Mahakatha Albums

Mahakatha Albums

Discover the entire mantra collection from Mahakatha on this page. You will find mantras dedicated to various deities like Shiva, Krishna, Ganesha, Lakshmi, and many more.
Each of these mantras offer different healing benefits, that are further enhanced by the intention you set before you sit down to meditate.
The mantras are categorized by album - each album is curated to provide a set of healing benefits. The Healing Chants of Shiva, for example, are a collection of chants to inspire positivity and propel you toward success.
On this page, you’ll find mantras like the Panchakshari mantra, which brings balance to body and mind. You’ll also see mantras like the Shivashtakam Mantra, a Shiva chant that puts you on the path to success.
You might also be interested in the Shiva Dhyana mantra, a chant that eliminates negativity from the mind. Or the Krishna Beeja mantra, that puts your mind in a place of joy and optimism.

Ancient Chants from India - Collection

There is a series of mantras most associated with Mahakatha - the Ancient Chants from India. There are 15 volumes to choose from, each bringing healing energy to you, the listener.
You can see the mantras contained in these albums below.


Ancient Healing Chants of Shiva - Volume 1

The Ancient Healing Chants of Shiva album is a collection of the most soothing, soul-cleansing Shiva mantras for meditation. Shiva is the epitome of the ideal mind - clear in thought, mastery over emotions, and unshakeable focus. Through the mantras in this album, we meditate to be close to Shiva and to awaken the extension of him that is at the center of our being.

Ancient Gayatri Mantras for Healing & Meditation

The Ancient Gayatri mantras album is a collection of mantras that usher in pure positive energy into our minds and the spaces around us. This album combines the power of the Gayatri mantra along with the power of each core element that exists within our body and in the Universe.

Ancient Chakra Healing Meditation Mantras

Ancient Chakra Healing Meditation Mantras can be used to rejuvenate the chakras and bring their balance back. The vibrations from these sounds invigorate the chakras so that they repair themselves.

Blissful Morning Mantras

The Blissful Morning Mantras album is the most divine morning mantra playlist for peace, positivity, and happiness. This album is a pleasant way to wake up to a sense of clarity, calmness, and appreciation - without the inertia from the previous day.

Divine Lakshmi Mantras

The Divine Lakshmi mantras album is devoted to the one intention we all strive towards - the intention of manifesting an abundance of wealth in our lives. While we go through the ups and downs on our path to creating a prosperous future, these mantras work on a deeper level.

Ancient Chants for Focus & Motivation

This album is dedicated to cleansing, empowering, and stimulating the mind, with the intention of activating its forgotten powers. The album features ancient mantras that deepen our most natural mental powers - including the powers of focus, memory, creativity, intuition, and manifestation.

Ancient Powerful Shiva Mantras

The Ancient Powerful Shiva Mantras album is dedicated to raising your consciousness and attaining true salvation with the blessings of Lord Shiva. The album features ancient Shiva mantras that attune your mind and body to the true nature of reality. It eliminates sins of the past and fears of the future.

Ancient Yoga Mantras for De-Stress

The Ancient Yoga Mantras for De-Stress album is dedicated to enhancing your yoga practice by elevating your mindset and consciousness. The album features ancient yoga mantras that tune your mind to be receptive to the gifts yoga has to offer. It improves your ability to gain a bigger and more fruitful perspective on life.

Ancient Medicine Buddha Mantras

The Ancient Medicine Buddha mantras album is dedicated to tapping into your inner healing energy invoking the Bodhisattvas and the Buddha. The album features ancient Buddha mantras that heal your mind and body as you meditate to uplift your consciousness. It improves your ability to isolate your inner struggles and conquer them effectively.

Soulful Krishna Mantras - Volume 1

The Soulful Krishna mantras - Volume 1 album is dedicated to releasing your suffering and opening yourself up to love, wisdom, and prosperity. The album features ancient Krishna mantras that soothe the soul and bring true uninhibited joy. It boosts self-confidence and the capacity to love and be loved.

Ancient Ganesha Mantras for Success, Prosperity, and Good Fortune

The Ancient Ganesha Mantras for Success, Prosperity, and Good Fortune album is dedicated to tuning your mind to become receptive to abundance. The album features ancient Ganesha mantras that prime your mindset to attract financial and mental peace. It eliminates all self-doubt and fear of stability in life.

Ancient Healing Chants of Shiva - Volume 2

Step into the divine realm of healing and spiritual transformation with Ancient Healing Chants of Shiva - Volume 2, a mesmerizing album featuring seven potent Shiva mantras. These sacred vibrations, combined with the power of meditation, open the gateway to inner strength and peace.

Ancient Powerful Chants for Abundance

A collection of six powerful mantras designed to elevate your consciousness and invite abundance into every aspect of your being. Dive into the transformative practice of mantra meditation, as these sacred chants transport you to a state of deep peace, harmony, and limitless possibilities.

Cosmic Mantras for Healing

Navagrahas are celestial bodies that are said to influence the path our lives take. By invoking these planetary bodies, which are considered deities, we can push this path towards prosperity and happiness.

Powerful Ancient Chants of Shiva - Volume 1

Pay homage to the various, divine aspects of Lord Shiva. By doing so, you imbibe mental strength, wisdom, and tranquility. These mantras were curated from the 108 Names of Shiva chant.

Zodiac Mantras for Success

Unlock your potential using these mantras for specific moon signs. Meditate to these mantras regularly to bring forth confidence, enhance leadership skills, and boost your skillset.

Chakra Mantra Magic

Discover the transformative power of sacred sounds with our enchanting album - Chakra Mantra Magic, designed to balance and align your chakras. Immerse yourself in the soothing vibrations of each mantra, and experience the profound benefits of harmonized energy centers.

Krishna Katha Mantras

Dive into the divine melodies of our Krishna Katha Mantras album, a collection of seven soul-stirring Krishna bhajans that will transport you to the heart of devotion. Each track in this album is a beautiful rendition of the timeless tales and teachings of Lord Krishna, carefully curated to spread a sense of love, joy, and spiritual connection to its listeners.