6 Best healing crystals for OCD

OCD can be a liability when it gets out of control. We curated the 6 best healing crystals for OCD.

Jul 2, 2024
Do you suffer from OCD?
Does it get in the way of your daily life, in a way that gets frustrating?
You can use crystal healing as a holistic way to manage your OCD.
Healing crystals can be used to soothe physical and mental health. In this article, we will be looking at the 6 best healing crystals for OCD.
OCD is closely associated with symptoms of anxiety and effective treatment may not be readily apparent. It might arise out of old emotional wounds that were never addressed.
We dive into the specifics of the crystals, let’s take a look at what healing crystals are and how they can affect the body and mind.

6 healing crystals for OCD

A crystal gives off vibrations that heal people in its surroundings while raising their vibration.
It can be used by people who suffer from a condition like OCD and using the healing vibrations of the powerful stone of your choice, get better every day.
The first crystal you'd like to try is the Lepidolite. Its energy field melts away all stored stress and anxiety.
Source : My Dream Crystals
Source : My Dream Crystals
Here's how you can experience this power for yourself. Put aside 10 minutes every day to do a crystal healing meditation with your choice of crystal, in this case, Lepidolite.
When you meditate, the crystal should be close by. You can either hold the crystal in your palm or have it placed on a raised spot nearby.
Its healing properties will do their work as you meditate and the healing benefits are doubled.
This practice can be enhanced further by playing the Ajai Alai Mantra as you meditate. This Sikh mantra strengthens your willpower and is helpful for emotional healing.
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There are 6 crystals that act as natural tools for healing OCD.
  1. Lepidolite A purple crystal that releases stress and anxiety
  1. Amethyst Healing crystal that calms your nerves
  1. Citrine Happiness emanates from this yellow crystal
  1. Rose Quartz Opens up your heart chakra
  1. Fluorite Cleans up your mental fog
  1. Clear Quartz Amplifies healing energies

What are healing crystals?

Healing crystals are natural stones that contain powerful healing energies.
They can be used to promote balance and harmony in the body and mind, helping to reduce stress, improve mental clarity and focus, increase energy levels, and even heal physical ailments.
Crystals also emit powerful vibrations that can be used to increase the effectiveness of meditation and other spiritual practices.
In fact, many cultures have used crystals for spiritual healing for centuries.

The benefits of healing crystals

Now that you have a better understanding of what healing crystals are and how they work, let’s take a look at the 6 best healing crystals for people suffering from OCD:
  • Amethyst Amethyst is a powerful calming crystal that helps reduce stress and anxiety. It is also known to be helpful in treating obsessive-compulsive disorder, as it helps to balance the mind and emotions.
Source : Healthline
Source : Healthline
  • Lepidolite Lepidolite is a crystal that helps to reduce stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation. It is especially helpful in treating OCD because it helps to bring clarity of thought.
  • Rose Quartz Rose quartz is a gentle and soothing crystal that helps to open the heart chakra, allowing for more positive energy to flow.
Source : New Moon Beginnings
Source : New Moon Beginnings
  • Fluorite Fluorite is a green crystal that helps to ground the body and mind, providing clarity of thought and helping to clear away the mental fog. It is known to help with obsessive-compulsive disorder by helping to provide clarity of thought and enhancing the ability to focus.
Source : New Moon Beginnings
Source : New Moon Beginnings
  • Citrine Citrine is a powerful crystal that helps to promote positive energy, joy, and abundance. It is also known to bring balance to your emotions.
Source : Pixabay
Source : Pixabay
  • Clear Quartz Clear quartz is an all-purpose crystal that helps to amplify other crystals’ energies. It can be used alone or in combination with other crystals to help treat OCD by amplifying the other healing energies.
Source : Truly Experiences
Source : Truly Experiences

What is meditation?

Meditation is an ancient practice that involves focusing your mind on a single thought or activity in order to achieve a state of relaxation and inner peace.
It has many benefits, including increased focus, improved sleep, reduced stress, improved mood, increased mental clarity, and enhanced physical well-being.
Before beginning a meditation practice, it is important to find a comfortable position, set an intention for the practice, focus on your breathing, and let go of any thoughts or judgments that arise.

How does crystal healing work with meditation?

To use crystals for meditation, choose the appropriate crystal for your intention (such as the crystals listed above for OCD), then hold the crystal in your hands or place it near you while meditating.
The energy from the crystal will help you stay focused on your intention and deepen your meditation practice.

A step-by-step guide to crystal healing meditation for OCD

If you are interested in using crystal healing meditation for OCD, here is a step-by-step guide:
  1. Prepare your space Choose a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and make sure you are comfortable. You may want to light a candle or use incense as well.
  1. Set your intention Take a few moments to think about what you hope to achieve through your meditation practice. This can be anything from reducing stress or anxiety levels to increasing focus or clarity of thought.
  1. Choose your crystal Select the appropriate crystal for your intention (such as one of the crystals listed above) and hold it in your hands or place it nearby while meditating.
  1. Begin your meditation Take a few deep breaths and focus on your intention as you settle into your meditation practice. Feel the energy of the crystal as it works with you during your practice.
  1. End your meditation When you are ready, slowly come out of your meditation practice by taking a few deep breaths and bringing yourself back into the present moment. Feel free to journal about any insights you may have had during your practice.


Using healing crystals in combination with meditation can provide many benefits for those suffering from OCD, such as reducing stress levels, improving mental clarity, increasing energy levels, and providing emotional balance.
Healing crystals are natural stones with powerful healing energies that can be used to improve mental and physical health, making them an effective tool for treating OCD symptoms when used with meditation.
We have discussed 6 of the best healing crystals for people suffering from OCD and provided a step-by-step guide on how to use them in combination with meditation for optimal results.

How to use healing crystals for OCD
OCD can become a liability when it spirals out of control.
You can use alternative healing methods to help manage this condition.
Carry these crystals in a pouch or as jewelry, so that their healing energies can work on you throughout the day.

Frequently asked questions on healing crystals

What are the benefits of healing crystals?
These natural stones have their own energy field with distinct healing properties. The Black Tourmaline, for example, creates a protective field that absorbs negative energy in its vicinity.
How can healing crystals benefit people at home?
By placing a healing crystal in a space in the home where everyone spends time, they draw benefit from the energy of the crystal. A rose quartz gives off loving vibes, and people in your home will be able to experience it.
What other practices work well with healing crystals?
The energy healing from crystals is enhanced by practices such as chakra healing and meditation, as they too deal with energy regulation.