best guided breathwork meditations

10 Best Guided Breathwork Meditations

Breathwork is a breathing technique by which you can shift your body from a fight-or-flight mode to a rest-and-digest mode.

It removes any chances of you stressing out in day-to-day situations, with enough practice.

But it can be a new and difficult shift for you to manage alone. So we searched the internet to find the best guided Breathwork meditations for you.

These are put out by some of the finest Breathwork practitioners around, and they’ll teach you the fundamentals of breathwork.

These guided breathwork videos will also take you through your first steps in a breathwork session.

With these, you’ll have your first few weeks in breathwork figured out until you want to know more.

1. Guided Wim Hof Breathing

wim-hof-best guided breathwork meditations

Practitioner: Wim Hof

He’s the reigning king of guided breathing, as far as short breathwork sessions go.

As an entry-level, you can’t really do much better than this.

In this guide, he’s got your back throughout while pushing you beyond your previous limits. It doesn’t hurt that he sounds like a benevolent Nordic God.

2. Guided Breathing Meditation With Kim Eng

kim-eng-best guided breathwork meditations

Practitioner: Kim Eng

Kim Eng leads us in a relaxing ten-minute breathing practice that is simple to follow and clearly effective by the end.

Her voice is soothing and walks a newcomer very gently through the process of breathing.

She is also the creator of Presence through Movement.

3. Pushing Beauty's 1-on-1 session lite

pushing-beauty-best guided breathwork meditations

Practitioner: Michelle D’Avella

Michelle is a certified Breathwork teacher and a student of David Elliott.

She specializes in 1-on-1 sessions with her clients, and her main focus is helping you move past trauma.

In this video, she gives us a taste of how one of these 1-on-1 sessions would play out.

4. Mastering Mind, Body and Life through Breath

james-buckley-best guided breathwork meditations

Practitioner: James Z G Buckley

James’s training is a holistic approach to improving the individual using a composite of scientific Physiological and Psychological techniques.

This frees the Body & Mind from perceived limitations and obstacles.

Many of the people follow this video daily and claim to experience pulsating energy in their body.

5. 13-minute Meditation

angela-buttimer-best guided breathwork meditations

Practitioner: Angela Buttimer

Angela specializes in mindfulness/mindful performance/stress reduction and is the author of CALM: Choosing To Live Mindfully.

She has spent the last couple of decades working with executives and individuals on lowering stress to perform at their best.

This video demonstrates that expertise perfectly, as she walks a crowd through a stress-busting breathing session.

6. Guided Breathwork Meditation for releasing stuck emotions

nancy-ananda-guided breathwork meditations

Practitioner: Nancy Ananda

Discovering breathwork a few months ago after a break up helped Nancy go through her healing process more effectively.

Now she uses this practice on a daily basis, to work through anything that lies ahead.

Watch the video, to find out if this is something you’d like in your life.

7. Beginner's Guide to Breathwork

nicole-lepera-guided breathwork meditations

Practitioner: Nicole LePera

Nicole first breaks down the science behind the effectiveness of breathwork and then guides us through a breathwork exercise for a rank amateur to get started with.

She works under the brand of Holistic Psychologist. She uses psychology to expose behavioral patterns in all of us.

She believes breathwork is a great way to break some of the bad patterns.

8. Erin Telford

erin-telford-guided breathwork meditations

Practitioner: Erin Telford

Erin Telford gives us the perfect guide to breathwork, including what you can do in terms of rituals to add to a session.

What you’ll like most is the way she explains the importance of the space you’re planning to do breathwork in.

She goes through how you can make the space feel right to do something as potentially intense as breathwork.

She had her start as a Reiki healer and acupuncturist.

9. Feel more love

alisha-yoga-guided breathwork meditations

Practitioner: Alisha Yoga

Alisha believes Breathwork is such a powerful technique that the whole world needs to know about it quickly.

Her initial focus was yoga but found breathwork to be more to her liking.

She made an almost 20-minute breakdown of how she goes about it, as a way of inviting people into this practice she loves so much.

10. How To Do SOMA Awakening Breathwork

niraj-naik-guided-guided breathwork meditations

Practitioner: Niraj Naik

Niraj believes that the stress associated with modern living is the root cause of disease and poor health and that treatment and prevention begins with self-belief.

SOMA breath is his initiative to help you in this fight. This video shows us how a SOMA breath session plays out.

The Best Music for your Breathwork

Now that you’re on the path of breathwork, you should also know that music plays a huge part in the experience.

This is where our expertise lies, and we thought we should give you a few recommendations as to what music you can play during a breathwork session.

1. Nirvana Shatakam Mantra

nirvana-shatakam-best guided breathwork meditations

Nirvana Shatakam is a mantra dedicated to Lord Shiva, or the eternal consciousness.

It is a great mantra to destroy your ego, which is very useful in a breathwork setting.

Give it a listen here, before grabbing your own copy.

2. Sudarshana Ashtakam Mantra

Sudarshana Ashtakam is a Hindu prayer to Lord Sudarshana.

It is widely popular because of the healing benefits listeners have felt. It should be played during breathwork, if you want to combat any illness.

You can listen to it for free here, and grab a copy if it's right for you.

3. Tayata Om Mantra

tayata-om-best guided breathwork meditations

Tayata Om Mantra is a Buddhist Mantra. It asks the great Buddha to move you past the influences of pain and suffering.

You can find true liberation, only when you have moved past your reactions to your challenges.

Listen to our version here. If you like it, consider getting a copy of the mantra.

Final Word

We hope that you find the perfect breathwork instructor in our top 10 list.

When you’re ready for more, try breathwork to some of our mantras. These ancient Vedic mantras are great at creating the atmosphere perfect for breathwork.

Our personal favorites are the Ganesha Mantra and the Nirvana Shatakam.

Ganesha mantra is a Hindu prayer to Lord Ganesha, who is the remover of obstacles.

Nirvana Shatakam is a prayer that destroys all sense of ego, and makes you part of the universal consciousness.

These two are very good at transporting your consciousness to a deeper level.

Try doing your breathwork to these tracks, and let us know how it worked out.

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