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About  Sooryagayathri

Sooryagayathri is a singer from Kerala, India, known best for singing the Hanuman Chalisa to Kuldeep M Pai’s music.

Ms. Sooryagayathri is a ten-year-old prodigal girl who hails from Vadakara in North Kerala.

Sooryagayathri Singer
Source : Kuldeep M Pai

About Sooryagayathri’s Parents

Her father is P.V. Anilkumar a Mridangam player father and her mother Smt. P.K. Divya a poetess.

Coming from a naturally artistic and musically inclined family Sooryagayathri possesses a burning desire to learn.

And her passion is to be seen as all her bhajan, mantra and shloka ‘bhavam’(expression) filled renditions that are being loved and adored by music lovers from across the globe.

Sooryagayathri vs  M.S. Subbulakshmi

Her voice is often compared to the legend M.S. Subbulakshmi for her soulful voice has the fine mettle that comfortably traverses through all the three octaves.

She dreams of filling in  M.S.Subbulaksmi's footsteps through this spiritual journey that she's embarked on, and well guided by her present mentor and Guru Kuldeep M Pai

Sooryagayathri and Kuldeep M Pai

Kuldeep M Pai is a multi-instrumentalist, and an Indian Composer, Carnatic Vocalist and Music Producer. He is the sole reason why we enjoy the serene singing of Sooryagayathri. He also has been curating some graceful artists like – Rahul Vellal, Baby Niranjana, Shivasoorya Mrinalini, Sindhuja, Bhavya and many more.

Like he says “The talented ones, with pure grace, will get the right opportunity at the right time wherever it is.” And indeed all his discoveries are the grace of God.

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  1. Please convey my Best Wishes to Mr & Mrs Anilkumar and Ms. Sooryagayathri. She is truly gifted to become not only as one of the greatest musicians but also as a great national intelect. I am an Engineer who studied in India and settled in Canada with two children. My son is a gifted student in Stanford University. My daughter will be going to Toronto University in September.
    l would really like to help this great child to become a Harvard University Scholar within the next 6 years. My phone 416 897 0535

  2. This child is truly gifted and God blessed .. thanks Mr sittampalam for beautiful and Kind gesture ..

    This child has bought great peace in my life.. I would like to contribute in whatever way I can .to make this child a great motivator for others..

    God has been kind on me with wealth and happiness. It will be honor to contribute

  3. my best wishes to sooryagayathri and her parents also to her guru kuldeep m pai god has given good voice and pray for her good future. stay blessed,

  4. Best Wishes to SooryaGayathri. Fabulous Voice. Definitely She is a God’s Gift to their parents. It looks like Goddess Saraswathi is living in her tongue. She is a wonderful inspiration to children living in day-to-day life those who are addicted to electrical gadgets. I bless her to live long continue her sadhanas for our country.

  5. Soorya Gayathri I wish that you stay blessed for long life. Let me pray for your dream to become true in your future. You are really a god’s gift to your master Mr. Kuldeep as well as your parents. MAY GOD BLESS YOU DEAR LIVE LONG LIFE. A kind advice is that please dont get distracted by the evil sciences and continue your path in the same way till the end.

  6. Guru Kuldeep M Pai.

    Ms.Sooryagayathri is a gift of God, She is and angle.I was sitting in my house alone.

    I felt lonely and I said let me listen to some Ganesha songs. As I was browsing the musical sites it took me right to her and you. I was stunned and call my Aunty and my brother to listen to her singing with a group of small girls. In the group itself she out shined the rest. Not to be wrong the rest were great But Soorya stood out.
    When she is singing her left hand poses like a cobra and I told my self this is it.She has been following ever since.

    Guru Kuldeep I don’t know what to say please do not put her with a producer,recording agent or anybody to to undo her natural talent and enrich themself to wealth.

    I like to talk to you on the phone.

    I am from Malaysia but live in the US.I am not rich and prayers bless me as everyday is a new day.

    I will have some thing to offer for the well being of her in a Trust form.

    She cannot be cheated for any reason or other.

    Your leadership and guidance to her and her family is invaluable.

    I can be reached via email for an initial dialog and lets pray for her future.

    She has touched my heart and millions more and I don’t know if any body has come forward to secure her faith along with god prayers and not to publicly abuse her talent.

    Like my grandfather, I am raised in a family of faith and trust.

    Thank you Guru Kuldeep and looking forward to hearing from you. Blessing and well wishes to Sooryagayathri.

    Ohm Muruga to all we pray to.

