Vakratunda Mahakaya Mantra
Vakratunda Mahakaya Mantra

Vakratunda Mahakaya Mantra

Vakratunda Mahakaya Mantra Lyrics, Meaning, Benefits, Download

Learn everything about this Ganesha mantra that is known to remove obstacles
The Vakratunda Mahakaya Mantra is an auspicious chant dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the Divine Bestower of Success.
Lord Ganesha is also considered the remover of obstacles, or Vighnaharta. This is the perfect mantra to chant or listen to at the beginning of every new endeavor.
This Ganesha mantra helps to cleanse out negative energy and attract fruitful results. This mantra cultivates confidence and vision, and inspires new effortless ways towards achieving our desires.
Vakratunda Mahakaya is part of the Ancient Chants from India - Volume 2 album.

Lyrics of the Mantra

|| Vakratunda Mahakaya
Suryakoti Samaprabha
Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva
Sarva Kaaryeshu Sarvada ||

Meaning of the Mantra

|| Vakratunda Mahakaya
Suryakoti Samaprabha
Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva
Sarva Kaaryeshu Sarvada ||
Oh Lord Ganesha with the curved trunk or twisted trunk and the one with a majestic huge body,
The One whose brilliance is equivalent to billions of Suns.
Oh Lord I ask thee to please free my path from all obstacles,
And bless me so that all my efforts may successfully manifest.
For a more thorough explanation of the mantra, look below:
Vakratunda Mahakaya: O lord with the twisted trunk
Suryakoti Samaprabha: With the effulgence of a billion suns
Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva: Always remove the obstacles
Sarva-Kaaryeshu Sarvada: When I am on an auspicious undertaking.

Variations of the Mantra

The mantra you provided is commonly known as the Vakratunda Mahakaya Mantra or the Ganesha Mool Mantra.
The names may vary slightly based on regional traditions and individual preferences.
There are versions with minimal changes in the lyrics and pronunciation. The mantra meaning of this shloka shows little variation.

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Benefits of the Mantra

The Vakratunda Mahakaya Mantra holds several benefits for the mind of both the chanter and the listener.
Listening to this encouraging Ganesha mantra along with meditation helps you in the following ways.
Benefit 1 - Channels creativity
The mantra opens up the mind's blocked channels to creativity, focus, inspiration, and wisdom
Benefit 2 - Controls anger
The mantra helps keep anger and ego in check while fostering a sense of humility and acceptance
Benefit 3 - Builds self-awareness
With intense practice, it instills a deep sense of self-awareness and confidence through meditation

History of the Mantra

The origin of this divine mantra is in the ancient Vedic period. Although there still isn't complete certainty, it is believed that the mantra first appeared in the Mudgala Purana.
Among the several mantras written in devotion to Lord Ganesha, this has been the most popularly practiced one.
Even today, this remains one of the first mantras that any new student of Sanskrit mantras learns and masters.
This mantra is played across India during Ganesh Chaturthi.