Ancient Chants for Focus & Motivation - Lyrics, Meaning, Benefits, Download

Learn everything about these mantras that
tune your mind to find focus & motivation

The Powerful Chants to Rewire Your Mind album is dedicated to cleansing, empowering and stimulating the mind, with the intention of activating its forgotten powers.

The album features ancient mantras that deepen our most natural mental powers - including the powers of focus, memory, creativity, intuition and manifestation.

These powerful chants to rewire your mind are a much-needed reset button for the mind - easing out old beliefs and pain that doesn't serve us, and cultivating deeper focus and intention for all the things we desire.

This collection consists of 6 mantras, all known for their ability to expand the mind's various functionalities and heighten awareness.

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Table of Contents

History of the mantras

Perhaps the earliest purpose of a mantra was to promote focus in an otherwise restless or easily distracted mind.

These were taught by the Guru, or spiritual guide, to his disciples, to instil a discipline of deep, unshakeable concentration.

Mantras were also used as tools to promote memory and retention, as all mantras were learned by heart by disciples across the ages.

Small children were as proficient at memorizing and reciting mantras as aged sages.

Apart from this, mantras were seen as a way to suspend negative thought and create positive energy around oneself.

Whether by praising a deity, or by chanting activation sounds, the main benefactor of mantras has always been the mind.

Even today, as mantras are understood beyond the context of religion, they are most widely practiced for meditation, with the intention of calming and expanding the mind.

This album is a collection of some of these ancient mantras that are dedicated to rejuvenating the mind.

What are the Mantras in Ancient Chants for Focus & Motivation album

The Ancient Chants for Focus & Motivation includes the following chants. Dive deep into each mantra to learn the mantra, its meaning, and how it can benefit you:

💿 Track 1 - Shree Saraswati Mantra
This mantra grants greater intelligence to the chanter and listener

💿 Track 2 - Adi Mantra
This mantra raises your consciousness to the fullest

💿 Track 3 - Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Mantra
This Buddhist mantra raises your intuition

💿 Track 4 - Hanuman Gayatri Mantra
This ancient mantra grants courage and serenity during times of chaos

💿 Track 5 - Neela Saraswati Mantra
Through this mantra, children gain confidence and intellect

💿 Track 6 - Wah Yantee Mantra
This Patanjali mantra unlocks your creative abilities

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Benefits of listening to Ancient Chants for Focus & Motivation

The Ancient Chants for Focus & Motivation hold several benefits for the mind of both the chanter and the listener.

Listening to these meditation mantras along with meditation helps you in the following ways.

Benefit 1 - Strengthens your focus
It helps you strengthen your focus - such that you are undisturbed by external changes or distractions

Benefit 2 - Become a better observer
It helps the mind be completely present, become a better observer, and a quicker learner

Benefit 3 - Improves discipline
It deepens one's capacity for peace, focus and discipline, and keeps fears and anxiety in check

Benefit 4 - Sharpens intuition
It helps build a stronger and more reliable sense of intuition

Benefit 5 - Clears path to intuition
It helps clear all the internal and external resistance on the path of manifesting one's desires

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