mark bajerski negative energy guide

Mark Bajerski – Ultimate guide to removing negative energy

Spiritual teacher Mark Bajerski is known for imparting spiritual knowledge to help you achieve the greatest energy of Spiritual healing. His sessions to remove negative energy are helpful for those who are troubled by it.
Negative energy is one of the common reasons why you might be facing constant troubles in your life.
It’s the unseen element that can cause long-term devastating effects in your home by lingering in every single thing you can imagine. 
It could reside in your clothes, show-pieces, fabrics, curtains, clothes, people and just about anything in your house.
I love Mark as he has got a minimalist and deeply spiritual approach to life and the energies that help it.
Let me take you through Mark's resolutions to the most common problems with negative energy.

How to detect negative energy in your home?

Mark Bajerski takes us through the process of detecting negative energy using lime. Click play below to see how he demonstrates on the easiest way to detect negative energy in your home. 


Things needed

1. Lemon 

How to detect negative energy around your body ?

In this video Mark Bajerski goes on to explain how every single thing around us energy. He also shares how you feel multiple emotions when you’re around someone through vibrations. Click play to see how to detect negative energy is attached to us. 

How to clear negative energy with music?

A few months back we at Mahakatha made this piece of music – Music To Remove Negative Energy From Home – (Feat Kharaharapriya Raaga ). This music has transformed the homes and lives of millions around the world. 

This track is part of the album ‘Healing Music from India – Feat Ancient Indian Raagas – Volume 1'

How to clear negative energy with Sage?

The most effective way to remove negative energy is to burn the sage. Mark Bajerski demonstrates in this video how to burn sage for negative energy cleansing. 

Things needed

1. Sage
2. Wooden / Steel / Brass Bowl 

How to clear negative energy with Rice?

Here Mark shares how while practicing Shamanic Rituals he discovered rice can help in cleansing negative energy. 
Things needed
1. Rice – Brown Rice, White Rice etc. 

How to clear negative energy with Sticks?

Mark introduces us to the most powerful scared cleansing negative energy sticks that he sells in boxes of 3.

Originating in Peru, that is sourced from local peruvian people dedicate their lives to the growth and collection of natural plants, twigs and herbs in the Andes mountains of Peru. 

 Things needed

1. Lighter
2. Plate
3. Brush (optional)
4. Molten iron (optional)

How to clear negative energy with Sea Salt?

Mark demonstrates the simplest way to remove negative vibes with Sea Salt. 

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