How to do meditation at home Step by step

How to do meditation at home Step by step

Meditation is the art of controlling the mind and body. With so many benefits related to health and spirituality, meditation in today’s lifestyle has become a must. 

But with busy schedules and hectic lives, people get confused about how to try meditation techniques at home! So here, with this guide on meditation, let me unsolve the mystery. 

Nowadays, it is difficult to devote time to any outdoor activities. People tend to skip meals, they sleep less or even miss to look after one’s health issues. 

Meditation practice can prove to be an effective technique in releasing the stress, also, it enhances your sleep and improves your overall well-being. Therefore, taking out some time and doing meditation at home daily can help.

Few instructions to follow before starting your meditation

  • Do not over complicate on why you want to meditate. Just think of it as a daily relaxation and to lessen any of your regular anxieties.

  • Choose a calm place to meditate so that you’re not disturbed. Stillness is a big deal.

  • Use a Zafu which is a circular that you can get meditative. You may even use a pillow or a sofa cushion.

  • During meditation, wear clothes that are comfortable and not tight fitting.

  • Fix a particular time for meditation.

  • Get a meditation timer set to calculate the time.

  • Maintain consistency and discipline with things like whether you close your eyes or not.

How to do meditation at home step by step

1. Sit on your Zafu or cushion with your back straight.

The straight back posture will help to concentrate on the breathing process. Try to sit straight for the entire process and not lean backward or forward. It is very essential to keep the posture straight.

2. Do not bother on how to keep your hands

We often look at people holding hands at their knees. But it is not required to keep them that way. You can keep your hands however you find it comfortable. 

3. Tilt your chin downwards

You can either close or keep your eyes open when you meditate. Most often people tend to close their eyes to avoid any kind of distraction around.

Either way, if you keep your tilt downwards, it will open your chest and help you to breathe easily.

4. Get the timer set

Once you are comfortable with your posture and ready to start, set your timer for as long as you can. Do not pressurize yourself for hourly meditations.

Initially, you can start with a 4-6 min process, and stretch it to half an hour or one hour, or even for longer hours as per your comfort and wish.

5. Keep your mouth closed when you breathe

Breathing is all about inhaling and exhaling. Relax your body when you breathe. Your jaw muscles should relax when you breathe through your nose. Do not grind your teeth during breathing.

6. Concentrate on your breathing

Meditation is all about relaxing and staying away from stress. Once you focus on your breathing, you will observe that all the negative thoughts and anxiety are left behind. Breathing will set all your worries away. 

7. Do not analyze your breath.

The goal is to feel every breath. Do not bother on how this session will benefit you or how you will explain about it the world.

You do not need to remember your breath, you only have to experience every moment when you inhale and exhale.

8. Come back to your breathing if you tend to wander or get lost in your thoughts

Even after a lot of meditation sessions, it may happen that you lose control of the process and tend to think about something else.

That is fine and you can always bring back your attention. Do not panic if someone notices you or comments on you or even tries to talk to you. 

Try to gather your focus on breathing. If you still find difficulties concentrating start counting yours breathes until you are comfortable with your breath.

9. Do not push yourself hard

Be patient with the process. It will be difficult at times to focus completely. Don’t get disappointed if you are not able to concentrate in the beginning.

But be consistent and follow meditation regularly. It will help you to increase the time and also benefit you in the long run.

How to do transcendental meditation at home

  • Sit on a chair that is comfortable leaving your feet on the ground. Keep your hands on the lap. Do not cross your legs or hands during the process.

  • Keep your eyes closed and breathe deeply.

  • Open your eyes now and close again. Keep your eyes closed for 20 min.

  • Repeat any Sanskrit mantra or chant OM. So if you feel your mind is diverting, return back to the mantra to stay focused.

  • Ease your body after 20 min.

  • You can open your eyes now and relax for 2 more min until you are ready to resume your day to day chores.

Other Ways to meditate at home

Things You Can Use to Meditate

1. Zafu

It is helpful in overcoming pain, numbness, cramps, or backaches.

2. Yoga Books

Reading books help in finding the right way to meditate at home. 

3. Meditation Timer

Perfect for maintaining Concentration.

4. Meditation Bowl

Known for its powerful healing tones in the palm of hands. 

Popular Benefits of Doing Meditation

  • It reduces your day to day stress.

  • It helps to control your anxiety.

  • It makes you emotionally stable.

  • Builds patience and attention power in kids and adults.

  • It helps to fight any addictions (as per a study published in 2002’s American Journal).

  • Meditation is recommendable for people with blood pressure problems.

  • It relaxes your body and improves sleep.

  • It helps to calm yourself and also recharges your body with fresh energy.

Final Thoughts

People are so busy with their hectic schedules that they cannot take out time to meditate. Enjoy the delightful sensations and inner peace that practice will bring.

But if you take the initiative once, and follow a few guidelines as stated above, you can definitely continue and earn benefits of meditating.

Be it morning or evening, your prime aim should be to meditate. 

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