best breathwork practitioner facilitators

15 Best Breathwork Practitioners Facilitators

Breathwork is in an exciting phase right now.

There are many practitioners and techniques to choose from.

Variety’s always great, but it can also get a little confusing for someone just discovering breathwork.

This would mean going through every google search result, social media account with a breathwork coach/facilitator in the title.

Instead, we did the less-fun part of research and curation on breathwork teachers.

We found the 15 best Breathwork Practitioners facilitators, who have made it their life’s work to educate and inspire the rest of us.

They are masters of their unique take on breathwork. You can trust them to give you clear insights into this niche.

What are the benefits you can get? How would you go about a breathwork session? Are there any risks to doing it?

These 15 are the ones with the right answers.

The best breathwork practitioners facilitators

1. Jon Paul Crimi

jon-paul-crimi-best breathwork practitioners facilitators

Jon Paul or simply JP, has come to almost embody the Breathwork movement with his efforts to bring Breathwork to the world.

Like all the people in this list, he too got seriously into Breathwork after a class that transformed his own life.

He is now one of the most sought after Celebrity Trainers and Sober Coaches in the country, with breathwork as a huge part of his offerings.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Course: Five-day emotional detox course, available online

2. David Elliott

david-elliott-best breathwork practitioners facilitators

Author, teacher, and healer David Elliott has spent over two decades helping and inspiring clients from around the world to heal their deepest fears, blocks and negative beliefs.

His primary work as a healer is to remind and reconnect people to the power of love. Self-love is the starting point for anyone seeking healing in their life.

This is the basis of every video, blog or course he puts out.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Course: A 1- day course on Self-Love, Exchange, Value & Worth. This is the level 2 of David’s offerings after his Level 1 which covers Breathwork basics.

Books to check out: Read Healing, by David Elliott, where he inspires people to pursue their own healing.

3. Anthony Abagnano

anthony-abagnano-best breathwork practitioners facilitators

Anthony Abbagnano founded the Community of Healing, an international organization that promotes the union of Western medicine with all other modalities.

Alchemy of Breath was founded by Anthony to train people in Breathwork techniques.

Driven by his passion to awaken the whole world to the miraculous gift of the Breath, Anthony is the pioneer of #BreatheTheWorld, an initiative to uplift world consciousness.

Location: Bali, Indonesia

Course: The 8-month Alchemy of Breath Facilitation Certification, that takes someone new to Breathwork into a full-blown Breathwork master.

4. Daisy Kaye

daisy-kaye-best breathwork practitioners facilitators

Daisy Kaye, Founder of Breath Medicine is a Breathwork Facilitator, Universal Tao Instructor, Body Worker, Herbalist, and founder of Sacred Cacao 5 Element Dance.

All this to say that she has been dabbling in every kind of alternate healing you can think of.

Breathwork has become a focus for such a multi-faceted life coach for a reason.

So you definitely need to check out her thoughts on breathwork, as the variety of her experience is rare.

Daisy is also an advocate for maintaining a holiday lifestyle and has taught and practiced globally for over 25 years.

Location: Thailand

Course: A 5-day course on Breath medicine, in Thailand. The course takes up 35 hours over the course of 5 days.

5. Gwen Dittmar

gwen-dittmar-best breathwork practitioners facilitators

According to Gwen, The beauty of Breathwork is that it is natural so that you and your breath become the source of answers to questions.

It gives insights to challenges, freedom from feeling stuck, and ideas for what’s next for you, your life and your work in the world.

Gwen will be your guide in finding these answers. She offers everything from classes to 1-on-1 sessions and workshops.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Course: A Breathwork course split into 16-lessons, titled ‘The Ultimate guide to Breathwork’ is available online.

6. Michelle D’Avella

michelle-davella-best breathwork practitioners facilitators

Michelle supports people as they journey inward to release pain, open their hearts, and create a life they love.

Pushing Beauty is the hub for you to learn how to do these things.

She has a program that gives you all the benefits she found from her breathwork journey.

She’s all about getting people out of their head and worries and into the present moment.

She even put together a retreat out in the desert for people who really need a break.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Course: Grounded soul is a 4-month program offered by Michelle, where you work to connect with your inner self.
Each month has a theme – Learning How to Love & Value Yourself, Healing Emotional Pain, Creating Healthy Relationships, and Discovering Who You Are & Reclaiming Lost Parts of Yourself.

