Mahakatha Meditation Mantras started 5 years ago, with a simple idea, introduce ancient Vedic mantras from Hindu Mythology to a global audience.

It started off with Nirvana Shatakam, a powerful mantra about Lord Shiva, designed to bring a sense of calm to the listener. 

And we kept adding tracks, with a few central points of focus. A soothing voice, subtle instrumentation and a belief that each mantra offers an array of benefits to the listener.

It wasn’t too long before we started getting feedback from our growing group of listeners how these mantras helped them with facing down difficulties in their life and wake up everyday with a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

This reaffirmed our idea of why we started the channel in the first place. Armed with the knowledge that our listeners were getting the exact benefit we had shared the mantras for, we ramped up our efforts.

We added more mantras, for a variety of benefits – healing, meditation, unwinding, removing the negative energies in our life, adding positive energy in its place, activating the mind, body and soul.

We were excited about this new reach that we had, and couldn’t wait to share exactly how and why these mantras help us the way they do.

We added as much information as possible in the description, but the bulk was done by active commenters who shared our enthusiasm for these ancient and powerful creations. 

We even wrote a few posts explaining a single chant at a time, definitely something we want to do more of.

But the core was still the same – bring ancient mantras to our audience with the belief that it helps.

And fast forward to the year 2020, we have quite a library of chants and related content.

Before we jump back into producing new and powerful content for our audience, it seemed like a great idea to make a resource page of sorts of our work so far.

Table Of Contents

A list of our most popular mantra meditation Articles

Over the years, we’ve produced and shared a number of mantras on our YouTube channel

But more than an auditory experience, these ancient chants have a power to substantially affect our lives. 

One way we shared this knowledge was by writing a few posts, concentrating on one mantra or album at a time. 

From the comments we got on our videos, people wanted to know more, and this seemed like a great way to get the word out. 

1. What is Chakra Healing Meditation?

what is chakra healing meditation

One of our albums is the one on ancient chakra healing meditations. Each of these 7 chants activate and heal one of 7 chakras in the human body.

One of the things we believe in strongly is that you don’t get the benefits from a mantra, unless you’re mindful of what exactly the mantra is for.

This post explains clearly the 7 chakras in our body and the importance of each. 

It also explains why they must remain balanced, and how these mantras aid in that.

If you’d like to familiarize yourself with the Chakra system in your body, read up on the 7 chakras and how to go about meditation for the purpose of chakra healing

2. Muladhara Mantra – Mantra for Back Pain

Muladhara mantra

Then we made individual posts for each of the mantras in the Chakra Healing series.

First up was Muladhara Mantra – the mantra for the Root Chakra, located at the lower part of your spine. 

The post covers the benefits of the mantra and the chant sound associated with the mantra. 

The root chakra, when imbalanced, can cause immense fatigue, insomnia, lower back pain, immune disorders, obesity and more.

Take your first step towards healing your back by learning about the Muladhara Mantra in detail. 

3. Swadhishana Mantra – Mantra for Stomach problems

Swadhishana mantra

The second one is the Swadhishana Mantra, for the Sacral Chakra. It is located in your tummy. 

The post clearly explains the drawbacks of an imbalanced Sacral Chakra, and how the mantra ensures that doesn’t happen. 

Learn about how this mantra could be the answer to all your digestive issues

4. Manipura Mantra – Mantra for Arthritis problems

Manipura Mantra

The third in the series is the Manipura Mantra, meant for the Solar Plexus chakra.

This is the chakra, when recited regularly, can prevent all arthritic issues, adrenal imbalances and more. 

Find out more about the chant, that could be your long-term ally versus arthritis

5. Anahata Mantra – Mantra for Healing Heart Diseases

Anahata Mantra

The next Chakra Healing chant is Anahata Mantra, for the heart chakra in your body. 

The heart chakra is responsible for your feelings of compassion, gratitude and love.

So an imbalance in this chakra is certainly not pleasant. 

Find out why the Anahata Mantra chant should be part of your weekly meditation routine

6. Vishuddha Mantra – Mantra for Thyroid problems

Vishuddha Mantra

Vishuddha Mantra is for the throat chakra, for which the cost of imbalance are thyroid problems, tooth ulcers and more. 

If you’re someone who’s been bothered by long-term thyroid issues, be sure to read up more on the mantra that could be your solution. 