    Luganathan SS Maniam (Nathan)
    My cellphone in America is xxx-xx2-3xx5

  7. All songs are good.Gifted voice-One day, she will become more than M.S.Amma.Kerala is proud of Soorya.She is the SURYA(sun)of Kerala.GOD is with her.Thanks to her parents and her GURU Kuldeep

  8. i really love ur voice thalli . ur voice is too good mma. how could u sing so beautifully telugu songs. u r communicating so greatly. ur passion will drive u to musical journey with devine blessings mma .i wish i will meet u once.

  9. Please convey my Best Wishes to Mr & Mrs Anilkumar and Ms. Sooryagayathri. i had 3years old daughter who is very big fan of Sooryagayathri. And she is very much impressed the way Sooryagayathri sing’s. godbless Sooryagayathri.

  10. Listening to her sing brought tears to my eyes. It is not so much the talent or the expertise, there are many whi are gifted but it us tge dedication and devotion which shows in her voice and music that is truly touching. I have not heard THAT in anyone other than guru Subbalakshmi ji. Kindly convey my heartfelt gratitude to the parents and guru for making this availavle for us to hear. Is ut possible to puchase ger music anywhere?

  11. Sooryagayathri is God’s gift to us.

    And, I really would like her talent to become pan-Indian so I would like to provide some constructive feedback here – particularly to her gurus who are training her.

    A R Rahman came from South India and gained equal fame in North. Lata Mangeshkar who hailed from Maharashtra but her voice became a standard voice for most Indian languages. M S Subalakshmi in my view was a better singer than Lataji but unfortunately MSS’s popularity and fame remained within South India.

    Where Lata M had an advantage (which helped her Bollywood career) was her pronunciation of Hindi and Urdu which her teachers worked on quite early in her budding age and corrected for any regional accent. Same thing is needed for Sooryagayathri. Her gurus need to work on her Hindi (or Awadhi to be accurate when it comes to Tulasi Das’s bhajans) pronunciation. To give an example, her pronunciation of RA sound is very typical of South Indians – it is very grinding RRRA sound. It sounds awkward when heard in North Indian songs. I noticed it when I used to listen to MSS in my childhood. I am noticing the same in Sooryagayathri’s voice. Similarly, this word should sound JAANAKI, not JAENAKI.

    I hope her parents or someone will hire a teacher who can focus on correcting her pronunciation of North Indian words. This will truly help her reach across cultures and win hearts across India.

    Good luck to Sooryagayathri! It is a spiritual experience listening to her songs each time.

    (Note: I am from Telugu culture but raised in Bihar/Jharkhand and can speak fluent highbrow as well as colloquial Hindi so I understand the above mentioned subtleties and am able to provide this objective feedback.)

  12. Suryagayatri,God bless you.Kuldèepji,Thanks a lot for interdusing the devine kid to the world of devine music.Will be constantly follow the gifted girl through her music.All the best!!

  13. Namaste, shri kuladeep Pai & parents of Sooryagayatri. your presentations have given unforgettable joy to me,especially harivaraasanan & hanuman chalisa,also kannada bhajamn Laxmi,baramma.. May I suggest a little change she applies her voice :Soor , Though south indians apprreciate ms soobbalaxmi,a lot, people starting from maharashtra & all people of northen states will love to hear Sooryagayatri pronouncing& applying soor the way Shri Kuladeep Pai does it,
    A suggetion to improve her voice making it sweeter,more attractive,She shoud eat more Ghee,
    Dr Dhananjay Dongre

  14. My heartful wishes to Sooryagayathri and her parents, also to her guru Kuldeep M. Pai. I am big fan of Sooryagayathri. May God bless you beta.

  15. My best heartful wishes to Sooryagayathri and her parents, also to her guru Kuldeep M. Pai. I am big fan of Sooryagayathri. May God bless you beta.

  16. After listening to her im filled with joy and happiness. Really she is a gifted child.her sweet voice gives out a positive energy. No words to express her talent. My all beloved wishes to her and her family. Let god bless her and molu keep singing. We all will pray for u…

  17. After hearing Sooryagayathri I felt she has taken birth on this planet earth to convey through her golden voice love and peace in this unreal universe and to help people realise the real truth.

    Lucky are her parents and her mentor Kuldeep Pai to have her and help her grow and achieve her goal.

  18. Dear Sooryagaytri
    The god blessed you with super tuned voice with 22 shruti devoted to Bhakti ras.
    Lord Krishna may enlight your inner voice so that your songs become grace for bhaktas. Abhinandanam to both father and daughter to enrich Indian classical music through bhakti songs. The real wealth & beauty of the human life.


