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Namaste ! We are Mahakatha!

We're happy to share everything about us
For the last 7 years, we have been curating and presenting healing meditation mantras, music and spiritual affirmations.
These healing mantras are rendered in a way to help you come closer to infinite healing, joy and happiness.

How was Mahakatha Started ?

Mahakatha was started when one of our founders had the first child in our family. It started when she (the child) from the womb started responding to the mantras chanted by (her aunt) our principle singer – Preeti.
For the coming days, until the child was born, the mantras used to calm both the mother and child.
Both of them benefited from the serene chanting of the Nirvana Shatakam. Seeing the pure divinity and power of the sacred sounds inspired us to present this mantra to you.
And that’s how Mahakatha was born.

See video below about our Mahakatha Youtube Channel.


What do we do at Mahakatha?

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Each week we have been putting out healing meditation mantras, meditation music and healing affirmations on our official youtube channel
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Along with this we will also be sharing the benefits and use cases for each of these mantras on our blog.
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Our upcoming meditation mantra podcast will engage you in deeper conversations that’ll help you navigate through your life's biggest troubles.
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Spiritual seekers from around the world have supported our music and us by contributing through comments, shares, and purchases from our official meditation
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Stay Connected With Us

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Also, be sure to come back regularly to get new articles, new videos, new mantras, new music and to learn more about the oldest, and the most calming and healing mantras in the world.
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Your Love and Support for Mahakatha

What humbles us more than the love and appreciation for our chants are the emails and messages. Our spirits get uplifted when we get messages that say how our mantras helped each one of you overcome your toughest times. It keeps encouraging us to help you heal by presenting to you these ancient chants from India.