7. Ajna Mantra – Mantra for Sleeping Well

Ajna Mantra

The Ajna Mantra chant is to maintain the balance of the Third Eye Chakra.

This chakra is responsible for the wisdom required in one’s life to see beyond materialism. 

Imbalanced third eye chakra results in severe sleeping issues.

Learn more about the Ajna mantra, and keep away nightmares, insomnia and resulting health issues.

8. Sahaswara Mantra – Best Mantra for Higher Consciousness

Sahaswara Mantra

The Sahaswara mantra is designed to maintain the balance in your Crown chakra. 

Your Crown chakra is pure consciousness energy. It is your gateway to your higher self.

Learn more about the Sahaswara mantra, and how it keeps emotional aimlessness, over-sensitivity to light and sound, and apathy at bay

9. Mark Bajerski – Ultimate guide to removing negative energy

Mark Bajerski remove Negative energy

One of the biggest benefits of many of our mantras is their ability to counter the negative energies that come into our lives. 

We wrote a post on spiritual teacher Mark Bajerski’s thoughts on the topic, and his directions to keep them away. 

He has discusses methods like sage, sea salt and the power of music to ensure protection against negative energy.

If you want to improve your well-being and those in your home, you owe yourself a read of this post. 

10. Opening Prayer for Yoga – Powerful Yogena Chittasya Mantra

Opening Prayer for yoga

The opening prayer for yoga  – Yogena Chittasya is chanted in the beginning of any yoga class.

Meditation, being a big part of our focus, we figured a detailed breakdown of the Yogena Chittasya was in order.

We break down each verse of this powerful mantra in our post.

Bring mindfulness to the beginning of every meditation session, by learning more about the chant you listen to. 

11. Nirvana Shatakam Mantra – An Ultimate Guide

Nirvana Shakatam Mantra

Other than being the first meditation track that we shared with you guys, Nirvana Shatakam is a truly powerful mantra that brings a sense of calm to your life. 

In this post, we discuss the history, lyrics and true meaning of this beautiful chant.

Get familiar with Nirvana Shatakam, and the best time or occasion to listen to and chant this mantra. 

12. The Best Shiva Mantras for Healing

Best Shiva Mantras

The Ancient healing chants of Shiva has been some of our most popular and loved meditation mantras.

In this post, we discuss in detail, 4 of the most powerful ones when it comes to healing your mind, body and soul. 

Learn more about Nirvana Shatakam, Panchakshari Mantra, Om Namah Shivaya and Maha Mritunjaya Mantra and their powerful benefits.

13. Mantra meditation with Ancient Yoga Mantras of India

Mantra meditation with Ancient Yoga Mantras

In this post, we cover the power and benefits of our meditation mantras for those doing yoga to them.

It starts off by explaining the idea of a mantra and why it is better to chant during meditation. 

Then we proceed to explain two of the best chants for a yoga session, the Yogena Chittasya and Durge Smruta mantra meditation. 

The first as an opening prayer, the second as closing. 

Bring more structure to your yoga sessions by reading more about these prayers. 

Our Albums

Over the past few years, we have produced quite a few albums and solo tracks, each with their benefits and situations 

Here, we’ll list each of them out and a bit about them, so you can find the ones most relevant to you.

1. Ancient Chants from India – Volume 1

Ancient Chants from India

The most popular album from the Mahakatha library, Ancient Chants has some of the most popular tracks from the YouTube channel. 

The tracks featured in this album are: 

1. Opening Prayer For Yoga – Yogena Chittasya 
2. Chant For Blissful Consciousness – Nirvana Shatakam
3. Mantra For Overcoming Illness And Pain – Sri Sudarshanashtakam
4. Sun Salutation Mantra – Surya Namaskar
5. Powerful Ganesha Shloka To Remove Obstacles – Pranamya Shirasa Devam
6. Mantra To Start Your Day – Gajananam Bhutaganadi Sevitam
7. Closing Prayer For Yoga – Durge Smrita Harasi 
8. Soothing OM Chant – With Waterfall Sounds

Yogena Chittasya is the best way to start off a session of meditation. 

Nirvana Shatakam meanwhile, is a powerful Shiva Mantra that brings great caalm to your life. Sudarshana Ashtakam has been known to be very effective at healing many ailments.

