YouTube Guided sleep meditation talk down

YouTube Guided sleep meditation talk down

Meditation is the best way to relax, and there are no two ways about it. But not everyone possesses the innate capability to divert their focus on a single thought.

For such people, the Internet has numerous YouTube guided sleep meditation talk-down. 

These are videos recorded by some of the renowned meditation experts to help the novices slip into a deep state of focus, without falling asleep as you might to binaural beats.

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Why do you need a YouTube guided sleep meditation talk-down? Because it can be tough to meditate without a teacher or guide, especially when you have no prior experience of meditation. 

Guided meditation for sleep literally walks you through meditation with some easy-to-follow steps. You can attain inner peace and a calm state of stillness by following these steps.

Try one of these meditations for sleeping on YouTube and see the results for yourself. But before we pick out some of the best videos for you, give a quick read to some amazing benefits YouTube guided sleep meditation talk-down has.

Mental and Physical Benefits of YouTube Guided Sleep Meditation Talk Down

There are countless benefits of being meditative. However, since the very state itself is difficult to achieve, you can seek help from the guided meditation for sleep to slip easily into meditation.

Here are some of the physical, mental, and holistic benefits of YouTube guided sleep meditation talk-down.

1. Slows down your brain activity

You will gradually notice a state of calm after performing a guided sleep meditation.

The technique slows down your brain activity and pushes stress out of your mind. It also triggers the secretion of human growth hormones which boost your metabolism.

2. Calms down your adrenals

Adrenal glands are those glands of our body which get activated during the SOS situations.

Meditation helps to calm the adrenals down and reduces the secretion of cortisol. It further helps you to relax and sleep better.

3. Soothes your endocrine system

Guided meditation takes your endocrine system out of a state of hyperactivity. Your hormones become regulated gradually, which helps you to lose/gain weight. It can restore your soul back into normal functioning.

4. Allows your body to rest

Even when we’re sleeping, our mind is not on rest. Meditation helps our entire body to relax completely.

This makes you wake up the next morning with recharged energy without feeling dreary. Meditation improves your quality of sleep as it shuts down the eternal clutter in your mind.

5. Decreases inflammation

Meditation works on the cellular level by neutralizing acidosis and minimizing pain. You can perform meditation to get rid of any kind of chronic pain in your body.

But be careful, your pain can also be a symptom of an underlying condition. Get yourself checked thoroughly before relying completely on meditation.

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Why Many People Today Have a Problem Gaining Good REM Sleep

Have you ever felt tired even after waking up from a ten-hour sleep? This happens with everyone in today’s times. Unfortunately, everyone sleeps, but not many of them attain the deep-sleep state.

It is the deep-sleep state, or the REM state, which is most important for our body. It is during that stage that our body performs all the repair jobs.

There are many conditions under which a person goes through sleep problems, including not going into the REM state.

Some of these chronic conditions can be a red flag of some serious underlying issues. If you find it difficult to fall asleep easily, you should consult your doctor and rule out any untoward possibilities.

Here are some of the reasons why people face sleeplessness:

  1. Heartburn
  2. Heart failure
  3. Musculoskeletal disorders
  4. Kidney disease
  5. Thyroid disease
  6. Breathing problems
  7. General anxiety
  8. Phobias and panic attacks
  9. Depression
  10. Bipolar disorder
  11. Schizophrenia
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For Whom Is Guided Sleep Meditation Ideal?

If you don’t have any of these clinical conditions yet you feel tired after a good night’s sleep, you can try these meditation techniques for better sleep.

If you’re suffering from insomnia or any other sleep-related disorder, you can invest some time in guided meditation talk-down.

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Best YouTube Guided Sleep Meditation Talk-Down Videos

There are a number of YouTube guided sleep meditation videos to help you with your meditation practice. You can try any one of these with eyes closed and follow the instruction as directed in the videos.

  1. GUIDED SLEEP MEDITATION – Deep Relaxation – “The Cleansing Wind (Non-Wake Version)
  2. Guided Sleep Meditation, Courage, Confidence, and Inner Power Before Sleep
  3. Guided Sleep Meditation to Beat Insomnia, Journey to the Stars
  4. Guided Sleep Meditation Unblock 7 Chakras Before Sleep Spoken Meditation
  5. Guided Meditation for Natural Healing Sleep & Bedtime Relaxation (Mind Body Total Rest)
  6. GUIDED SLEEP MEDITATION: The Whisper of The Grass. For Deep Relaxation, Healing & Insomnia

All these videos are made by professional meditation experts. They are designed to get you in sleep in the shortest possible time.

The guided videos will make you walk through the imaginary peaceful scenarios to let you calm down your senses.

Play the video, switch off the lights, and lie down on your bed to relax. 

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You can also rely on these highly-rated products on Amazon to help you slip into a healing meditation easily.

These products have a high customer-satisfaction rate and have helped hundreds of people to get into the peaceful state swiftly.  

  1. Restful Sleep- Guided Meditation for Self-Hypnosis
  2. 45 Minute Guided Meditation for Sleep
  3. Guided Meditation: 30 Minute Guided Meditation for Sleep, Relaxation, & Stress Relief (Self Hypnosis, Affirmations, Guided Imagery & Relaxation Techniques) 
  4. Experience True Rest: Guided Meditations and Yoga Nidra Relaxation (feat. Dr. Siddharth Ashvin Shah)


Try guided meditation method with mindfulness before going to sleep. Make sure that your room is at a comfortable temperature and perfectly dark.

Very soon, you'll be sleeping restfully on a consistent basis, creating an overall improvement in your life.

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