4 Best prayer for strength

We explain how to use the power of prayer and suggest the best prayer for strength during difficult times.

Apr 30, 2024
Do you doubt yourself in times of extreme pressure?
Has it been hard to maintain your emotional balance during trying times?
With the power of inward prayer, you start believing that you can find your way past your current challenge.
In our darkest moments amidst intense struggle, our minds need some strength to cope. We need a prayer or mantra to help bolster our determination. We explain how to use the power of inward prayer to find new strength.
Mental duress and uncertain times can take a toll on our minds. We often feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to move forward. In times of need, we need spiritual strength to cope and find peace of mind again.
Utilizing a prayer or mantra is a powerful way to bolster our determination and inner strength. This article aims to explain how to use the best prayer for strength during the toughest times.

Best prayers for strength in the Vedas

Your belief in the power of prayer is crucial in reaping their benefits.
Prayers are, in essence, affirmations that we give ourselves to internalize a thought.
Mantras or chants from the Vedas also work this way. The sounds, vibrations, and even the meaning of the words in the chant help you internalize a healing thought.
So, the right affirmation or mantra from a Veda can help you feel powerful.

Om Namah Shivaya Mantra Prayer

The best prayer for strength is the Om Namah Shivaya mantra. It is a simple prayer with the words, “Om Namah Shivaya”.
This is a Shiva mantra that brings great inner peace to the listener. The Om Namah Shivaya chant was released as part of the Ancient Healing Chants of Shiva album. This album is included in the Ancient Chants from India - Gold Edition bundle.
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What you can try is to sit down in a relaxed position as soon as you wake up. Then with your eyes closed and a relaxed breath, repeat the words of the mantra slowly, until you feel the strength of the chant in your body.
You might alternatively meditate silently, with the chant playing in the background. This way, you can focus on breathing slowly and deeply, as the energy of the words washes over you.
The ancient Hindu tradition is full of other powerful mantras that have been used for centuries as a prayer for hope during challenging times.
Mantras are essentially words or phrases that are repeated over and over again in order to bring about a certain desired effect. Examples of modern prayer that does the same are affirmations.

4 examples of Vedic mantras and affirmations for strength are:

1. Om Namah Shivaya
This mantra means “I bow to Lord Shiva,” and is said to bring protection from negative energies.
It is a Shiva mantra that pays homage to the ultimate god, Lord Shiva.
The lyrics are simple - “Om Namah Shivaya”
It can be translated as “I salute the immense power of Shiva”. This lets you imbibe
2. Hanuman Gayatri Mantra
This chant pays homage to Lord Hanuman, a pillar of strength and determination.
The mantra ends with the words:
“Tanno Hanumat Prachodayat”
These words can be translated as:
“Lord Hanuman, guide my intellect towards divine knowledge”
3. “I grow stronger every moment” -
An affirmation to understand your own abilities.
4. “All the strength I need is within me” -
An affirmation that you are already well-equipped for all challenges.

What is prayer?

Prayer is something that comes naturally to all of us. It is similar to the tendency to pause and take a beat before you start something monumental or challenging.
Prayer is not necessarily a religious practice, but rather it is looking inwardly toward our infinite wisdom for answers. It can be achieved through introspection and clearing the mind of clutter.
This allows us to reconnect with our capacity for strength and determination so that we can make it through difficult times.
Prayer can also be used as a form of meditation, which helps us focus on the present moment and stay in tune with our thoughts and emotions. With regular practice, we can learn to identify what thoughts and worries are weighing us down and begin to break free from them using the power of hope.

