How to detect negative energy in a person

We tell you how to detect negative energy in a person dear to you and help them through this rut with meditation and mantras.

Apr 30, 2024
Even in the 21st century, people frequently ask how to detect negative energy or bad vibes in a person.
Some also ask questions about whether negative energy is really a thing, does it exist in real life, and how to detect negative energy in a person if it is.
We are all made up of energy, and there is good energy and negative energy.

Listen to mantras that heal negative energy

Here's a list of mantras that you can listen to right now. These are meditation mantras that heal negative energy from individuals and spaces.
If you would like to read up on detecting negative energy, please scroll below as the mantras play in the background.

What is negative energy and how to detect it in a person?

Negative energy is a feeling or a state of mind that encapsulates our thinking, and it often relates to our fear. It could be present in either our conscious or subconscious mind.
However, unconscious fear is more often responsible for negative energies. Sometimes, our childhood memories, past life, or even our parents/friends, are also accountable for giving free access to these negative energies.
Such energies in our aura can affect others too and at the same time, they can damage a well-balanced life and can ruin any relationship.

6 ways to detect negative energy in a person's life

1. If an individual sees bad energy in every other person that might be due to his own negative energy.
2. When a person does not live systematically and seems to be weirdly complicated.
3. If an individual always compares themselves to others.
4. A person who always talks negatively about everything, is definitely carrying the baggage of negative energy.
5. If they continuously complain about pain, restlessness, and confusion.
6. If someone keeps fighting with people and always starts a conversation with a negative note or picks fights even when they don’t intend to.
Basically, social life is affected by negative energy. This can also lead to other health and mental issues making it even more difficult to handle.

Some psychological tests, cognitive tests, and physical tests to detect negative energy in a person

  • Concentration tests.
  • Attitude tests to know about a person's intentions, feelings, and emotions.
  • Test to check belongingness to others.
  • A multidisciplinary assessment gives a holistic view of an individual’s difficulties.
These tests help us understand a person and their attitude toward various aspects of life. With this, we can get clarity about a person and negative energy can be detected.

How to detect negative energy?

Water experiment

In a clear glass fill a third with sea salt and top up the remaining with normal water. Place the same glass in disguise in a place where you feel the source of maximum negative energy.
Observe it after 4 hours if it remains clear then there is no negative energy.
But if it gets smudged, has bubbles, or turns green then keep doing the exercise daily until you get the glass clean. This process is one of the most effective ways to ensure that no negative emotions are present.

Ways of removing negative energy from a person

1. Spiritual Cleansing:

Feeling the negative energy of spirits or ghosts? Most of us are aware of the physical and psychological state of the body.
Though, we are not aware that spirituality has a strong impact on us and it is the key to a happy life. By doing appropriate spiritual healing one can overcome unexplained problems easily.

2. Sea Salt Experiment:

Different substances can have a purifying effect on the body.
A salt crystal has the amazing ability to absorb negative energies. There are ways of using salt crystals for cleansing and verifying negative energy:
a) Take a bath using 2 cups of salt water for cleansing away the negative energy in a person.
b) Hold a lump of sea salt in both your palms, make your affirmation, and wash it under running water using salt as soap.
c) Place a bowl full of salt in the corners of the room and remove it after a few hours.

How to not let negative energy affect your aura

Any negative experience originates from our own consciousness and evaluation of not having met some psychological or emotional expectations and subsequently, our mind perceives the experience as a failure to match preconceived expectations.
Hence, it is nothing but a negative interpretation of what has happened.
Though experience is a neutral term, it’s neither good nor bad in absolute terms. It is our prejudiced and constructed understanding of the events that give it a positive or negative assessment.

How to protect your aura from negative energies

Being Positive

People with a positive aura are less susceptible to negative energies and influences. Their strong health forms a protective barrier and they are less vulnerable to losing their energy.

Trust your intuition

Relying on your internal voice messages can be helpful in protecting you from negative energies.
It’s important to differentiate between intuitive knowledge and emotional reaction. This can only be mastered by trial and error, being open to commit mistakes and learning from them.


Meditation help witness your thoughts. It drains away stress and all the bad energies in any form. Also, it helps to strengthen your aura.
The meditation practice is made even more effective by the addition of mantras into the mix. Try the Lakshmi Gayatri mantra while you meditate, and you will find whatever negativity you find yourself caught in, melting away.
If you can make time in the morning, you can ensure a shield of positivity around you by meditating to the Blissful morning mantras.

Practice Pranayama

Both mind and body are cleansed by practicing yogic breathing. Practicing Bhastrika Breathing can burn negativity stuck in the body as practicing it generates internal heat.
Kapalbhati Breathing helps in pushing out the ashes of the burnt negativity charge.

Nature Therapy

Nature helps in scrubbing out negative energy from our bodies and soul. The purity of nature realigns the body and its system eventually draining away the negativity.


A smile is contagious. As per Neurophychlogia, every time we smile a unique mix of an enzyme called neuropeptides is released that reduces stress.


Once you identify the presence of negative people or energy in your vicinity, your next step would be to purify your personal space.
You might also consider following Feng-Shui tips like clearing your living or work area to further cleanse the surrounding energy.
To remain stagnant is to invite negative energy. So bring in suggested changes, like the use of mantras, as soon as you can.