Ancient Chants from India

Ancient Chants from India

On this page, you’ll find all mantras that have been released as part of the Ancient Chants from India series.
We have 15 volumes in total for you to browse through, starting with our very first mantra album - the Ancient Chants from India - 1.
Each album contains mantras of profound power and deep mythological significance. As with all mantra meditation, the intention you set before you meditate decides the benefits you gain.
But the vibrations from these chants and shlokas contribute to the overall healing power of your meditative experience.
You’ll find some of our most popular mantras here on this page. For instance, the powerful Sudarshanashtakam mantra is known to keep illness away and keep you in optimal health.
The sun mantra Om Japa Kusuma is effective at banishing negative thoughts from your mind and making space for positive thoughts and actions.
You will also find mantras like the Karagre Vasate Lakshmi mantra, which is a great way to start the day. it is also a great tool to invite prosperity into your life - both spiritual and material.

Ancient Chants from India - Volume 1

In the very first album released by Mahakatha, you’ll find shlokas of great power. These chants are especially good at promoting good physical and mental health, especially when combined with meditation or yoga.

Ancient Chants from India - Volume 2

The chants in this album are the perfect companion for a mantra meditation journey. They put you in a meditative state of mind, allowing you to access higher levels of spirituality. You can set an intention to reap healing benefits.

Ancient Chants from India - Volume 3

The third volume of the Ancient Chants from India series is about bringing relaxing chants to the listener. Put these on at an appropriate volume and feel all stress leave your body and mind.

Ancient Chants from India - Volume 4

This album focuses on bringing chants that invite positivity into the listeners’ minds. If you’re feeling down or fatigued, this mantra inspires you to get back up and chase your ambitions and goals.

Ancient Chants from India - Volume 5

In Volume 5, you will find mantras focused on enhancing one’s devotion. Embrace humility in life and acceptance of circumstances put in front of you, and let divine energies show you the best path forward.

Ancient Chants from India - Volume 6

Remove all obstacles on your chosen path, by meditating to the shlokas in this album. Remove mental blocks holding you back from achieving all that is within your grasp. Start each day with one of these chants to experience this confidence.

Ancient Chants from India - Volume 7

Experience abundance in all forms, by meditating to the mantras in Ancient Chants from India - Volume 7. Abundance is as much about mindset as it is about opportunities available. With these mantras, you are able to invite and identify such opportunities.

Ancient Chants from India - Volume 8

Leave all worry behind, especially those arising from trivial pursuits. Meditate to the mantras in this album to center your mind and see life with full clarity. You are able to keep your sights on people and goals that are close to your heart.

Ancient Chants from India - Volume 9

Embrace compassion and affection in the way you live life, with mantras from Volume 9. If there are relationships in your life, that are strained or difficult, these mantras will bring back the harmony and warmth in these relationships.

Ancient Chants from India - Volume 10

Remove all traces of negativity from your mind and embrace true focus. With the chants in this album, you will no longer be held back by negative thought patterns. You will be able to focus on the future and live with optimism.

Ancient Chants from India - Volume 11

In Volume 11, you’ll find Vedic mantras that allow you to gain expertise in your chosen field, and enhance your skills. Let these mantras inspire your intellect and your urge to progress and excel.

Ancient Chants from India - Volume 12

Meditate to the mantras from Ancient Chants from India - Volume 12 to ace exams and academic pursuits. Experience optimal focus for long periods of time, allowing you to absorb information effectively.

Ancient Chants from India - Volume 13

Inspire courage in your mind with the mantras from this album. Remove thoughts that do not serve you, and focus on ones that propel you forward. Keep away fear and worry, allowing you to live life with confidence.

Ancient Chants from India - Volume 14

Invite serenity and peace of mind with the soothing vibrations of the Volume 14 mantras. Play these mantras in the background as you meditate, and you will feel your worries and anxiety melt away.

Ancient Chants from India - Volume 15

Heal all ailments of the mind and body with the help of Ancient Chants from India - Volume 15. Let the vibrations of these ancient shlokas enhance your healing journey. Set the intention to heal before you meditate and regular meditation will bring you the results you desire.