire to learn.

And her passion is to be seen as all her bhajan, mantra and shloka ‘bhavam’(expression) filled renditions that is being loved and adored by music lovers from across the globe.

Her voice is often compared to the legend M.S. Subbulakshmi for her soulful voice has the fine mettle that comfortably traverses through all the three octaves.

She dreams of filling in  M.S.Subbulaksmi's footsteps through this spiritual journey that she's embarked on, and well guided by her present mentor and Guru Kuldeep M Pai

Listen to the songs by Sooryagayathri

Sooryagayathri’s became a singing sensation with this short clip, where she practicing Hanuman Chalisa to music set by Kuldeep.

Sooryagayathri practicing Hanuman Chalisa

Sri Ramachandra Kripalu  

Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma 

Hanuman Chalisa 

Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma - Rehearsal

Harivarasanam - Lord Ayyappa Song

Nagendra Haaraaya - Lord Shiva Song

Ganapati Rhyme - Ganapatiyam Ganapati

Vande Mataram

​Namō Namō Bhāratāmbē

Jaya Raghu Nandana

Jaya Raghu Nandana

Hanuman Chalisa performed live at Bhakthi Sangeet Utsav 2015

Bhaja Govindam 5th Slokam

Bhaja Govindam 4th Slokam

Composing Session - Ganapathi Rhyme

Bhaja Govindam Learning Session 1

Bhaja Govindam Learning Session 2

Ayigiri Nandini - Navadurgas singing Mahishasura Marddini Sthothram

Interview with Sooryagayathri, her parents, and Kuldeep M Pai