Best mantra to chant everyday

We help pick out the best mantra to chant everyday from among the hundreds of choices, to assist you on the path of meditation for healing and prosperity.

Apr 30, 2024
There’s a lot of commotion in our lives that giving our mind some peace is no longer leisure but a need.
Different people rely on different kinds of activities for the same. Some find solace in swimming while others find it in trekking.
There’s another kind of activity that heightens your concentration power: chanting mantras especially when meditating. Ahead, we will discuss the best mantra to chant every day.
Chanting is not the property of any single faith, community, or religion.
Wise men of ancient times have heavily relied on daily mantra-chanting along with yoga to achieve a Zen state of mind.
The hectic lifestyle of today’s corporate world leaves behind a deep impact on people’s minds. It disrupts their inner peace and increases the levels of tamas in their body.
This results in increased conflicts, negativity, and restlessness. As a result, many young people are grappling with mental health issues even in first-world countries like the USA, Japan, Russia, Germany, etc.
If you want to steer clear of anxiety issues and want to welcome peace and serenity in your life, you can chant these effective mantras to achieve a peaceful state of mind.

Listen to the best mantras to chant everyday

Here's a list of mantras that you can listen to right now. These are meditation mantras that are perfect for chanting every day.
If you would like to read up on each of these mantras, please scroll below as the mantras play in the background.

What Is a Mantra and How to Chant Them

A mantra is a set of words or phrases that can be repeated over and over again, allowing the vibration of the sound to sink into our subconscious.
These mantras are being used from time immemorial to achieve peace and salvation. They have existed for a hundred of thousand years, tracing back to the ancient Vedic era.
Before reciting a sacred mantra, you need to sit straight in the lotus position. Take a deep breath and repeat the mantra in your mind or aloud, whichever suits you.
Meditate and feel the breath filling your lungs and while you exhale.

Best Mantra to Chant Every Day

There are a couple of mantras to chant every day, but among them, there are few that are easy to pronounce and do deliver instant results. Here are some of the renowned mantras to chant every day.


This is one of the most widely accepted mantras to expand your consciousness, increase divine awareness, and bring about peace and tranquillity in life.
This mantra is believed to be the sound of creation. The vibration of Om helps to clear your consciousness, activate your energy, and is loved by many an enlightened soul.
It can be found as part of our very first album, the Ancient Chants from India - Vol 1. Check out the mantras to see if they could help bring healing into your life.

Om Namah Shivaya

Another variation of the Om Mantra, Om Namah Shivaya is chanted for purification, destruction of negativity, consciousness clearing, and physical/mental healing.
Surprisingly, it also boosts self-confidence. It is one of the most popular ancient mantras to chant every day. Many people swear by it.

Nirvana Shatakam

Nirvana Shatakam is a powerful mantra dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is one of the best mantras to keep you relaxed and calm.
It kills your ego and helps you discover your true self within. It is even useful for women in the 7th month of their pregnancy.

Ganesha Maha Mantra

Vakratunda Mahakaya is another powerful mantra dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles.
The mantra hails the blessing of Lord Ganesha to overcome every obstacle, trouble, and suffering.
Pray daily for all your pursuits and experiences to be successful, with Vakratunda Mahakaya.

Ramaskandam Mantra

It is an excellent mantra to recite before going to bed, daily.
This mantra has the benefit of keeping nightmares away and ensuring restful sleep. This keeps away paranoia, fear, and other undesired feelings.

Best Mantra Chanting Devices For Meditation

These highly rated products in online stores can help a great deal to achieve a meditative state of mind. We have penned down some best mantra-chanting devices for your everyday meditation.

1. Electronic Shruti Box

With the help of this Electronic Shruti Box, which is easily available on e-commerce stores, you can add to the concentration of your mind while chanting the mantra. The product is budget-friendly, sturdy, and easy to carry, which means you can have your tranquil session just anywhere you want.

2. Saregama Carvaan Mini Bhakti Bluetooth Speaker

You can purchase the Saregama Carvaan Mini Bhakti Bluetooth Speaker to escalate your daily mantra chanting sessions. The premium device comes with pre-loaded devotional songs and mantras categorized by deities. The battery backup of four hours is capable enough to sustain a single chanting session of yours.


Mantra-chanting is a tried and tested technique to easily slip into meditation. Many millions across the world vouch for the benefits of meditation to attain relief from everyday stress.
Chanting mantras to a deity like Shiva or Lord Ganesha is guaranteed to bring more prosperity to your life.
We also have a separate post that focuses on short mantra chants, so be sure to check that out.