    Balkrishna Shah
    Prof. in Physics
    Gujarat, Vadodara

  19. Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh Pahimam I liked this song very much and enjoyed the people of Maharashtra, but people of Maharashtra have become your fans. Thank you and your mentor so much and pray that you will progress like this.

  20. Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh Pahimam I liked this song very much and enjoyed the people of Maharashtra, but people of Maharashtra have become your fans. Thank you and your mentor so much and pray that you will progress like this.

  21. Voice of Surayagayatri is full of devotions. Goddess saraswati arrived near you in the form of Surayagayatri. Thanks to his mentor and family members for inspiring her for a noble cause.
    My request Surayagayatri to sing niravanastakam wrote by Lord sankaracharya

  22. Shri sudhakar written on my 27 about pronunciation problem of Surayagayatri. Surayagayatri don’t listen such comment from such person. Your voice is God gifted and touching millions of people. We all love you and pray God for your betterment. Never to go such word like comparing Lata Mangeshkar or Subalakshmi. You are the best. No South Indian or North India concept. We all Indian and Hindu and deeply I love with your voice. You are desiple of goddess saraswati and keep singing. (As compared to shri sudhakar I am also from North India and I respect the voice)

  23. Good Betta, GREETINGS,,,,,,,,,,,,, keep same tempo entire your life and i am very thanks to your parents and your GURUS Mr.M PAI CONVEY MY HUMBLE REGARDS. PLEASE INFORM US ABOUT YOUR COMING PROGRAMS IN FUTURE TO mail us m******



  24. Namaskaram,
    My Best Whises To Kuldeep m.Pai & Soryagayathri and Your Team.Goodess Saraswathi
    Gives Full Blessing to Soorya Gayatri & her Parents. I Pray to god Give all Helth ^ Welth to all of you. Once Again Namaskaram to You for as a Guru.
    Jai Sri Ram.


  26. What an execellent,mind blowing singing putta.God bless you child.I will pray with god can give you a wonderfull and lifelong (100 year)happiness.

  27. I love listening to Ms.Soorya gayathri. She has gifted voice and gifted guru ( Chikkappa?). Looking forward for her more spiritual albums.

  28. Sooryagayahtri is a gifted child prodigy. It’s amazing that by virtue of her marvellous singing talent of the devotional songs and hymns, she has already become an ambassador for the perennially flowing cultural values of the country. She has, under the endearing tutelage of her excellent Guru Kuldeep M Pai, has been creating waves in the realm of devotional and classical music; and I am sure that millions of our Indian children would be inspired by her example to study, practise and propagate our wonderful cultural values. When this girl sings, the piety from her heart springs out of her intonation. Any other child would with a different musical/cultural taste would have tried to “flaunt” her skills and looked for visible applause. But this child is entirely different. In fact, she should be considered a facet of our Divine Trinity – Lakshmi, Saraswati & Parvati. Best wishes to the child, and salutations to her divinely fortunate parents who otherwise couldn’t have given birth to such a divine child; and obeisances of admiration to Guru Kuldeep M Pai. I hope and pray that she should continue on this divine path only.

  29. And I heartily congratulate the Mahakatha team on their noble and laudable objectives, the like of which are needed in our country in multitudes to study, preserve, propagate and promote our Indian cultural values.

  30. Ever since I chanced upon the song Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma (sung by a different singer of course) a few weeks ago, it made me go around and keenly listen to the voices of about a dozen singers including the child prodigy Sooryagayathri’s; but I do feel Sooryagayathri’s is the best, the most enthralling. The song as rendered by Sooryagayathri simply transports us to an idyllic devotional-musical realm. Her voice, pronunciation, clarity, pitch, nuances in uttering the syllables, niceties in modulation, measurement, even her facial expressions and gestures of her hand – everything is sweetly unique… nothing less than mesmerizing. A chariot-load of salutations to her and her guru Kuldeep M Pai. This song as sung by the gifted little angel Sooryagayathri under the divine tutelage of Shri Kuldeep Pai has become my obsession. And I feel fortunate and happy about it.

    1. Atreya ji, there is nothing more to be said about Sooryagayathri’s beautiful rendering of various songs, than what you have said !

  31. Sooryagayatri's soulful songs are a neverfailing source of inspiration, pure happiness and solace. M.G.Narasimha Murthy, Hyderabad. says:

    Sooryagayatri’s melodious and soulful songs are a neverfailing source of inspiration, pure happiness and solace, carrying forward our nation’s rich classical tradition.M.G.Narasimha Murthy, Hyderabad.

  32. The song Brahmanian Okkatte, is scintillating , on listening this no doubt the peace of mind is getting. I pray god bless her to deliver more & more for spiritual music lovers

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