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Yoga is a tribute to the living and a practice that helps balance our lives. A study found that around 1.7 million American children under the age of 17, practice yoga. 

The practice has swept across the globe as people are seeking therapies to liberate the mind and connect deeper with body and soul

With such a large increase in yoga practitioners around the world, there is also a staggering jump in demand for yoga teachers and those rated best for yoga teachers certification.

Such training centers have become a booming business, so it is necessary to ensure the quality of training provided by them before investing in any program.

7 Best Rated Yoga Teachers Certification

1. Mukta Tantra Yoga, Rishikesh, India

mukta-tantra-rated best for yoga teachers certification

Mukta Tantra Yoga is a form of yoga that uses sounds, vibrations, mantras, light, and meditation techniques by making use of various Asanas, Visualisations, tantric breadth to remain present at the moment.

This ensures pure consciousness, contemplated by Shiva, which means we are using our mind and senses to express our true freedom.

It focuses on Kundalini yoga which is focussed on awakening the kundalini energies, which lies coiled at the base of the spine. 

Why Should You Join This Course?

  • Before getting a Yoga Instructor Certification it is important to understand the essence of tantra and meditation and to live daily lives at the moment.
  • This course is one of the most famous advanced level courses that will help you study in detail about the Science and Energetic Anatomy of Traditional Tantric Chakras and Tantric Kundalini.
  • It makes you well-versed with the importance of sounds and vibrations and their implications in daily living.

Duration and Cost

This 200 Hour Teacher Training Course costs USD 1850. It also includes:

  • 24 nights accommodation in a private single room with an attached bathroom.
  • A complete meal from Monday to Saturday and breakfast on Sundays.

This is one of the most efficient yoga courses as it helps an individual to understand the true meaning of life and consciousness. You can check out some of the reviews here. Find the complete details of this course.

2. Akasha Yoga Academy, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

akasha-yoga-rated best for yoga teachers certification

The academy provides the most serene location giving Best Yoga Certification. The course incorporates energy-based classical Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, spiritual heart meditation.

The program focuses on both the theory and practice of yoga and the development of teaching skills.

Why You Should Choose this Course?

The course will not only help you learn the yoga techniques but also help you gain the skills to become a successful Yoga Instructor.

Only 24 students are allowed per group which allows personalized interaction, individual support, and a family-like atmosphere.

Duration and Cost

This 200-hour Teacher Training Course(TTC) costs USD 2250 with early bird discounts and scholarships that are frequently available. Another plan is a 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training course that costs USD 3800 with an early bird discount of USD 500.

In this training institute, students visit from all corners of the globe. You can read some of the testimonials here. Also, you can know more about the details of the course from its website.

3. Himalayan Yoga Academy, Nepal 

nepal-himalayan-yoga-rated best for yoga teachers certification

The course offers the first level of Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) with fundamental principles of Yoga Sciences, Philosophical Aspects, Training skills, Workshop, Teaching methodology. 

Why You Should Join this Course

This course will help you to learn and master the art of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga.

Along with this, it will also guide you with introductory knowledge and give you a platform to practice and gain command on Mantra, Karma, Bhakti, Jnana, Dhyana and Kundalini Yoga.

Duration and Cost

A 200-hour Teacher Training Course- 26 Days Training Cost is USD 1400 for sharing and USD 1680 for Private Accommodation.

The institute provides an organized training structure and also it has experienced and supportive teachers that help students to focus gain the maximum out of the program.

You can read some similar reviews here. Also, know more about the course on its website here.

4. Himalayan Yoga Institute Losinj, Croatia 

losinj-croatia-rated best for yoga teachers certification

Croatia, known for its clean water, air and beautiful surroundings is a second home to Himalayan Yoga Institute, where students learn yoga in various forms.

The institute provides beginners as well as an advanced course for all yoga enthusiasts.

Why You Should Join this Course

Once you join this institute, you need to stay here and follow 4 intense weeks of ashram living pattern.

So once you get a similar environment, you will strengthen your own yoga practice through self-discipline while probing into the nature of mind, body, and spirit.

Also, you will gain knowledge about more than 10 Signature Templates for asana classes and with small size batches, you get personalized attention.

Duration and Cost

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course will cost you around USD 3500 for twin sharing basis rooms. 

With the most serene location and supportive teachers, the course provides extensive yoga training. Read some student testimonials here and know more about the course from its website

5. Ajarya Yoga Academy, Rishikesh, India

ajarya-yoga-rated best for yoga teachers certification

Ajarya Yoga Academy will let you experience both Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow and Rich Yoga Knowledge. The course allows you to gain an effective teaching methodology for your students.

Why You Should Join this Course

  • You get an International Certification that will let you teach yoga worldwide.
  • It incorporates an intensive physical approach and at the same time, it illustrates the philosophical and spiritual path.

Course Duration and Cost

  • 200-hour Yoga Training Course Costs USD 1350
  • 300-hour Course Costs USD 1599
  • 500-hour costs USD 2700

6. Himalayan Yoga Institute, Puducherry, South India

himalayan-yoga-rated best for yoga teachers certification

The institute offers a 300-hour, 30-day certification course after which you will receive “Yoga Vaidya” (expert of Yoga) title.

This is an advanced course that includes the history of yoga, six schools of Indian philosophy, insights of Ayurveda.

Why you should join this course

  • You will get to know about Ayurveda therapy in various doshas.
  • You will get a deeper knowledge of Bhakti Yoga and Prabhat Samgiita.

Duration and Cost

300-hour Teacher Training Course fees start from USD 2700 and will increase based on the sharing of the room.

With students registering for Yoga Certification Online from around the world, the course provides detailed Yoga training. Read some stories about this successful course here.

7. Sunny Yoga, Koh Phangan, Thailand

sunny-yoga-rated best for yoga teachers certification

This institute is located close to sandy beaches that have beautiful sunsets, and lush waterfalls. The key USP of the course is that it provides an extensive 200-hours of Hatha and Vinyasa-based multi-style teachings. 

Why You Should Join this Course

Taking this course will help you develop and enhance strong yoga practices, and it will offer you the ability to structure your own classes in the future.

Along with this, once you sign up for this course, you will gain knowledge about multiple styles of yoga that are prevailing in the globe. You can also groom your skills to enrich the soul.

Duration and Cost

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Koh Phangan will Cost you USD 2190. 

The classes provide a warm and comfortable environment while teaching practical skills and yoga knowledge. Having rated by multiple students from around the world makes this course among the best-rated yoga teachers certification courses.

You can get more details about this course here.

The Final Word

In the coming year do you want to fulfill your dream of gaining a Yoga Instruction Certification and start your own Yoga Classes? The dream is not too far.  

What you need to do is go through the details of the above courses and get yourself registered for an enlightening journey of advanced level of yoga right for you.

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