how to get rid of negative energy in your body

How to get rid of Negative Energy in your body

You can feel energy everywhere around you, as everyone radiates energy. With negative energy, you attract negative people and with positivity, you get more positive people.

This makes it important to learn how to purify the negative energy in your body. 

How To Get Rid Of Negative Energy In Your Body

In this post, we will discuss what are the signs of negative energy, how adversely it can affect your life and then will canvas the ways to get rid of negativity to lead a healthy life.

In the end, will discuss some tools that can help you to get rid of negative energy. 

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Negative Energy

To get rid of any negative energy you first need to learn the warning signs in your body. When you understand these signs, it becomes easy to bring a purifying force. 

Some of the warning signs are: 

  • Feeling depressed all the time. You feel anxious or down for no reason.
  • You may feel restless.
  • Inability to sleep.
  • Physical pains like stomach aches and headaches.
  • Extreme mood swings, you feel you can not control your emotions.
  • Thinking negatively about every incident happening around you.

The negativity makes you feel anxious which leads to physical counterparts like increased blood pressure, tensed muscles, and increased stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. All of this adversely affect your health. 

How negativity can affect your professional and personal life

When you have negative energy you develop a low opinion on others and start expecting the worst. You develop lower expectations of your work life. You start ignoring your skills, experience, and past achievements. 

Negativity shows more obstacles than success to you. With increased negativity, the feelings of failure take over your work-life and the failure becomes inevitable. 

Your personal life also gets affected by negativity. You stop taking responsibility for your acts. When something goes wrong you find some external factor or circumstance to blame on.

When you allow some outside factors to determine your happiness or failure you end up being depressed, you attract more negativity and more problems. 

Different ways to get rid of negativity and stay positive and healthy

Before starting the journey toward positivity try to explore the source of your negative energy. There must be some bad experiences or incidents which led you towards negativity.

When you understand your negativity and from where it arrived, it becomes easier to execute healing measures. 

Tips to stay positive

  1. Practice meditation: spending some time in freeing up your mind with the stillness of meditation can help you to balance your emotions.
    1. Meditation brings relaxation. It lowers your blood pressure, muscle tension, and stress hormones. 
    2. Meditation makes you aware of your thoughts and you feel cleansed. 
    3. Eventually, meditation cleanses you by washing away your negativity. 
  2. Practice pranayama: pranayama or yogic breathing is a powerful cleanser for negative energy. It helps you to flush out negativity from your system. 
  3. Take a nature walk: the peaceful power of nature can help you to reboot your system by uninstalling all negativity. When you embrace the beauty of nature you start feeling positive. 
  4. Smile more: your smile is a powerful tool that affects every cell of your body. Smile shifts your negativity and brings positive energy.
  5. Open your windows to allow the free energy to flow in: you can’t be outdoors all the time, hence opening your windows allow the free flow of energy.
    Let your negative intentions leave you and feel the positivity around you. 
  6. Avoid negative people: try to keep a distance from people who are always complaining or who keep dragging you down. Do not let their negative energy affect you. 

The best tools to help you fight negative energy

1. The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy

Written by Jon Gordon, ‘The Energy Bus’ is one of the best selling books that enlighten you with 10 effective rules to bring positivity.

It brings a life-changing message helping you to recognize your own negativity as well as negative energy around you. Get on this energy bus to enjoy the wonderful life of positivity. 

2. Auras: Understand and Feel Them- How to Get Rid of Negative Energy and Create an Amazing Life

Written by Marta Tuchowska, ‘Auras’ understand and feel them, helps you to redesign your energy field to create a happy and fulfilled life. It gives you a step by step guide to overcome negative energies and attain a higher version of yourself.

With this book, you will be able to reconnect yourself with happiness, success and great relationships. 

3. Astek 20 Sticks White Sage Smudging Incense Holder – Remove Negative Energy from Home – Spirits Kit

These sage sticks help you to bring spiritual cleansing in your life. By burning these sacred herbs you remove the negative energy around you.

It spreads a positive feeling in your space and cleanses your area from unwanted energies. 

4. Practicing the Power of Now: Teachings, Meditations, and Exercises from the Power of Now 

Practicing the ‘Power of Now’, written by Eckhart Tolle is available as an ebook, audiobook and in hardcover form. With clear concepts, it empowers you to accept the present moment fully.

The audiobook gives you the freedom to listen to this book anywhere, anytime. A free app is available to listen to this book, try it to feel calm and peaceful. 


Practice positivity with the help of some tools to get rid of your negative energy. When there is no negative energy around you, you will feel happier and healthier. 

Being negative results in nothing but positivity can bring hope and success in your life. Let go of the negative emotions and embrace positivity. 

Along with the above recommendations, you could follow Feng Shui tips for clearing out some space in your living area, to further cleanse negative thoughts and bad vibes. 

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