Ajna Mantra for Third Eye Chakra - Lyrics, Meaning, Benefits, Download

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The Ajna Mantra, or the 'Om' mantra, is associated with the Ajna or the Third-Eye chakra.

The Ajna chakra is the sixth of the seven chakras or energy centers residing in different areas of the human body.

The third eye chakra is located behind the center of the eyebrows. It is situated above the spinal column, on the pineal gland at the crossover of the two optic nerves.

Evolutionarily, the pineal gland is literally the third eye. It is seen in other species where it acts as a photoreceptor.

The Ajna chakra is the energy center that fuels your wisdom and intuition. People possessing a third-eye can easily be misunderstood as clairvoyant.

But it is rather the deep intellectual wisdom that is able to calculate permutations with ease and foresee possibilities.

'Ajna', in the Sanskrit language, means command or perceive. It is also pronounced as 'Aadnya', where 'd' is soft like the word 'the'.

This chakra is associated with the element of mind. It is considered as the source of creative consciousness beyond knowledge and wisdom.

If the Ajna chakra is out of harmony, it can result in a constantly confused mind.

Moreover, an imbalance in the third-eye chakra can cause physical harm with issues like migraines, low self-confidence, and eating disorders.

The Om sound activates the third-eye chakra. It is the seed syllable or bija mantra of the Ajna chakra.

It declutters all your thoughts. It helps you connect the dots and gives you the best perspective on your life.

This makes you decisive and helps you take control of your life. Chanting the Ajna mantra regularly cleanses your third eye chakra and clears the fog in your mind.

Ajna mantra is part of the Ancient Chakra Healing Meditation Mantras.

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History of the mantra

The sound Om is one of the bija mantras or seed mantras. It is known as the universal mantra.

The mantra is also used as a primordial sound in most Hindu mantras.

It is also associated with the third-eye chakra. The vibrations from the Om mantra are believed to cleanse and activate the Ajna chakra.

The Om mantra, just like other bija mantras, is chanted with the help of visualization.

Adepts practice chanting the Ham mantra by visualizing a lotus-shaped abstract object with white light rotating like a chakra behind the center of the eyebrows.

Lyrics of the Mantra


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Meaning of the Mantra

The Om mantra is considered the sound of the universe. It has three primary sounds: A, U, M. It is a representation of what was, what is, and what will be.

Om encapsulates all of existence. Despite its simplicity, Om is a very profound piece of literature.

That's the reason it is considered to be one of the most auspicious sounds in Hinduism and Buddhism.

It does not include any mention of the deity. Instead, the mantra focuses on the energy flow and uses power in the inherent vibrations of the sound 'Om'.

When the Ajna chakra functions without any obstacles, it brings immense clarity about one's existence.

When the power of the Ajna chakra is unleashed, you will be able to connect the universe within you with the one outside of you.

The vibrations from the Om mantra are believed to cleanse and activate the Ajna chakra.

The Om sound when chanted out loud repeatedly brings out the pure, unfettered, and indestructible version of you.

Benefits of listening to Ajna Mantra for Third Eye Chakra

Chanting the Om mantra rejuvenates your third-eye chakra. When the third-eye chakra is balanced, you feel

  • increased intuitiveness

  • uplifted with perspective

  • attuned with your body

  • decisive and unambiguous

  • a drastic rise in awareness

The Ajna mantra chanting also helps people to

  • keep negative thoughts at bay

  • tackle anxiety

  • boost self-confidence

  • alleviate migraines

  • eradicate vision problems

  • prevent neurological issues

  • tackle personality disorders

Some experts believe that if you manage to repeat the Om mantra 100,000,000 times, you will be able to achieve 8 great Siddhis and 32 minor paranormal Siddhis.

The Ajna mantra is also known to improve your clarity of thought.

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