Soulful Krishna Mantras - Volume 1 - Lyrics, Meaning, Benefits, Download

Learn everything about these mantras that release
your suffering and helps open you up

The Soulful Krishna mantras - Volume 1 album is dedicated to releasing your suffering and opening yourself up to love, wisdom, and prosperity.

The album features ancient Krishna mantras that soothe the soul and bring true uninhibited joy. It boosts self-confidence and the capacity to love and be loved.

The Soulful Krishna mantras - Volume 1 album is a powerful tool to rehash your mind and be receptive to the gifts the universe has to offer. It helps to gain a new perspective on your life and others around you.

This collection consists of 6 mantras, all known for their ability to open up your mind and have a positive approach towards life.

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Table of Contents

History of the mantras

Krishna is one of the most popular deities in Hinduism. He is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and brightens up the lives of everyone while uprooting evil.

Krishna is known to guide the good and punish the wicked. He is a prodigy with immense intellect. He became an object of worship and admiration right from his birth in Mathura.

Krishna is an epitome of love, worship, righteousness, and dutifulness. His devotees worship him to tap into unconditional love and tranquility in his bliss.

The Krishna mantras that we record at Mahakatha are for peaceful and relaxing meditation experiences. These Krishna mantras help you gain self-confidence and strengthen your intentions to measure up to your full potential.

This album is a collection of some of these ancient Krishna mantras that are dedicated to become more receptive to love, prosperity, and divine bliss.

What are the Mantras in Soulful Krishna Mantras - Volume 1 album?

The Soulful Krishna Mantras - Volume 1 include the following chants. Dive deep into each mantra to learn the mantra, its meaning, and how it can benefit you:

💿 Track 1 - Krishna Beeja Mantra
This mantra helps build a magnetic personality

💿 Track 2 - Om Sri Krishna Sharanam Mamah Mantra
This mantra gives mental clarity

💿 Track 3 - Shri Krishna Ashtakam
This ancient mantra enhances your consciousness & awareness

💿 Track 4 - 24 Names of Krishna Chant
This mantra helps you lead a positive life in thought & action

💿 Track 5 - Krishna Bhakti Mantra
Through this Krishna mantra, you are able to find true devotion & discipline

💿 Track 6 - Radha Krishna Mantra
This mantra helps you find unconditional love

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Benefits of listening to Soulful Krishna Mantras - Volume 1

The Soulful Krishna Mantras - Volume 1 holds several benefits for the mind of both the chanter and the listener.

Listening to these meditation mantras along with meditation helps you in the following ways.

Benefit 1 - Find potential for love
It helps you find your inner potential for love, prosperity and joy

Benefit 2 - Positive thoughts
It helps your mind to consciously create more positive thoughts

Benefit 3 - Overcome fear
It helps to overcome severe bouts of fear or worry

Benefit 4 - Surrender all worries
It helps you to gain relief by surrendering all worries and pain

Benefit 5 - Receive inspiration
It helps the mind receive inspiration and solace in challenging times

Benefit 6 - Heals relationships
It helps to strengthen the intention of healing our relationships

Preview Soulful Krishna Mantras - Volume 1

Here's a preview of the 6 tracks from the Soulful Krishna Mantras - Volume 1

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