Book to check out: The Bright side of a broken heart is written by Michelle about her heartbreak and personal tragedies, and how breathwork carried her through these times.

7. Jay Bradley

jay-bradley-best breathwork practitioners facilitators

Jay Bradley is a BreathWork Healer & Youthful Aging expert. Jay’s belief is that the way we breathe day to day makes all the difference in the world.

He believes no matter what issue you face, breathwork is the answer. It could be physical pain or depression or even uncertainty about your future.

It all comes back to the breath.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Course: Jay holds Breathwork classes every Tuesday and Saturday in the Liberate Hollywood studio in LA.
He also holds Breathwork healer training sessions in various locations in the USA and Canada.

8. Levi Banner

levi-banner-best breathwork practitioners facilitators

For Levi, true yoga resides in the breath. It’s the difference between simply stretching and opening a channel to profound realization.

He’s combined his love of yoga and astrology with breathwork, all of which share a focus on the breath.

He uses the Shamanic style of breathwork to relax you and work on your breathing.

Location: Bali, Indonesia

Course: Levi hosts Breathwork classes at the Yoga Barn in Bali, both for beginners and those aiming to be facilitators.

9. Wim Hof

wim-hof-best breathwork practitioners facilitators

Wim Hof is a huge name in the Breathwork space, after the set records for tolerating sub-zero temperatures for long durations.

He also announced himself as an excellent breathwork coach with a guided breathing session.

It was 11 minutes long, and it convinced a lot of people about the power of breathwork, including some of us here at Mahakatha.

Location: The Wim Hof team holds workshops throughout the world, but mainly in the USA and Europe.

Course: The best course for you is the 10-week online lessons on the Wim Hof technique, start to finish.

Book to check out: Grab a copy of The Way of the Iceman, a book on how Wim Hof used his breathwork technique to achieve superhuman levels of cold tolerance and great physical and mental health.

10. Leonard Orr

leonard-orr-best breathwork practitioners facilitators

Rebirthing Breathwork International is a network of breathworkers and breathwork trainers who have been trained by Leonard Orr.

They present experiential, therapeutic and professional Rebirthing Breathwork trainings, seminars and sessions around the world.

But this rather large discipline started, with Leonard’s Eureka moment in a tub. He realized he could access memories of his birth if he sat in the tub.

This single realization has evolved into the Rebirthing breathwork foundation as we see it today.

Location: Rebirthing Breathwork International centres are spread across the USA and India.

Course: You can learn Rebirthing aka Conscious breathing, online or physically in their centres in California and North Carolina.

Books to check out: Leonard Orr has authored some of the pillars of Rebirthing Breathwork. Start off with Breaking the Death Habit, and then continue your reading with Rebirthing in the New Age.
These two books will form a complete picture of the school of Rebirthing.

11. Eckhart Tolle

eckhart-tolle-best breathwork practitioners facilitators

Eckhart Tolle is the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Power of Now and the highly acclaimed follow-up A New Earth, which are widely regarded as two of the most influential spiritual books of our time.

Here’s an Eckhart quote on breathing – “Whenever you are conscious of the breath, you are absolutely present. You may notice that you cannot think and be aware of your breathing. Conscious breathing stops your mind”.

And being present in the moment is a huge part of what breathwork is about. His books and talks are absolutely fascinating material for someone interested in breathwork.

Location: Eckhart Tolle and wife, Kim Eng, holds events all across the USA and Canada.

Course: Sign up for a 10-day trial of Eckhart Tolle’s video teachings, before deciding on the subscription.

Books to check out: Eckhart Tolle is easily the most well-known, and followed author on this list, with several of his books being considered the best in the spirituality and well-being genres.
Start with The Power of Now, the book that teaches you to stop following your false ego and invest in the present moment. He makes a challenging journey seem achievable to us, with this book.
Then dive deeper into his teachings, with A New Earth. In this book, he talks about humanity as a whole and how to accept this state we find ourselves in.

12. Giten Tonkov

giten-tonkov-best breathwork practitioners facilitators

He is the founder of the Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma release. He also authored ‘Feel to Heal’.

It is the book that is quoted in support of the use of breathwork as a tool to deal with severe mental trauma.

According to him the traumatic experience can be a doorway on the spiritual path. In both a traumatic event and a spiritual experience, there is an altered state. Physiologically, the things that happen in the body are quite similar.

