# Mantra Chanting


Ultimate guide to chanting mantras

Apr 30, 2024

The ultimate guide to chanting mantras, ancient Vedic verses, that can bring about great spiritual and emotional healing in you.

5 Best frequency for om chanting

Apr 30, 2024

Om is one of the first chants you learn for meditation. We found the best frequency for om chanting for maximum benefits.

Best mantra to chant everyday

Apr 30, 2024

We help pick out the best mantra to chant everyday from among the hundreds of choices, to assist you on the path of meditation for healing and prosperity.

3 Mantras to chant at night

Apr 30, 2024

It is best to go to bed with a calm and serene mind. You can do this through meditation and the best mantras to chant at night.

Buddhist chants and meanings

Apr 30, 2024

We take a look at some of the most well-known Buddhist chants and meanings of these mantras.