Enchanted India Music

The tracks in this album are great for
purification and deep relaxation

The Enchanted India music album, by Mahakatha, revolves around the use of the exquisite hang-drum to bring about deep relaxation in the listener.

This instrumental music has been crafted, keeping in mind the benefits it can bring to you, like bringing positive energy, removing negative energy and more.

The album features 5 tracks in total. One of the most popular tracks is Sarathi.

The Sarathi track is perfect to play in the background while meditating with the intent to purify your living space.

Now let's take a look at all the tracks included in the album.

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Tracks in Enchanted Indian Music

01. Sarathi - music for meditation and space purification

The Sarathi track is a great way to meditate while clearing out negative vibes from the room you're meditating in.
Let me share what Carla had to say about this track. She said "The smell of my first dog came to mind. I need to let go of my past".

02. Vana - music for purification of living room

The Vana track is a good way to fill your living room with positive vibes and the people with joy.
Let me share what Krishna had to say about this track. She said "Lovely, sweet music. Beautiful way of removing evil thoughts, giving peace and calmness to the mind".

03. Pushpam - music for space clearing

The Pushpam track is a good track to put on, when doing space-clearing rituals like smudging.
Let me share what Prakash had to say about this track. She said "Instrument music is great and it tells the energy of morning bud into flower. Hearing this one time, keeps energy for the whole day".

04. Riga - meditation music for early morning

The Riga track is a great way to start your morning. Put this on while you go about your chores or meditate to it.
Let me share what Ganpat had to say about this track. She said "Absolute bliss, this struck a chord in my being, I am forever grateful for you".

05. Kara - morning music to clear negative energy from home

The Kara track is a great way to clear out negativity from the entirety of your house.
Let me share what Rebecca had to say about this track. She said "Thank you. A True Gift".

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