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Healing Mantras

7 Mantra Chants and Why they’re Powerful Healing Mantras

On your healing journey towards recovering from an illness or pain, mantra chants are a wonderful companion.

While the body does its work of rebuilding itself and regaining its strength through medicines and therapy, the mind might be left with a lot of stress, negativity, and fear related to what the body is going through.

Sometimes, the mind grows attached to the pain or illness or has a hard time believing that the body will heal and be perfectly well again. Even without any illness, the mind may constantly be in fear of possible illness, accidents, or even death.

These thoughts can overwhelm and create a lot of stress. This ultimately means that the body and mind are not on the same page, which makes healing difficult.

That's where mantra chants can offer help in releasing overwhelming thoughts from the mind that gets in the way of your healing.

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Here are a few chants that we recommend for daily mantra meditation for health.

7 Mantra Chants that are great for healing

Mantras are forces for self-improvement. In that sense, they all fall under the ‘healing' category.

But there are 7 mantras that we found to be particularly potent at healing physical and emotional ailments.

1. Asatoma Sadgamaya

This ancient Buddhist mantra remains timeless and relevant through our current lives. In a life that is vulnerable to hurdles, illusions, distractions, and pessimism, this mantra reminds us to focus on the path of light, joy, and truth.

Asatoma Sadgamaya is a powerful mantra to develop and strengthen your inner voice or your intuition. With practice, you begin to align with that voice and are guided to make the right choices at the right time in life.

This mantra is an invocation of that divine guidance, asking its help in cleansing out our dominant negative vibrations and leading the self towards joy and acceptance.

This is the mantra that helps us shield ourselves from the negative vibes around us and within us.

Through this mantra, we ask our supreme inner being to guide us away from illusion, towards truth, from darkness to light. And as always, our inner being delivers to what we ask of it with full focus, belief, and surrender.

2. Antarjami Purakh Bidate

This is a beautiful Gurmukhi chant that alleviates discontent or discouragement from the heart.

Through this chant, we can build one of the most important habits for a peaceful, positive mind – the habit of an abundant restful sleep. This chant works like a divine lullaby, putting momentary worries and thoughts to rest.

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The mantra nudges a restless mind that cannot stop thinking into a guided sleep. In a gradual and gentle way, the mantra grants the peaceful pause that our minds need while healing from anxiety.

Through this visualization, we also get rid of any self-loathing beliefs we have towards our bodies and our health.

The longer we chant this mantra while meditating, the deeper we dive into the feeling of peace and positivity.

The mantra can be chanted at any time of day, and even at night before going to bed. This chant is also a great soother of pent-up emotions like anger, grief, frustration, etc.

3. Tayata Om

Tayata Om is one of the most treasured mantras in the rich Buddhist culture. The syllables of this mantra have a lasting soothing effect on our emotional pain and suffering, especially related to our health.

The mantra channels the nourishing, calm, and healing energy of the Medicine Buddha, who is known as the dispeller of disease – who cleanses out all burdens and delusions from life.

This simple chant is a clear and easy path towards detaching yourself from negative energy, purifying your inner being, and strengthening your will power. All of this helps you make greater progress in our healing journey.

This mantra is also helpful to release any suppressed feelings or trauma from past experiences. While helping the mind feel clear and centered, it protects you from attracting negative events and outcomes.

Tayata Om is a mantra that should be practiced daily, in order to avoid the build-up of negative and limiting emotions and beliefs.

4. Om Shanti

As you meditate with this mantra, your entangled thoughts begin to separate, and you feel a sense of clarity set in.

You begin to feel calmer about your pain, worries, and fears. So while you feel more open and eager to move to the next phase of your healing, there is also a strange feeling of pleasant contentment and trust about where you currently are.

This is a great mantra to use for visualizing your perfect and abundant health and practice gratitude journaling.

Through this visualization, we also get rid of any self-loathing beliefs we have towards our bodies and our health.

The longer we chant this mantra while meditating, the deeper we dive into the feeling of peace and positivity.

The mantra can be chanted at any time of day, and even at night before going to bed. This chant is also a great soother of pent-up emotions like anger, grief, frustration, etc.

5. Sudarshanashtakam

The Sudarshanashtakam mantra is known for its ability to improve willpower and heal emotional suffering. This mantra is full of intense, complex syllables that cut through our doubts and fears, and allows us to feel empowered and fearless about any changes that we might face.

A mantra is also an excellent tool for easing the mind during meditation from constant emotional triggers and responding to situations from a place of strength and foresight.

While you practice meditation with this chant, you channel the healing powers of Sri Sudarshana, the all-powerful divine weapon of Lord Vishnu.

You draw from your inner ocean of divine well-being and positivity and can let go of disturbing thoughts.

In times of unbearable pain or suffering, listen to this mantra twice a day with full focus and surrender.

6. Om Japa Kusuma

The Om Japa Kusuma mantra is an invocation of the Sun God, who makes all life on earth possible, and re-energizes them every single day. As you meditate on this mantra, you visualize the powerful life force of the Sun.

As you find yourself closer to the Sun, basking in its light, you sense it streaming its vibrant energy to every inch of your beautiful body.

This is an incredibly soothing experience, as you notice all weakness gracefully leaving your body, and your negative thoughts melt away in the warmth of your energy field.

By the end of the meditation, you will feel an overall sense of lightness and activation. Your eyes will begin to feel more relaxed, your body will feel more agile, and you will feel more joy and calmness throughout the day, through any stressful situations.

This mantra can be practiced at sunrise or sunset. At both times, the mantra does the work of replenishing us with the positive energy and strength we need.

7. Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is a chant that fiercely dispels all fear of illness and death. There is nothing we fear more than the loss of our loved ones and the loss of our life.

Constant fear clouds our judgment and holds us back from living the best versions of our life.

With this mantra, we learn to trust in our inner being and in the Universe as we move past our fears.

As you practice meditating with this mantra, you focus on your inner energy being, even as your physical being continues on the path of recovery. You allow your inner healing to begin.

You recognize that inner being that is pristine, clean, and well. It remains beautifully detached from all illness, fear, pain, and suffering.

This mantra helps you realize that the inner being, which is the real you, has no fear or doubt, and is always causing and anticipating well-being to manifest.

A Summary of Healing Mantra Chants

Now that you are slightly more aware of the power of mantras for healing, we do hope you feel inspired to start your healing journey with small but significant steps.

We recommend starting with the Om Shanti mantra, meditating to the chant for at least 15 minutes every morning with a strong intention of healing.

‘Health is wealth' is an overused saying but undeniable. As we get older, we understand the importance of it.

When we are younger and our highly-potent metabolism takes care of everything without ease, health might not seem to be a concern.

With age, we realize (I'm talking from my experience) that it is the only gift worth cherishing. In today's fast-paced world, our minds do not find time to focus on health.

Luckily, our ancestors left us a rich inheritance of mantra chants that can train your mind to do just that with meditation.

To learn more about mantra chants, check out our detailed look at the correct usage of mantras in our life.

I hope that your chosen mantra will bring you closer to appreciating and nurturing your health. I pray that you live up to the best of your potential.

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