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Mantra Meditation FAQ

Navigate through these commonly asked questions about mantra meditation that will help you with an answer.
What is a mantra?
A mantra is an ancient rhythmic chant that is practiced for mental, spiritual, or emotional healing. The powerful sounds of a mantra are composed to fulfill a certain intention both for the chanter and the listener.
The oldest mantra is said to be more than 3000 years old, and mantras are found in various cultures across the world, including Hinduism and Buddhism.
What is mantra meditation?
Mantra meditation is the practice of deep focused listening to a mantra in a meditative state to fulfil a certain intention. Mantra meditation is an excellent tool to raise one's vibrations, overcome suffering and strengthen one's powers of attraction.
How does a mantra heal?
The healing power of a mantra lies in its sounds. Each mantra has been composed in order to create a certain response from the mind, body and spirit.
A mantra, when practiced repeatedly with complete surrender, has the ability to heal in the following ways:
  • It swiftly detaches the mind from all current overwhelming thoughts and emotions.
  • It elevates one's vibrations, creating a vibrational shield of positivity and clarity.
  • It strengthens the powers of intuition and attraction.
  • It soothes all pain and suffering with its deep sounds.
  • It improves mental faculties like memory, concentration and creativity.
  • It is an enhancing additional tool that can deepen the experience of most other spiritual practices.
  • It grants these benefits to both the chanter and the listener of the mantra
Do I have to know the words and chant along?
Chanting a mantra is one way of receiving the benefits of that mantra.
However, it might be quite a difficult task to master the pronunciation of a mantra, especially if it is in a language that is foreign to you.
In that case, you can always gain the same benefits of a mantra by practicing mantra meditation. Simply put, mantra meditation is the practice of focused listening to a mantra while being in a meditative state.
Comparing the two, chanting and meditation, you should choose mantra meditation if you are at all in doubt or in difficulty regarding pronunciation.
That's because not pronouncing the mantra right hampers its power drastically.
That said, even though it can at times be complicated to learn chanting, it is worth the effort.
Chanting a mantra is an intensely satisfying, liberating experience that you must try to gain.
Will the mantra healing really work for me?
You only have to answer three important question to figure out if mantras and mantra meditation will work for you:
Are you ready to move past your suffering and conflicts?
Are you ready to set a strong intention of well-being and give it your sincerest focus?
Are you ready to devote some time and attention to the practice of raising your vibrations every day?
If your answer to these questions is 'Yes,' then mantras will certainly work for you, and guide you on the path of your desired life.
Does the mantra provide healing for medical issues?
Although a mantra is an excellent tool for soothing our suffering and uplifting our lives, it is not an alternative for any medical treatment or therapy. It is important to remember that, while medication, treatment and medical therapy support our physical healing, mantras do the job of aligning our mind and our consciousness to derive the most from such healing.
Why do you charge for mantras?
We love mantras, and we want them to soothe as many lives across the world as possible. While mantras have been around since as early as 3000 years ago, we bring them to the world in a new, enhanced, and easy-to-practice way. Mahakatha offers all of these mantras on YouTube for patrons to listen and enjoy for free. However, for our listeners who feel inspired to make these mantras a part of their daily lives, we offer the complete, uninterrupted audios.
We also put together albums that align with specific intentions, that can benefit a beginner and an experienced practitioner alike. Above all, our patrons have been kind in considering the purchase of our productions as a way of supporting us, and enabling us to create more such healing content.