Vitthala Vitthala Bhajan
Vitthala Vitthala Bhajan

Vitthala Vitthala Bhajan

Vitthala Vitthala Bhajan Lyrics, Meaning, Benefits, Download

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The Vitthala Vitthala Bhajan is a traditional Marathi abhang dedicated to Lord Vitthala, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and his consort Rukmini.
The chant is commonly associated with the Varkari sect in Maharashtra, India, and is often sung during pilgrimages to the town of Pandharpur, the main temple of Lord Vitthala.
The Vitthala Vitthala Bhajan is part of the Krishna Katha Mantras collection.

Lyrics of the Mantra

|| Bolaava Vitthala Pahaava Vitthala
Karaava Vitthala Jeeva Bhaava
Vitthala Vitthala Jai Hari Vitthala ||

Meaning of the Mantra

|| Bolaava Vitthala Pahaava Vitthala
Karaava Vitthala Jeeva Bhaava
Vitthala Vitthala Jai Hari Vitthala ||
Meaning :
Let your speech and sight be Vitthala,
Let your actions be Vitthala,
May He Reflect in Every Ounce of Your Being.
Here, Vitthala refers to an aspect of Krishna that rewards his devotees for their unshakeable belief and devotion.

Variations of the Mantra

This mantra is also called the Vitthala Krishna mantra. This bhajan retains a uniform mantra meaning.
While the basic structure of the chant remains the same, there can be minor variations in pronunciation or additional lines in different versions.
For instance, some versions might have a longer chorus or include additional praises or names of Lord Vitthala.
Extended Chorus: Some versions may have an extended chorus that repeats the names of Lord Vitthala more times or includes other names of Lord Vishnu. For instance, a version might go like this:
"Vitthala Vitthala Vitthala, Hari Vitthala, Govinda Vitthala"
Additional Lines: Some versions may include additional lines praising Lord Vitthala or describing his qualities and acts.
For example:
"Panduranga, Panduranga, Panduranga Hari"
"Rakhumai, Rakhumai, Rakhumai Vitthala"
Inclusion of Stories or Legends: Some versions may include lines that refer to specific stories or legends related to Lord Vitthala, such as his association with the saint Namdev or the story of Pundalik.
These variations often arise from the oral tradition of mantra chanting, where different communities and traditions may have their own unique ways of singing and chanting the mantra.

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Benefits of the Mantra

The Vitthala Vitthala Bhajan holds several benefits for the mind of both the chanter and the listener.
Listening to this holy Krishna Bhajan along with meditation helps you in the following ways.
Benefit 1 - Strengthens mind
The listener has the confidence and conviction to follow their true path
Benefit 2 - Purifies thought
By listening to this soulful prayer, your thoughts, and actions come from a place of generosity and goodness
Benefit 3 - Enhances devotion
It encourages the listener to commit themselves fully to their beliefs

History of the Mantra

Lord Vitthala is believed to have originated from a story about a devout follower named Pundalik.
According to the legend, Pundalik was a caring son who took care of his parents with great devotion. One day, while Pundalik was serving his parents, Lord Krishna came to his home.
Instead of getting up to greet the lord, Pundalik threw a brick outside the house for Lord Krishna to stand upon and wait, saying that he was busy serving his parents.
Lord Krishna was so pleased with Pundalik's devotion to his parents that he decided to stand upon the brick and wait. Since then, he has been worshipped in Pandharpur as Vitthala or Vithoba, standing on the same brick. He is often depicted with his hands on his hips, waiting on the brick for Pundalik.
The Varkari sect, originating in Maharashtra, is known for its intense devotion to Lord Vitthala. The sect undertakes annual pilgrimages (yatra) to the temple of Vitthala in Pandharpur, singing abhangas (devotional songs) like the Vitthala Vitthala Bhajan.
The Varkari tradition places a strong emphasis on devotion to the name of God and considers Lord Vitthala to be the embodiment of devotion and love.