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Learn everything about this Buddha mantra that is known to
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"Tayata Om Bekanze Bekanze Maha Bekanze Radza Samudgate Soha" is also known as the Medicine Buddha Mantra.

Reciting the mantra detaches the mind from overwhelming negative thoughts, the traumas of the past, and the fear of uncertainty.

Listening to this Buddhist mantra, you learn to breathe in all the joy and gratitude towards our lives and breathe out all the bitterness and suffering of the past.

The mantra makes it easy for us to visualize and focus on our healthier, happier selves.

Above everything, this mantra reminds us that meditation is medicinal for the soul.

Tayata Om is part of the Ancient Chants from India - Volume 3 album.

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History of the mantra

Tayata Om has its roots in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition. The oldest Medicine Buddha sutra documented was found in the 7th century C.E.

In the sutra, Medicine Buddha made 12 vows to help living beings attain enlightenment.

His main focus was on the holistic healing of the body and the mind.

He vowed to eradicate pain and illnesses of all kinds and promote flourishing health.

The Medicine Buddha Mantra is chanted for the benefit of humans and animals alike, even if they are healthy at the moment.

It is recited for achieving success and alleviating all problems and suffering from its healing force.

Lyrics of the Mantra

Tayata Om Bekandze Bekandze
Mahabekandze Radza Samudgate Soha

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Meaning of the Mantra

Lyrics :
Tayata Om Bekandze Bekandze
Mahabekandze Radza Samudgate Soha
Meaning :

"May the many sentient beings who are sick, be freed from sickness soon. And may all the sicknesses of beings never arise again."

“Tayata” means carried beyond Samsara and Nirvana.

“Om” is the Source Energy of the Universe. It encompasses everything that was, is, and will be

“Bekandze bekandze” means the elimination of pain. The first 'Bekandze' eliminates problems from the mind and body. The second 'Bekandze' eliminates a deeper pain linked to spiritual suffering.

“Maha bekandze” means, the greatest eliminator of all pain and suffering, that is the Medicine Buddha.

“Radza Samudgate” refers to the king, or the most Divine, whose wisdom is as wide as the ocean.

“Soha” is pure devotion, intention, or inner being. And from this, all manifestations occur.

Benefits of listening to Tayata Om Mantra

The Tayata Om mantra invokes the Medicine Buddha who eliminates all pain, suffering, and sorrow.

Listening to this mantra along with meditation helps you in the following ways.

Benefit 1 - Cleans negativity
Chanting of this mantra helps us clean out the clutter of negative thoughts

Benefit 2 - Heals past trauma
The mantra helps us detach from disturbing or traumatic incidents of the past

Benefit 3 - Helps healing
For those dealing with illness and disease, this mantra calmingly re-aligns our energy from suffering to healing

The healing effects of Tayata Om also extends to soothing pain from depression.

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