How to get rid of Bad Spirits

How to get rid of Bad Spirits

There must have been many experiences that gave you bad vibes and something that you can't even define is following you! That something could be negative energy or bad spirits. 

So, to help you face the situation and get out of it safely, we tried to find out how to get rid of bad spirits?.

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What are the Effects of Bad Spirits & Negative Energy on a Normal Human Life?

Bad spirits and negative energy can have various effects on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. 

This negative energy can harm your daily routine and it is important to purify these unwanted demons. They can lead to serious mental and health problems like:

  • A sudden illness that cannot be explained
  • Loss of self-confidence
  • A drained-out feeling
  • Strange accidents in everyday life
  • Constant visions or hallucinations
  • High level of anger or sorrow that cannot be explained
  • A large amount of irrational fear
  • Strong negative thoughts
  • Unexplained desire or some kind of fetish that is difficult for you to subside

These are some serious effects caused by the negative spirit and getting rid of them becomes essential. 

Proven Psychological Physical and Cognitive Methods

If you feel that bad energy has sized you or is stuck in your home there are some tried and tested ways to detox such energies from your place.  

Start Observing More to Identify What it Is

It is really important to do an analysis. Walkthrough your whole area, pay close attention to doorways as that is the source from where most of the negative energy enter. Also, don’t forget to check your basements! 

Once you are really sure about what and where these energies are present, move on to the next step.

Start with Cleansing Your House and Burning Sage

Many spiritualists and domain experts suggest cleansing your house

One of the best ways to purifying the house is by burning white sage (smudging). This step should be an essential step, all you need to do is buy some sage from Amazon, and burn it in a small pot. Ensure that it smudges in every room of your place even your basements or unopened rooms. 

Another way is salting your home’s corner as it would definitely help in staying positive.

Use the Sea Salt to Clear Negative Vibes

The sea salt water remedy is a very effective way to trap bad energies.

In this method, you need a glass and fill the 3/4th part of the clear glass with sea salt

Hide the glass in the potentially affected area for 24 hours. If the glass smudges there is negative energy and if it’s untouched that means it's just in your head.

Certain crystals can help you boost your energy as well.

Take Help of Prayers

If cleansing doesn’t solve your problem it is necessary you speak up with experts to refer some prayers. Reciting certain prayers and powerful mantras can help you solve the problem.

It will aid you in boosting your inner strength and fight against the evil spirit near you. Also, sometimes banishing spells are also required if there is a strong demon and you are trying to get rid of evil spirits. 

Use Garlic or Turmeric 

Ancient Egyptians used garlic to keep ghosts away.

Along with it, try the consumption of turmeric as it protects you from negative energies. Turmeric powder strengthens your immune system while it also helps in energizing your spiritual centers and chakras

Other Ways To Get Rid of Demons

The most important thing is to clear your clutter and get rid of all the things you don’t love in your house. Ensure a good quality of light and air at your place. 

Also, mind your tone, language, and voice. Yes! It is very important to use proper language and avoid negative speech in your day to day life.

There are various home feng shui items as well that help you maintain the energy of your place.

According to Ambrose, “negative” energy is used to describe a lower, denser vibration and it might also feel like exhaustion, overwhelm, anger, helplessness, and even jealousy.

It can also attack in the form of addiction to worry, feelings of fear, suppressed anger, says Alyson Charles, a New York-based energy healer known as the “RockStar Shaman.”

Since fear, anger, worry, exhaustion, and other emotions are a part of everyone’s life, Ambrose suggests viewing them as an opportunity. 

The Laws of Happiness: The four principles for a successful life

This is a book that gives us a basic introduction to the teachings of Ryuho Okawa, demonstrating his core philosophy.

It tells us four ways to escape suffering to find positive energy, cut off negativity from your self-reflection.


Just make sure to take necessary steps to protect yourself from evil spirits and ghosts and you and your family will enjoy good energy.

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