His focus has been to get people to move past their trauma, which is normally a long, chemically-driven journey that may not work as hoped.

But with breathwork, Giten has given us a holistic option. One that asks us to conquer our breath, and then use that to face down something as debilitating as trauma.

Location: The BBTRS Institute is established in Poland. They also have centres in Estonia, Peru, Brazil, and Costa Rica.

Course: You can attend BBTRS classes all across Europe, and places outside like Bali, Brazil, Peru etc.

Books to check out: In Feel to Heal, the go-to book on Breathwork for trauma release, Giten spells out exactly how breathwork is the best option for people with PTSD, chronic pain, and difficulty in relationships.

13. Jim Morningstar

jim-morningstar-best breathwork practitioners facilitators

The Director of Transformations Incorporated, Jim has held a license as a clinical psychologist since 1973.

He founded the Transformations Breathworker Training Program in 1990 and has authored four books in the field of spiritual psychology.

His take on the human psyche, and the influences on it is fascinating. So when he introduces breathwork as a tool to better control our mind, you’re sold.

He releases videos on YouTube occasionally to give a taste of what he talks about in his books, workshops and corporate events.

Location: Milwaukee, WIsconsin

Course: Jim Morningstar’s Transformations USA, holds Breathwork training all across the country.

Books to check out: Jim’s most popular offering is Break Through with Breathwork, his lessons to healthcare professionals on how to use breathwork to make inroads into patient cases, which wasn’t possible earlier.

14. Ashley Neese

ashley-neese-best breathwork practitioners facilitators

Ashley Neese is a renowned breathwork teacher and author. She has studied with some of the world’s leading masters in yoga, meditation, medical intuition and somatic therapy.

Ashley draws from this experience and guides her students to cultivate resilience, develop relations and trust themselves.

Physical movement is a big part of her approach, as she feels the way the body moves gives away a lot about the person.

Location: Los Angeles and San Francisco

Course: Sign up for Ashley’s course on Breathwork Basics. It is a self-directed 6-day workshop.

Books to check out: Ashley Neese’s How to Breathe breaks down the whole practice into 25 simple, easily-followed steps. These practices will lead to a sense of calm and happiness.

15. Rebecca Kordecki

rebecca-kordecki-best breathwork practitioners facilitators

She is someone who has lived and breathed fitness, health, and the role of the mind in all this for over 20 years.

She has put in thousands of hours, not only with clients and groups, but personally through research, workshops, and her own trial and error.

She’s discovered the best methods for creating strong & functionally fit bodies, and it’s ever evolving.

Breathwork is one of the practices she’s added to her package after being convinced of how crucial it is to fitness.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Course: Rebecca holds 45-minute or 60-minute sessions at The Den and the Magical Yurt in Los Angeles.
You could also start by trying out her audio tracks on breathwork.

The Best Music for your Breathwork

Now that you’re on the path of breathwork, you should also know that music plays a huge part in the experience.

This is where our expertise lies, and we thought we should give you a few recommendations as to what music you can play during a breathwork session.

1. Nirvana Shatakam Mantra

Nirvana Shatakam is a mantra dedicated to Lord Shiva, or the eternal consciousness.

It is a great mantra to destroy your ego, which is very useful in a breathwork setting.

Give it a listen here, before grabbing your own copy.

2. Sudarshana Ashtakam Mantra

sudarshanashtakam-best breathwork practitioners facilitators

Sudarshana Ashtakam is a Hindu prayer to Lord Sudarshana.

It is widely popular because of the healing benefits listeners have felt. It should be played during breathwork, if you want to combat any illness.

You can listen to it for free here, and grab a copy if it's right for you.

3. Tayata Om Mantra

Tayata Om Mantra is a Buddhist Mantra. It asks the great Buddha to move you past the influences of pain and suffering.

You can find true liberation, only when you have moved past your reactions to your challenges.

Listen to our version here. If you like it, consider getting a copy of the mantra.

Final Word

That’s 15 of our favorite Breathwork teachers & influencers. It is not as exhaustive as we would’ve liked.

But we wanted to make a starter kit to introduce breathwork, without overwhelming you with too much.

We’d like you to subscribe to their social media for a week or so, and see if what they say resonates with you.

Some of these influencers happen to be pretty good at making guided breathwork videos, so make sure to check that list too.

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