Article on Importance of Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation are ancient practices that bring together the mind and body. The ultimate aim of these exercises is rejuvenation and enlightenment of the individual in the present moment. 

These practices help you comprehensively explore your inner dimensions and let go of all your biases. 

They can transform you in more ways than you could imagine. Yoga and meditation have been around for millennia, but it’s only recently that science has begun backing the stress reduction and relaxation it provides. 

Despite its remarkable popularity, it is quite natural to wonder, “Why should I meditate and do yoga practice?”

To answer this question, we have written an article on importance of yoga and meditation. Take a look.

Stimulates Brain Functioning

A healthy dose of yoga and meditation can help boost your mental well-being and help you overcome anxiety and stress. Interestingly enough, there is quite a bit of research showing that both these practices can change your brain. 

A study found that regular practitioners have an increased amount of gray matter that is associated with improving memory, empathy, sense of self, and stress relief. 

Sharpens Attention and Concentration

These practices sharpen your memory and enhance the ability to focus. Various studies have proven that regular meditators have stable brains and stable thoughts. 

With mindfulness meditation with good breath control, one’s cognitive skills are improved; therefore, fewer distractions are bound to sweep your calm away. 

New research has found out that meditation and ancient yogic breathing practices work like fertilizer for the brain and strengthen our ability to focus on tasks. Because of this, mediators learn almost anything more easily and quickly.

Stress and Anxiety Management 

Probably the most beneficial aspect of yoga and meditation is relieving stress and easing anxiety as well as physical tension. 

These life-altering practices reduce the production of stress-related hormones like cortisol when practiced consistently. Child’s pose (balasana) is one of the most soothing poses to reduce stress and tension.

A Boost to Fitness

Those who practice mindful yoga and meditation regularly stay young and energetic. Huffing and puffing away at the gym is not the only way to work out.

Daily practice of yoga bolsters fitness and yield impressive results more holistically. 

Even a lot of studies suggest that yoga improves cardiovascular and physical fitness. It may be an essential point for those who are unwilling to go for other vigorous aerobic exercises like running or cycling.

Yoga Accessories

The yoga mat is quite synonymous with yoga. There is no denying that having a supportive and comfortable mat is always the key to get the most out of your yoga pose.

To be able to practice yoga properly, apart from the yoga mat, a full arsenal of props and accessories on-hand are also required. 

In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the best yoga accessories available. Take a look:

1. BalanceFrom GoYoga Mat 

This lightweight high-density mat is built from eco-friendly material and comfortably cushions spine, hips, knees, and elbows on hard floors while keeps you balanced.

With double-sided nonslip surfaces, this mat offers excellent slip resistant advantage to prevent injuries. 

Due to its moisture-resistant technology, you can easily wash the yoga mat with soap and water. The integrated anti-tearing technology of this mat makes it suitable for most yoga poses and exercise activities. 

A free carrying strap is included for easy storage. Overall, this is an excellent mat to do medium- to expert-level yoga, as it ensures proper support to keep you in one position for a long time.

2. Trideer Exercise Ball 

With 2,000 micrometers in thickness, it is one of the highest density exercise balls in the market. Made with high-quality, non-toxic PVC material, it can resist up to 2,200 lbs.

It is made from anti-burst material. You don’t have to be concerned that the ball will deflate or pop. 

Its non-slip matte surface provides good grip.  This extremely versatile ball is excellent not only for pilates or yoga but also as an office ball chair to improve your posture and ease back pain and labor pain while birthing.

 The quick inflation foot pump makes it easy to inflate, thereby saving your time and energy. It is undoubtedly one of the toughest exercise balls that you’ll come across.  

3. AmazonBasics Yoga Blocks

Made of high-density durable foam, these yoga blocks offer exceptional strength and stand firm under the considerable weight. These blocks provide incredible support.

It features a slip-resistant surface for a secure hold.  The blocks are large enough to comfortably sit on and have round edges for a comfortable, steady grip.

These lightweight and easy-to-use blocks are quite multifunctional and can easily support a wide range of poses.

Both beginners and seasoned yogis will benefit from it as it lends support to practice advanced poses. Stand on them, sit on them—the blocks are ready to support you.

4. AmazonBasics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Mat

AmazonBasics is a perfect textured surface mat with enhanced traction that makes it ideal for yoga, pilates, and other workout routines. Made of lightweight, durable foam, it can easily withstand everyday use. 

As it is 1/2-inch extra thick, it offers more cushioning support and is extremely comfortable. It supports your body throughout all types of routines and works best, especially while doing restorative poses.

It is as useful for beginners as it is for the experienced yogis; it will truly take your workout to the next level.

It includes an elastic carrying strap that provides secure storage and easy transport from home to the yoga studio. Overall, it is an amazing, affordably priced yoga mat to suit your every need.


The benefits of yoga and meditation are endless, and the transformative potential of these exercises shouldn’t be underestimated. 

In case you’ve ever doubted the awesome power of meditation and yoga, this article should've been useful. 

So find your stillness and get in the meditative mood. 

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