Pranamya Shirasa Devam is a powerful ode to Lord Ganesha that removes obstacles from your life. 

This is an exhaustive album that is rendered in a way that connects to your inner self.

This album has the power to help you find peace, help you meditate, help you do meditative yoga, overcome your illness and much more.

If there is one album that typifies the Mahakatha experience, this is it. 

2. Sudarshana Ashtakam

Sudarshana Ashtakam

Apart from being peaceful and meditative, Sudarshana Astakam has got the healing power to cure any illness.

It is known to be effective against knee pain, blood pressure, arthritis, and many more. 

To combat the many illnesses you will have to combat, or to simply meditate, try listening to the Sudarshana Ashtakam mantra daily. 

3. Nirvana Shatakam Mantra

Nirvana Shatakam

Nirvana Shatakam by Adi Shankaracharya is one of the world's most loved ancient chants from India.  

Nirvana Shatakam is one of several powerful mantras dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is known to keep you relaxed and calm.

It kills your ego and helps you discover your true self within. It is even useful for women in the 7th month of their pregnancy. 

To discover the calming, and stress-killing effects of the Nirvana Shatakam, we suggest getting a free copy of this track. 

4. Ramaskandam Mantra

Ramaskandam Mantra

Ramaskandam Mantra is an ancient mantra dedicated to Hanuman.

The soothing chanting prevents nightmares and gives you good deep sleep. This mantra instantly alleviates paranoia, fear or other undesired feelings experienced before going to bed. 

To give yourself the best chances of an undisturbed, restful sleep, listen to this mantra before you go to sleep every night. 

5. Samudra Vasane Devi Mantra

Samudra Vasade Devi Mantra

We go from the best mantra to listen to before you go to sleep, the best one to listen to as soon as you wake up. 

In fact, it is best experienced before your feet touch the ground in the morning.

The mantra articulates praise and gratitude towards Mother Earth, drawing inspiration from her strength and grace and asking her for forgiveness for touching her with one's feet.

Give yourself the best start to a day, with the Samudra Vasane Devi Mantra. 

6. Om Gan Ganapathaye Namaha Mantra

Om Gan Ganapathaye

This auspicious Ganesha mantra purifies the vibrations and clears the path to abundant wisdom, wealth and happiness. 

Get this Ganesha mantra and bring in abundant wisdom and prosperity

7. Vakratunda Mahakaya

Vakratunda Mahakaya

Vakratunda Mahakaya is another powerful mantra dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles.

The mantra hails the blessing of Lord Ganesha to overcome every obstacle, trouble and suffering.

Pray for all your pursuits and experiences to be successful, with Vakratunda Mahakaya. 

8. Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Mantra

Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu

This mantra is for those missing your mother. 

The mantra says that the sense of motherliness and motherly feelings that are present in all beings are a form of the Devi, the Mother Divine.

Pay homage to your mother and her feelings, with this Devi mantra. 

9. Water Koshi Chimes Meditation

Water Koshi Chimes

Koshi Bells Water element meditation is great for Great for sound healing and therapeutic use. 

These elegant wooden chimes bring calmness, positivity and inner joy to you. Koshi Bells are usually blended with earth ,water, air and fire elements.

Bring in a sense of calm, positivity and joy to your life with this delightful track. 

10. Pranamayam Shirasa Devam

Pranamyam Shirasa Devam

Pranamayam Shirasa Devam is a powerful mantra dedicated to Ganesha.

Lord Ganesha is one of the most worshipped deities and is also known as Vignaharta, meaning remover of obstacles. 

Listen to this mantra for prosperity, wisdom, good fortune, and to remove obstacles

11. Kundalini Awakening Mantra

Kundalini Awakening

This mantra is designed to awaken and heal the powerful female energy. 

Awaken the Goddess within by listening to this track. 

12. Krishna in Mathura – Flute Instrumental

Krishna in Mathura

This track has Lord Krishna's flute Music from Mathura with the sound of cattle and kids.

Relive the times of Lord Krishna in Mathura by listening to this delightful track.

13. Hare Krishna Hare Ram chanting

Hare Krishna Hare Rama

This is one of the most popular chants from Hindu mythology. 

Ancient Krishna Maha Mantra calms your anxiety, stress and all worries.

Get our version of this globally renowned mantra from the Mahakatha website. 

