The best evening prayer for my husband

For those who worry about the safety & health of their significant other, we answer the question ‘best evening prayer for my husband’.

Apr 30, 2024
Do you worry about your husband's safety and well-being?
But you're not sure how to send him positive vibes?
An evening prayer is a great way to channel your love toward him and protect him.
A prayer is a powerful form of spiritual communication. It can be used to manifest a better reality, ask for help, and invoke divine guidance.
It is a way to connect with the divine and express our deepest wishes and desires. An evening or night prayer for your husband is a way to show him love and protection, even when he is away from you.
Ancient Vedic mantras are incredibly powerful and have their own protective energies that can be used in prayer to protect your husband.
In this blog post, we will answer the question of 'the best evening prayer for my husband', how meditation can enhance the power of prayer, and a step-by-step guide to prayer during meditation.

5 evening prayers for your husband

Prayer can come in different forms, and it depends on how you want to channel your energy. it is often used during difficult times, to bolster your mental strength.
It can be a simple statement like an affirmation or hope you have. Something like, "I hope he's safe and happy about coming back home to his family".
It can also be a spiritual prayer that puts a certain energy out into the world and invite the divine to strengthen it.
Vedic mantras are of the latter type. They have a certain divine energy associated with them that can protect and encourage the recipient of this energy.
One mantra that works great as an evening prayer is the Ramaskandam mantra. This Hanuman mantra has the power to keep negative or fear-inducing thoughts away.
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Here's what you can do. Every evening, when you might be thinking about your husband, find a quiet spot and sit down for a while.
Set an intention in your mind that your husband is well and looking forward to coming back home. Visualize his return home and how this lifts everyone's spirits at home.
Play the Ramaskandam mantra as you do this intention-setting and visualization. The energy from this mantra and your heartfelt prayer will create a vibrational shield around him that will keep him well and in high spirits.
We have curated 5 prayers for your husband. The first three are Vedic mantras.
  1. Ramaskandam Mantra Hanuman mantra that keeps negative emotions and bad dreams away Read more about the lyrics and benefits of the Ramaskandam mantra
  1. Antarjami Purakh Bidhate A Sikh mantra to create a protective shield Listen to the Antarjami Purakh Bidhate mantra
  1. Bhoomi Gayatri Mantra Gayatri mantra for happiness at home Read more about the lyrics and benefits of the Bhoomi Gayatri mantra
There are two more prayers, that come in the form of positive statements or affirmations.
  1. "Your return home is my favorite part of the day"
  1. "I appreciate everything you gave and did for me"

What is meditation?

Meditation is a practice in which a person focuses their mind on a single point of reference, such as their breath or a mantra, in order to achieve a relaxed state of awareness.
It can be used in conjunction with prayer in order to deepen one’s spiritual connection with the divine and increase the power of one’s prayers.
When meditating while praying for your husband, it is important to remain focused on your intention: that he be safe, healthy, and protected from harm.

A step-by-step guide to prayer during meditation

We have come up with a simple routine that combines the benefits of meditation and prayer, wherein you can channel your goodwill towards your husband.
When meditating while praying for your husband, it is important to follow a few simple steps in order to ensure success:
  1. Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position and close your eyes.
  1. Begin by taking several deep breaths in order to relax your body and clear your mind.
  1. Recite one of the three Vedic mantras listed above, visualizing a protective forcefield of light surrounding your husband as you do so.
  1. As you recite the mantras, focus on sending healing energy out with each word and imagine that all of your positive intentions are reaching him wherever he may be.
  1. When you have finished reciting all five mantras, take several more deep breaths in order to bring yourself back into the present moment. Open your eyes when you feel ready.
It is important to remain focused on your intention throughout this entire process in order for it to be successful.
Additionally, it may be helpful to set aside some time each day dedicated solely to prayer and meditation for your husband’s protection and well-being.

The benefits of prayer mantras to protect your loved one

Vedic mantras are powerful chants that originate from India’s ancient Hindu religion.
They are used as a form of prayer to invoke spiritual protection and guidance.
The following three Vedic mantras can be used in an evening prayer for your husband:
  • Ramaskandam Mantra This Hanuman mantra is often used as a prayer just before bed. It has the power to keep nightmares away and ensure restful sleep.
  • Antarjami Purakh Bidhate Mantra A night mantra that creates a vibrational shield of protection around the recipient of the energy.
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  • Bhoomi Gayatri Mantra This Gayatri mantra generates positive vibes in the house and makes it a warmer, more inviting place. This makes everyone at home happier and more affectionate.
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When praying for your husband using these mantras, it is important to remain focused on your intention: that he be safe and healthy both mentally and physically.
Visualize a protective forcefield of light surrounding him as you recite each mantra, and focus on sending healing energy out with every word.


The power of prayer should never be underestimated; it can have a profound effect on our lives and our relationships with those we love most dearly.
An evening prayer for your husband using ancient Vedic mantras can help to channel your protective thoughts towards him no matter where he may be or what he may be going through.
Additionally, when combined with meditation, this prayer can become even more powerful as you focus your intentions and send healing energy out into the world.
Take comfort in knowing that no matter what struggles or obstacles he may face, he will always have divine protection watching over him.

How to use prayers for your husband
It is natural to feel anxiety and worry about your significant other.
These thoughts come up more frequently when it’s evening time and they are about to get home.
Quell these worries by using prayer to reset your mind and reconnect with optimism.

Frequently asked questions on the power of prayers

How do I pray genuinely?
The words of the prayer are a vehicle for your thoughts and intention. They do not work without you internalizing these thoughts. Repeat the words deliberately and slowly, so each word is registered in your mind.
Can I have a personal prayer?
Yes, you absolutely can. Affirmations are general statements and they do not account for the specific task you face. So personalizing a prayer or mantra or affirmation makes it more effective.
Does the power of prayer change reality?
The prayer is not to directly manipulate reality but to prepare your mind in a way that it can perceive reality in the right way. By framing your challenges properly, you are in the right mental state to face it.