Sahaswara Mantra – Best Mantra for Higher Consciousness

The Crown Chakra – Sahaswara mantra, is a chakra healing meditation means support.
Sahaswara Mantra – Mantra for Higher Consciousness

What is the crown Chakra?

It is the seventh and the last of the seven chakra balancing mantras for meditation.
It means “thousand petaled.” This is pure consciousness energy.
The Sahaswara mantra (Sahaswara chakra activation ) is recited by Aum Sound Chanting.
It is known to connect you with your higher self.

Why should I chant the Crown Chakra Mantra?

When your crown chakra that is located on the top of the head is out of balance you become sensitive to light and sound, you feel emotionally aimless, apathetic, you get too materialistic, and lose spiritual connections. 
By chanting this mantra you can repair and heal your higher consciousness gradually.

Listen and meditate with the Sahaswara Mantra

Click the play button to play the track “Sahaswara Mantra for Crown Chakra with AUM Sound” that is from the album “Ancient Chakra Healing Meditation Mantras”

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