14. Brain Healing Spiritual Sounds

Brain Healing Sounds

Brain Healing Spiritual Sounds feature relaxing hang-drum music that is part of the Ancient Spiritual Healing Music series. 

Bring the joy of ancient hang-drum music to your home. 

15. Yoga Music from India

Yoga Music from India

Channel your attention and focus to the present moment with these chants, starting with Yogena Chittasya, which a devotional note of gratitude to the revered sage Patanjali, who is deemed as the father of yoga.

The tracks on this album are: 

1. Sakhi – Yoga music for Padangusthasana
2. Sadhu – Yoga music for Sukhasana
3. Ladaakh – Yoga music for Pranayama
4. Chacha – Yoga music for Padmasana
5. Henna – Yoga Music For Savasana
6. Matka – Yoga Music For Nadisodhan Pranayam
7. Mirchi – Yoga Music For Malasana
8. Rangoli – Yoga Music For Adho Mukha Svanasana
9. Salma – Yoga Music For Vrikshasana
10. Chai – Yoga Music For Dhanurasana

We’ve produced our versions of these chants, with modern instrumentation. 

Get tracks suited specifically to 10 asanas, to bring a variety of benefits into your life. 

16. Ancient Bell Gold-Link Meditation

Ancient Bell Goldlink Meditation

This track features the ancient metal bell sound from India. 

The sound of the metal bell is extremely powerful and it resonates its frequencies in a way that can cleanse the negative energy from your home space.

Rid your home of unproductive negative energies, and make it a better living space. 

17. Zodiac Mantras for Success

This is an album with mantras designed for each moon sign as per Ancient Vedic Astrology. 

Zodiac Mantras for Success

The tracks featured on this album are:

1. Aries – Mesh Rashi Beej Mantra
2. Taurus – Vrishabh Rashi Beej Mantra
3. Gemini – Mithun Rashi Beej Mantra
4. Cancer – Kark Rashi Beej Mantra
5. Leo – Singh Rashi Beej Mantra
6. Virgo – Kanya Rashi Beej Mantra
7. Libra – Tula Rashi Beej Mantra
8. Scorpio – Vrishchik Rashi Beej Mantra
9. Sagittarius -Dhanu Rashi Beej Mantra
10. Capricorn – Makar Rashi Beej Mantra
11. Aquarius – Kumbha Rashi Beej Mantra
12. Pisces – Meen Rashi Beej Mantra

Chanting these for 108 times will help you eradicate all troubles that are linked to your zodiac sign.

18. Healing Music from India

Healing Music from India

The tracks on this album remove negative energy from your home, bring in positivity, cure depression, anxiety, and other maladies. 

A list of the tracks are: 

1. Kharaharapriya Nivaasam
2. Kalyani Shudham
3. Natabhairavi Maanasam
4. Sankarabharanam Deham
5. Harikamboji Maayam
6. Hamsadhwani Sneham
7. Sankarabharanam Shantam
8. Natabhairavi Nirvat
9. Natabhairavi Anakula
10. Saraswathi Nirvyagra

Heal your mind, body, soul and home with this collection of ancient Raagas. 

19. Enchanted India Music

Enchanted India Music

Enchanted India Music features the hang drum played gently. This instrumental music has been crafted keeping in mind the benefits it can bring to you.

1. Sarathi – music for meditation and space purification
2. Vana -music for purification of living room
3. Pushpam – music for space clearing
4. Riga – meditation music for early morning
5. Kara – morning music to clear negative energy from home

Bring positive energy and remove negative energy from your living spaces, with the delicate sounds of the hang-drum

20. Icchapurti Mantra

Icchapurti mantra

This mantra is an ode to Lord Krishna – Govinda who when prayed to blesses you with all that you want in life. 

This secret mantra needs to be chanted every day in the morning and evening for good results. 

Listen to this mantra, to make your wishes come true.

21. Ancient Healing Chants of Shiva

Ancient Healing Chants from Shiva

This mantra is a humble call for the blessings of Shiva, in order to tune into his infinite peace and strength.

The tracklist includes: 

1. Shivashtakam Mantra – Mantra to remove all problems
2. Panchakshari Mantra – Mantra for positive energy
3. Om Namah Shivaya – Mantra for Peace of mind
4. Bho Shambho Shiva Shambho Swayamvo
5. Har Har Bolo Namah Shiva – Mantra to remove negativity
6. Maha Mantra Mrityunjaya Mantra – Mantra for healing pain
7. Shiva Rudra Gayatri Mantra – Mantra for kids

8. Mahadeva Shiva Shambho – Mantra for Success

Recite any of these Shiva mantras in peaceful contemplation, as well as in powerful, aggressive rhythms.

