5 Best manifestation songs

Use the power of the best manifestation songs to achieve the dream future you see for yourself.

Apr 28, 2024
Is there a future you see for yourself, clearer than any other?
But do you find the path to it unclear or improbable?
Using manifestation on a daily basis may be what you need to dispel all doubt and move forward with courage.
Manifestation is a powerful process that can help us create the life we want. It is the act of using our imagination and intention to bring our dreams into reality.
Positive thinking and setting clear intentions are essential for manifestation, and music can be a great tool to help us focus our thoughts and intentions.
To help you on your journey of manifestation, we have curated the best manifestation songs to enhance this process.
Below, you'll find a brief explanation of the manifestation process and how to apply the power of visualization to achieve your dreams.

5 best manifestation songs

When we come to the practice of manifestation, mantra songs can be very helpful. These are ancient Sanskrit chants that are believed to have a positive effect on both the mind and body.
One, in particular, stands out for us as the favorite song for manifestation. The Siddhi Vinayaka Ganesha Mantra is a powerful asset for bringing dreams to reality.
This Ganesha mantra can be used after you clearly visualize your future. The vibrational energy of this song enhances your image of this future.
Let the Siddhi Vinayaka Ganesha mantra play in the background as you meditate with a clear image of your future.
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The Ganesha mantra is part of the Ancient Ganesha Mantras for Success, Prosperity, and Good Fortune album. The album itself is part of a bundle called the Ancient Chants from India - Gold Edition.
We have curated a total of 5 songs, from the Vedas, that will help your manifestation:
  1. Siddhi Vinayaka Ganesha Mantra Removes obstacles on your path to a bright future Read more about the lyrics and benefits of the Siddhi Vinayaka Ganesha mantra
  1. Icchapurti Mantra This Krishna mantra manifests your deepest desire Read more about the lyrics and benefits of the Icchapurti mantra
  1. Shiva Dhyana Mantra Helps you develop a strong mind Read more about the lyrics and benefits of the Shiva Dhyana mantra
  1. Lakshmi Beeja Mantra Unlocks abundance in your life, financial and otherwise Read more about the lyrics and benefits of the Lakshmi Beeja mantra
  1. Vishnu Shantakaram Mantra Removes doubt and worries from your mind Read more about the lyrics and benefits of the Vishnu Shantakaram mantra

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is a process of bringing intentional thoughts and ideas into reality. It is using your imagination and intention to create the life you want, by focusing on what you want to make rather than what you don't want.
Positive thinking is essential for this process, as it helps to create an attitude that encourages us to take action and move forward.
Setting an intention for manifestation is also important. We should make sure our thoughts are in alignment with our deeper purpose and highest good.
Manifestation meditation can be a powerful tool to help us focus our thoughts and create a sense of clarity. Visualization techniques, mantras, and affirmations can all be used to focus on our desired outcomes.

Setting an intention for manifestation

Setting an intention for manifestation is a powerful way to bring your desired outcomes into reality.
It helps to focus your energy and create a clear path for what you want to manifest in your life. Music can be a great tool to help set the tone and create a positive mindset for manifesting.
An intention is what you hope to achieve through manifestation meditation. A visualization of this goal would be most effective.
If it is a house for your family that you seek, imagine this house in detail. How big is this house? Where is it located? What would the interior look like? How will you feel once you're in this new home?
Adding such details adds to the power of the manifestation. With such a clear image of your future, your mind begins subconsciously mapping a path to this beautiful future.
This is why setting the intention is so important to the success of the manifestation process.

How to do manifestation meditation

Manifestation meditation is a powerful practice that can help you to manifest your goals and desires.
It involves focusing on positive thoughts and visualizing the outcome you want to achieve. By doing this, you can create a powerful energy field around you that will attract the things you desire into your life.
To get started with manifestation meditation, it’s essential to find a specific image of what success looks like for you.
This is what the intention is, which is what we discussed earlier. With this image in your mind, begin meditating for 15 minutes.
This manifestation meditation can be further enhanced by the use of meditation mantras. The one we have in mind is the Icchapurti mantra.
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This empowering song pays homage to Lord Krishna and has the benefit of helping the manifestation process along, with its vibrational energy.
With the power of your intention, and this powerful song playing in the background, the manifestation becomes frictionless and natural.

Benefits of the best manifestation songs

We listed 5 songs, derived from the Vedas, that can benefit your manifestation process.
Here’s a bit more detail on these powerful vibrational songs.

1. Siddhi Vinayaka Ganesha Mantra

Lord Ganesha is considered to be the remover of obstacles in Hindu mythology.
By invoking his energy, you help remove any obstacles that may lie in the path toward your success.

2. Icchapurti Mantra

The Icchapurti mantra is a mantra, that pays homage to Lord Krishna.
‘Icchapurti’ literally translates to ‘fulfillment of desire. Your deepest desire is brought closer to reality by chanting along or listening to this mantra.

3. Shiva Dhyana Mantra

It is quite common to lose faith or be lost in doubt during manifestation.
Can this process really be that effective? If it is so effective, why doesn’t it work sooner?
These are all common doubts seen along this path. You will need a strong mind to overcome these doubts.
The Shiva Dhyana Mantra is a song that bolsters your mental strength as you navigate life.
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4. Lakshmi Beeja Mantra

Goddess Lakshmi is the custodian of wealth and abundance, according to Hindu mythology.
By inviting her energy, you open yourself up to more opportunities that may bring in wealth. The Lakshmi Beeja mantra is a seed mantra or a sound that ‘unlocks’ the deity, so to speak.
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5. Vishnu Shantakaram Mantra

It is not uncommon for us to fall into fear when faced with challenges. Even with manifestation, you will face severe challenges.
To ensure you do not succumb to them, invite the power of Lord Vishnu through the Vishnu Shantakaram mantra.
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Manifestation is a powerful process that can help us to create the life we want. With positive thinking and setting clear intentions, we can bring our dreams into reality.
We have curated the best songs to help you manifest your dreams. But the key ingredient to manifestation working is a clear image of what you want to manifest.
With a clear goal, your mind can begin working towards actualizing this reality. From this point, it is simply a matter of time before you start seeing the results of your meditation.

How to use manifestation songs
Manifestation is a process where you use the amazing power of your mind to chart a new reality.
It is all about shifting your mindset to one of abundance and this is done through various tools like guided meditations, affirmations, and music.
There are several manifestation songs or mantras that you can use to help shift your mindset. They are best used as background music as you do your manifestation meditation.

Frequently asked questions on manifestation

How do you manifest using meditation?
The key lies in the details of your visualization. Before meditation, visualize exactly what you hope to achieve in the future. The more intricate the detail, the more effective is the manifestation meditation.
How can I start my manifestation practice?
A great way would be to make a vision board or have a journal about your hopes for the future. This means you can visualize the dream future accurately.
How do I attract what I want in the future?
Visualize the details of this future, in minute detail. Also, remember to remove limiting thoughts that arise from past failures.