Shivoham Shivoham Mantra
Shivoham Shivoham Mantra

Shivoham Shivoham Mantra

Shivoham Shivoham Mantra Lyrics, Meaning, Benefits, Download

Learn everything about this Shiva mantra that cleanses your mind
The Shivoham Shivoham mantra is a sacred chant dedicated to Lord Shiva, the auspicious and transformative deity of Hinduism.
This chant embodies the essence of self-realization and the recognition of one's divine nature.
It is a statement underlining the fact that there is divinity in each one of us, and it is up to us to connect to this divinity.
The Shivoham Shivoham Mantra is part of an album called the Ancient Healing Chants of Shiva - Volume 2, which is a collection of 7 powerful Shiva mantras.

Lyrics of the Mantra

|| Shivoham Shivoham ||

Meaning of the Mantra

|| Shivoham Shivoham ||
Meaning :
I am Shiva, I am Shiva.
I am That, I am Pure Consciousness.It signifies the realization of one's true identity as the divine consciousness, recognizing the inseparable connection with Lord Shiva and the entire universe.
The word Shivoham comes from 'Shiva' and 'Aham'.'
Aham' translates to 'I am'.
The translation of the mantra changes with the interpretation of the word 'Shiva'.

Variations of the Mantra

While the core essence remains the same, slight differences may exist due to regional or individual preferences.
Here are a few variations:
"Shivoham Shivoham": This is the most common and widely used version of the chant. The pronunciation may vary slightly based on different linguistic backgrounds or accents, but the meaning remains consistent.
"Shivoham Shivoham Shiva Swarupoham": In this variation, the phrase "Shiva Swarupoham" is added. "Swarupa" means "true form" or "essence." Including this phrase emphasizes the recognition of one's true nature as being aligned with the divine essence of Shiva.
"Shivoham Shivoham Param Shivoham": This variation adds the word "Param," which means "supreme" or "transcendent." It amplifies the affirmation of one's identification with the highest aspect of Shiva, highlighting the understanding of oneself as an inseparable part of the ultimate reality.
"Shivoham Shivoham Shiva Kevaloham": In this variation, the word "Kevala" is used, which means "only" or "alone." It signifies the sense of oneness and unity, emphasizing that one's true nature is solely Shiva and nothing else.
These variations may be used interchangeably based on personal preference or specific cultural practices, but they all convey the fundamental essence of self-realization and identification with the divine consciousness of Lord Shiva.
The essence of this chant remains consistent in its mantra meaning.

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Benefits of the Mantra

The Shivoham Shivoham Mantra holds several benefits for the mind of both the chanter and the listener.
Listening to this empowering Shiva mantra along with meditation helps you in the following ways.
Benefit 1 - Gives peace of mind
Listening to this mantra imparts a sense of calmness and tranquility to you
Benefit 2 - Purifies the mind
This mantra brings about a spiritual awakening that helps you shed unnecessary thoughts
Benefit 3 - Dissolves the ego
Your spiritual awakening will be accompanied by a loss of unhealthy ego and a clarity of thought

History of the Mantra

The Shivoham Shivoham chant has its roots in ancient Hindu scriptures and the profound teachings of spiritual masters.
It is deeply intertwined with the rich mythology and symbolism surrounding Lord Shiva, one of the principal deities in Hinduism. Lord Shiva is revered as the Supreme Being who embodies the qualities of destruction, transformation, and transcendence.
In ancient Hindu texts, Lord Shiva is described as the ultimate reality, the source of creation, and the embodiment of pure consciousness.
The chant Shivoham Shivoham encapsulates the essence of Advaita Vedanta, a philosophical school that emphasizes the non-dual nature of the self and the ultimate reality. The chant serves as a reminder that at the deepest level, we are not separate from the divine, but an inseparable part of it.
Through the teachings of spiritual masters and the practice of chanting this Shiva mantra, seekers have sought to attain self-realization and awaken their divine nature. The chant has been passed down through generations, carried by the lineage of gurus and disciples, and embraced by devotees on their spiritual journey.
By chanting Shivoham Shivoham with sincerity and devotion, individuals can tap into the ancient wisdom and spiritual energy associated with Lord Shiva, experiencing profound shifts in their consciousness, expanding their awareness, and ultimately realizing their true divine nature.