List of mantras for success

Here, we have the best list of mantras for success in your personal & professional life.

Apr 30, 2024
The word mantra is quite synonymous with the term meditation. But a lot of people don’t have a clear understanding of what exactly is a mantra and how it is supposed to be used.
A mantra is a tool to control your mind and free it from all the background chatter by focusing on a deity at the present moment.
This is why yogis repeat the chant over and over again. To focus their minds while they meditate.
These mystical mantras, when recited with mindfulness, can alter your subconscious mind and instill a profound sense of calm.
It works great, especially when you are feeling stressed or facing a lot of negative thought patterns. The vibrations from mantras have the power to impact your consciousness.

The definitive list of Mantras for success

Each mantra is distinct, and its sounds have different effects on the human psyche. The world of mantras is enormous.
Let’s explore it with the ten best mantras that will ensure you’re manifesting success in every aspect of life. Take a look:
1. Om Gam Ganpataye Namah - this is the mantra of Ganesha, a Hindu god. Recite these for success at your work removing all kinds of obstacles.
2. Ya Devi Sarva - This chant, which originates in the Rig Veda, has become a part of daily Navratri prayers and Sadhana. It pays salutations to the infinite consciousness that we are all part of.
3. Samudra Vasane Devi - this is a mantra that is recited early in the morning before your feet touch the ground. You pay homage to mother earth to ensure you have a productive day ahead.
4. Pranamya Shirasa Devam - this mantra is another that honors Lord Ganesha. It eradicates all the tribulations that you face.
5. Hare Rama Hare Krishna - a very popular chant that invokes spiritual peace for you and those around you.
6. Icchapurti mantra - this mantra is an ode to Lord Krishna, that helps your heart achieve its deepest, most cherished desires.
7. Nirvana Shatakam — this Shiva Mantra is instrumental in you accepting your place in the world. It destroys the ego and gives you an incredible sense of calm and inner peace.
8. Maha Mrityunjaya mantra – this mantra can be recited when taking medicines, for it prepares the body and mind to make the best use of them.
9. Om Mani Padme Hum - is the golden Buddhist mantra that purifies the mind and helps it overcome all kinds of challenges.
10. Vakratunda Mahakaya — this is one of the most common Ganapati mantras to make your entire work obstacle-free forever.
Continue repeating these mantras to yourself for about 2–3 minutes. Focus deep within, and slowly you’ll realize that words will almost become a part of you.
A mantra chanted in the right vibration and in the right way has some fantastic transformative powers.
When it comes to a collection of success-oriented mantras, the
is best suited to you.
It includes most of the mantras mentioned in the list above.

Best Audio options for chants and mantras

To guide you on how to chant mantras the correct way, a lot of speakers and audio CDs are available these days. We have listed below a few to help you pick the right one.
Take a look:

1. Saregama Carvaan Mini Bhakti Bluetooth Speaker

Lightweight and compact, it is easy to take with you wherever you go. The devotional orange color is quite appealing to the eyes. Equipped with USB, Bluetooth, and FM/AM modes, this speaker enables you to enjoy your personal collection of songs.
It features a selection of 300 devotional bhajans, aartis, and mantras. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 5 hours and can be easily charged with any android charger.
The speakers are loud enough to fill your room. For more volume, it has a 3.5 mm audio jack for connecting external speakers. The best part is that they do not need any Internet connectivity to play songs.
Undoubtedly, it is one of the perfect all-in-one music players that will enhance your listening experience of devotional songs.

2. Pooja Chanting Box All In One – mantra Chanting & Devotional Songs Player

This all-in-one spiritual companion has a collection of all Hindu mantras and devotional songs that are widely listened to across the religious fraternity.
More than fifty religious audio CD content is available in this little speaker. It is user-friendly and quite easy to use. Compact and convenient, it can be easily carried along.
With this device, you can chant Hindu mantras repeatedly for a specified number of times. The rotary type ON/OFF with volume control allows convenient sound control.
All mantras and songs have excellent sound quality. Quite cost-effective, this one is a total value for money.

3. Yogini Bhava: Shakti Mantras Invoke the Divine Within

It features Vedic Bija mantras to various Hindu deities, including several forms of the shlokas for the Devi goddess, praying for her to let the divine grace flow into our lives. All the mantras are very powerful and extremely easy to learn.
Shambhavi’s rich and melodious voice and traditional chanting style take the whole spiritual experience to a new level.
This CD has been acclaimed by various influential people and is regarded as one of the most powerful mantra CDs. The pictorial presentation is terrific, and all the chants come along with their translation for easy understanding.
This CD unravels the more profound symbolism of life and the timeless totality of the Divine Self.


No matter what your reason for chanting a mantra is, you must try to do it the right way.
Learn the meaning behind these mantras, and then begin chanting in earnest.

Listen to the best mantras for success

Here's a list of mantras that you can listen to right now. These are meditation mantras that bring success to the lives of the listener or chanter.