Benefits of prayer

The first thing to remember is that prayer draws its strength from your mental fortitude. So it is very important that you relax your mind prior to praying.
By using prayer for healing, we can reap the following benefits, based on our intention:
  1. Gain access to our inner resilience and determination
  1. Learn how to create space for ourselves in order to assess our thoughts and feelings
  1. Make decisions that align with what we truly want from life
  1. Helps us recognize when we are being too hard on ourselves
  1. Recognize when our worries are unfounded.
To experience some of these benefits, you might try prayer with the words of the Hanuman Gayatri mantra.
The Hanuman Gayatri mantra is a chant dedicated to Lord Hanuman, a deity closely associated with strength and fortitude. This powerful mantra promotes fearlessness and composure in you.
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This Hanuman chant is part of the Ancient Chants for Focus & Motivation album. This album is part of the Ancient Chants from India - Gold Edition bundle.
Here’s something you can try with this mantra.
Right before you sleep, sit down next to the bed with your hands resting gently on your lap. Close your eyes, and breathe slowly till you feel relaxed.
Once this is done, play the mantra at a low volume, and let its words wash over you as you continue breathing deeply and slowly.
After about 15 minutes, end the session. You will find that your mind is strengthened before you fall asleep peacefully.

The process of prayer

Prayer is about blocking out external stimuli and looking inward. This is why many rituals exist in various faiths.
By immersing yourself in that ritual or routine, you block out all else. And when you enter the right state, your mental clarity emerges. Here's how you can go about it:
  1. Find a comfortable spot where you won’t be disturbed
  1. Sit or lie down in a relaxed position
  1. Close your eyes and take deep breaths
  1. Start repeating your chosen prayer or mantra
  1. Focus all your energy on repeating your chosen words
  1. Feel the power of those words as you repeat them
  1. Allow yourself to drift away into a peaceful state
  1. When you are ready, slowly open your eyes

How to pray for strength

Like most answers, its effectiveness depends on the quality of the question.
Prayer, much like meditation, is about setting an intention. An intention is an answer you're hoping to achieve through the process of prayer. It's a seed for the mind, for it to search for the right answer. For reconnecting with your strength, you will have questions like:
"Why does this person drain me of my determination?"
"What is it about this situation that makes me feel helpless?"
"What should I remember the next time I feel hopeless?".

Other ways to find strength

Prayer may not work for you, as well as it does for others. When this happens, there are other avenues you can explore.
In addition to prayer, there are other ways to find strength in times of difficulty. Spiritual practices such as yoga or mindfulness can be helpful in reconnecting with our inner power.
Connecting with nature is also a great way to reconnect with ourselves and find solace in difficult times. Mindful meditation can be used to help us identify which worries are weighing us down so that we can let them go and focus on the present moment.
Writing in a journal can also be beneficial in allowing us to express our thoughts and feelings without judgment, as well as providing an outlet for creative expression.
You can go with affirmations for strength, as part of a daily ritual:
“I am enough, I have enough”
”I already have all the tools for my challenges”
“All the strength I need is within me”
“I grow stronger each moment”


In conclusion, it is clear that inner strength is an important factor in helping us cope with mental duress and struggle.
Utilizing mantras or other spiritual practices can be beneficial in finding clarity of mind within ourselves. We have discussed other strategies such as connecting with nature, mindful meditation, and journaling that can help us find peace in difficult times.
With the right tools at our disposal, we can learn how to cultivate inner strength so that we may make it through any obstacle that life throws at us.

How to use the best prayer for strength
There will be times when your fortitude is tested. When it will seem easier to give in to hopelessness.
This is precisely when you turn to prayer. it is not an act of desperation, but of introspection. You acknowledge that the situation is tough and you need to be at your strongest to face it down.
When faced with such a situation, take a moment to recite your favorite prayer inwardly. It can be from any faith or a general affirmation, but this simple act of self-love will make you infinitely stronger.

Frequently asked questions on best prayers for meditation

How do I pray genuinely?
The words of the prayer are a vehicle for your thoughts and intention. They do not work without you internalizing these thoughts. Repeat the words deliberately and slowly, so each word is registered in your mind.
Can I have a personal prayer?
Yes, you absolutely can. Affirmations are general statements and they do not account for the specific task you face. So personalizing a prayer or mantra or affirmation makes it more effective.
Does the power of prayer change reality?
The prayer is not to directly manipulate reality but to prepare your mind in a way that it can perceive reality in the right way. By framing your challenges properly, you are in the right mental state to face it.