Symptoms of negative energy at home

We look at various ways you can detect the symptoms of negative energy at home and help them through this phase.

Apr 30, 2024
Do you feel that sometimes your family members start behaving in an unusual manner? Does a mild conversation take a turn into an aggressive argument?
Everything seems to go south while everyone’s health goes for a toss. These are just some of the many signs of negative energy at home.
Believe it or not, negative energies do exist and they are very much around us.
Sometimes, no matter how much we try to stay positive in our lives; bad energy comes knocking at our door.
Before studying the symptoms of negative energy at home, let’s read how negativity can impact your personal life.

Effects of Negative Energy on Your Life

Some people are energy magnets. They attract negative energy more often than others.
The first and foremost impact that negative energies leave is your mental health. You develop anxieties and begin to lose your temper easily. In the worst cases, you can even go into depression.

Symptoms of Negative Energy at Home

In this segment, you will read about symptoms that people usually go through when they have negative energy around them.
Here are some of the signs that tell you to have some ill energies around you.
1. You have debts on you. Stagnated prosperity is the first sign that the path to growth is being blocked by some type of energy.
2. You feel tired all the time. Even after having a night’s sleep, you don’t feel the motivation to go to work.
3. You feel stressed constantly. A mild trigger can take you on an anxiety trip. You lose belief in yourself and feel it difficult to cope with your day-to-day activities.
4. Your immune system gets compromised. You fall ill frequently.
5. You cannot communicate with people in a healthy way. Most of your conversations take the face of an argument. You feel that people don’t understand you.
6. You experience strange nightmares involving yourself and your family members. This is just your subconscious mind trying to alert you about the negativity around you.
7. Losing things inadvertently. You find a difficult time finding your things despite how organized you are.
Another sure shot method to check negative energies at home is the glass water test. For this test, you need to take a simple glass of water and add some salt.
Before taking water in the glass make sure that you wipe all the stains and fingerprints from it. Add white vinegar to the glass of water mixed with salt. Do not mix the ingredients.
Put this glass on that spot of your house that you believe is the source of all the negative energies.
Keep it in the corner of that room and let it remain untouched. Leave it as it is for 24 hours. Check the glass after a day.
If the water is clear then your home is untouched by negative energies. But if the water turns filthy, then repeat this process in other parts of your home.

How to Get Rid of Negative Energies

There are some simple, tried, and tested methods to get rid of the negative energies at your home.
1. Take a bath with salty water. Add some sea salt to a bucket of water and have a bath.
2. Meditate to get rid of negative energies. Use mantras while meditating for a stronger ritual.
3. Surround yourself with positive people. Make sure that you spend the least time with people that make you sad.
4. Remove clutter from your house. Dirty houses are magnets for negative energies.
5. Burn some incense sticks in your house. Many religions in the world including Hinduism and Buddhism believe in lighting incense sticks in the house to ward off negativity.
6. Get rid of unwanted antiques. No doubt that antiques are beautiful but they may not bring in the positive energy you were hoping for.
7. Install some healing crystals. Black Tourmaline is a tested crystal to ward off negative energy symptoms. Similarly, Rose Quartz can also be used. Put these crystals next to electronic gadgets.
Sometimes, we carry negative energies within us. So everywhere we are, we tend to create tense situations. If you are getting into too many arguments and fights lately, you need to introspect.
The best method to chase the negative energies from within is to meditate. You can try basic meditation techniques at the beginning using guided meditation videos.
You will notice major changes in your personality. Meditation makes you much calmer and more composed.
Your body will start resonating with the energies of the universe. Hence, this will attract only the constructive energies from the universe and cleanse your insides.


Other methods include burning sage (white sage), also called smudging to purify a space. You can also utilize Feng-shui tips like clearing space in your home.
Use mantra chanting devices to create a positive ambiance in your house and purify it.
Be it in your home or your spiritual body, negative energies should never be allowed to build a nest.
You should immediately recognize the effect of negativity around you and use positivity to clear it out quickly.
Use powerful mantras like the Aapadaamapa mantra, in your meditation practice, to invite positive energy into the mix and banish negativity for good.
For a bigger mix of tracks to meditate you, you can try the Ancient Chants from India - Volume 2. These specialize in destroying negative vibes and inviting abundance into their place.

Listen to mantras that dispel negative energy from your home

Here's a list of mantras that you can listen to right now. These are meditation mantras that dispel negative energy from your home.