22. Indian Tabla Beat Meditation

India Tabla Beat Meditation

This track features the Tabla blended in with Reggae and Hip Hop Drum pattern. 

Get music ideal for an upbeat yoga session, or for a laidback meditation session too.

23. Ancient Chakra Healing Meditation Mantras

Ancient Chakra Healing Mantras

Chakra healing meditation mantras feature tracks that relieve pain and heal your back pain, stomach problems, arthritis problems, heart disease, sleep issues and so on.

The chakra healing tracks include:

1. Muladhara Mantra for Root Chakra with LAM Sound
2. Swadhishana Mantra for Sacral Chakra with YAM Sound
3. Manipura Mantra for Solar Plexus Chakra with RAM Sound
4. Anahata Mantra for Heart Chakra with YAM Sound
5. Vishuddha Mantra for Throat Chakra with HAM Sound
6. Ajna Mantra for Third Eye Chakra with OM Sound
7. Sahaswara Mantra for Crown Chakra with AUM Sound

Heal the 7 chakras in your body, with these ancient sounds. 

24. Ancient Chants from India – Volume 2

Ancient Chants from India Voume 2

After the success of the first volume Mahakath took some time, but came up with Ancient Chants from India – Volume 2.

The tracks on this album are: 

1. Yadevi Sarva Mantra
2. Vakratunda Mantra
3. Om Ganapataye Mantra
4. Karagre Vasate Lakshmi Mantra
5. Samudra Mantra
6. Om Japa Mantra
7. Astoma Mantra
8. OM Mantra
9. Om Shanti Mantra

Get a mix of great tracks to meditate to, and heal your body and life-force

25. Ancient Chants from India – Volume 3

Ancient Chants from India Volume 3

We introduce to you our third edition of Ancient Chants from India.

The tracks on here are: 

1. Tayata Om Mantra Healing All Sufferings
2. Medha Dakshinamurthi Mantra for Concentration and Memory
3. Angadangaata Mantra for Newborn Baby Care Mantra
4. Namo Thassa Mantra Chanting to remove stress
5. Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra to remove negative energy
6. Om Aapadaamapa Mantra for Positive Energy

Come dive in and bless your family, home and your mind body and spirit with this spirit-uplifting mantras. 

26. Om Aapadaamapa Mantra

Om Apadamapa Mantra

This is one of the tracks featured in the 3rd volume of Ancient Chants from India. 

The mantra is an ode to Lord Shri Rama, who is worshipped for his compassion for mankind and power to eradicate adversities that may cloud human life.

Let the obstacles melt away with this powerful mantra, that powerfully sets out into the Universe your intention of a life free of obstacles.

27. Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra

Om Mani Padme Hum

Om Mani Padme Hum is the golden Buddhist mantra that purifies the mind and helps it overcome all kinds of challenges. 

Symbolically, it is an ode to the divine jewel of enlightenment and peace within the auspicious lotus flower. 

Keep your aura away from negativity and get divine protection from peril.

28. Namo Thassa Mantra

Namo Thassa Mantra

Namo Thassa is an ancient Buddhist mantra, chanted for incantation and the invocation of mental peace. 

The mantra is a humble prayer for all the high virtues of Buddha to become a part of yourself.

Attain wisdom, prosperity and contentment in your life with this mantra.

29. Medha Dakshinamurthi Mantra

Medha Dakshinamurthi Mantra

This is an auspicious mantra that gives tremendous mental strength and improves vital functions like understanding, recollection, and decision-making. 

The mantra is also especially beneficial for students and the elderly, helping them improve their memory power.

Bolster your mental strength with this ancient mantra. 

30. Tayata Om Mantra

Tayata Om Mantra

Buddhist Mantra For Healing all Sufferings, Pain and Depression. 

Tayata Om Bekandze Tayata Om is an ancient and auspicious Busshist mantra that invokes healing from all forms of suffering. 

Use the Buddhist mantra to remove negative emotions like depression from your life.

