Best mantra to chant everyday

There’s a lot of commotion in our lives that giving our mind some peace is no longer leisure but a need.Different people rely on different kinds of activities for the same. Some find solace in swimming while others find it in trekking. There’s another kind of activity ... Read More

The best-explained meaning of mantra

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Opening prayer for yoga

The opening prayer for yoga – Yogena Chittasya is chanted in the beginning of any yoga class. It is an invocation prayer to the sage Patanjali, the greatest yoga master of all times, and author of the Yoga Sutras – the principles on the t... Read More

Guides on specific mantras

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Guide on mantras and their benefits

Ancient Vedic mantras are fascinating in their origins and powerful tools to focus the mind and body towards a specific intention.Some have the ability to nurture and sharpen specific intentions like healing, success, dispelling negative energy, and so on.Here, we list... Read More