Ramaskandam Mantra - Lyrics, Meaning, Benefits, Download

Learn everything about this Hanuman mantra that is known to
dispel nightmares

The Ramaskandam mantra is a Hanuman mantra that is usually chanted or listened to before you get to sleep, to keep nightmares away.

The mantra also invokes the spirit of Bheem and Garuda to bolster your inherent courage.

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History of the mantra

Lord Hanuman, is an ardent follower of Lord Ram, in Hindu mythology.

He is seen as a symbol of courage, unfaltering loyalty, and perennial life.

Garuda and Bheem are two other figures from Hindu mythology, considered the personification of courage.

A chant invoking their spirits is to give yourself the necessary courage and mental strength to keep nightmares away.

Lyrics of the Mantra

Ramaskandam Hanumantam Vainateyam Vrikodaram
Shayanayah Smare Nityam, Duswapnam Tasya Nashyati

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Meaning of the Mantra

Ramaskandam Hanumantam, Vainateyam Vrikodaram
Shayanayah Smare Nityam, Duswapnam Tasya Nashyati
Meaning :

Hanuman - devotee of Lord Ram, Garuda, Bheem,
Before going to bed every day, destroy bad dreams

Benefits of listening to Ramaskandam Mantra

The Ramaskandam mantra holds several benefits for the mind of both the chanter and the listener.

Listening to this mantra along with meditation helps you in the following ways.

Benefit 1 - Destroys bad dreams
If you struggle to find restful sleep due to recurring nightmares, this is the perfect chant to do before you go to sleep

Benefit 2 - Gives courage
Regular chanting of this mantra gives you ever-increasing courage to face life's challenges

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