31. Yoga Flow Music

Yoga Flow Music

We turned to the hang-drum again and combined it with ambient vocals to create the perfect track for a medium-length yoga session.

Change the whole vibe of how you go about your yoga with this track. 

32. Ajai Alai Mantra

Ajai Alai Mantra

This is a Buddhist mantra that will immeasurably improve your life on daily listening. 

Chant this mantra daily to calm your anger, anxiety and remove all the negative energy and emotions from your mind, body and soul.

33. Ancient Chants from India – Bundle (3 Albums)

Ancient Chants from India Bundle

Due to the success of the Ancient Chants from India series, we decided to bring together all 3 albums in one bundle.

Get the definitive collection of meditation mantras by us at Mahakatha. 

34. Shree Ganapati Gajanana

Shree Ganapati Gajanana

Shree Ganapati Gajanana Mantra is a mantra on Lord Ganesh who is revered as the remover of worries and troubles from one's life.

Chant this mantra daily to feel his divinity. It'll empower you with peace, happiness and prosperity.

35. Angadangaata Mantra

Angadangaata Mantra

This is a rarely known mantra, traditionally chanted at the birth of a child for immunity. 

The mantra is a part of Jaathakarma, the auspicious ritual performed as blessings for the baby before the cutting of the umbilical cord.

Bless the arrival of a little one with this ancient mantra.

36. Krishna Gayatri Mantra

Krishna Gayatri Mantra

This is an old and powerful mantra from the Hindu vedas.

Bless your family and you with the serene and divine power of this Krishna Gayatri Mantra. 

37. Aura Cleansing Mantra

Aura Cleansing mantra

The Aura cleansing mantra or the Sahaswara Mantra activates and heals the Crown chakra in your body. 

Heal the chakra associated with pure consciousness energy with the Aura cleansing mantra. 

Some of our favorite testimonials

As much as we can go about the benefits of our mantras, they pale in comparison with the love we’ve received from our audience.

Consider it a humble-brag, or a way to let someone new knew how effective Mahakatha mantras can be, we’ve combed through our video comments sections to find the most heartfelt ones for you to read.

“this transports me to a place in the heart that is ancient and beautiful, to the heart of a young Gia, Mother Earth.”JImMorrisJim Morrison nirvana shakatam mantra
“Nirvana shatakam moves me to tears over and over again! May peace be on all who hear and listen to its lessons”Sneh Chakraburtyon nirvana shakatam mantra
“Unforgettably soothing and calming to the core of the soul; boundless thanks to singer and producer”Multi Video Industrieson nirvana shakatam mantra
“Now it’s become part of my every day life, when ever I feel like I need to return to peace and balance and every night to sleep to. I am sleeping better than I have for decades.”Ahmad Shakilaon sudarshana ashtakam mantra
“Feels like i should keep listening and chanting this for eternity !”Devdutt Patilon shiva mantra
“I just did this meditation here at work. I feel so light headed, relax, and peace with myself. I felt the dark heaviness being remove from my body..Araceli Ramoson shiva mantra
“Beautiful voice. My 5 year old insists that she hear this just before sleeping every night…. Has become a welcome habit… Thank you… Om Namah Shivaya”Kannan Hariharanon shiva mantra
“I felt nothing while listening to the music.But as soon as I removed my headphone after the music finished,I felt like I'm completely cured from something. Thanks a lot for the composer”Shafaelon Kalyaani Raaga
“My six year old son suffers from ADHD and ODD. I played this as he was starting to have a meltdown. He immediately calmed down, picked up objects he'd thrown out of frustration and curled up and had a nap. I've never found anything to help him feel instant calm before. Thank you for this.”V Hon Kharaharapriya Raaga
“Started tearing up while listening to this. Not sure why, but I’ve been feeling the urge to cry on & off for the last few days & it wasn’t until yesterday that it finally broke”Celisse Willison Ganesha Mantra
“This mantra and her voice actually ALWAYS does put my soul at peace, and listening to it once you're up in the morning is absolutely the best thing I do. ❤”Parul Malhotraon Lakshmi Mantra
“so beautiful! i feel in love with the singer on Vol. 1 so intoxicating, but centering. This mantra brought the energy like tickles into my heart until the tears came! What a wonderful release! Deep gratitude Mahakatha, for your good work and kindness in sharing!”Michael Fijalon Lakshmi Mantra