Best manifestation guided meditation

We explain how to use the best manifestation guided meditation daily, to achieve your dream future.

Jul 2, 2024
Have you been thinking of using manifestation to achieve dreams that you've had for a long time?
Perhaps the intent is there, but there's no routine for you to follow.
We have prepared a guided meditation that makes the manifestation process easier to execute.
Manifestation is the process of creating a dream life by focusing on positive thoughts and energy. It is a powerful tool that can be used to bring about life changes, manifest dreams, and create a better future.
Positive thinking is the engine that drives manifestation, and guided meditation can be an effective way to practice it.
In this blog, we will discuss the best manifestation guided meditation, how to enhance this practice, and how it can help to create a better future for yourself.

Step-by-step manifestation guided meditation

We have curated the most effective way to use the benefits of meditation to achieve your manifestation goal.
The following steps will help you to get started with manifestation meditation:
  1. Choose a theme for meditation Before beginning your meditation, decide what you want to focus on. This could be a goal, dream, or intention that you want to bring into your life. A general idea is good like abundance or tranquility at home.
  1. Create a positive atmosphere Create a calming environment where you can focus on your thoughts without distraction. This could be in the comfort of your home or outside in nature.
  1. Set an intention Intention setting is the act of deciding what you want to manifest or achieve. Spend a few moments visualizing yourself achieving your goal or dream. This has to be a specific goal or image, like you in the living room of the house of your dreams.
  1. Visualize Spend time visualizing your desired outcome and feeling the emotions associated with achieving this goal or dream. Imagine yourself living in the world of your dreams and feeling joy and fulfillment. The visualization practice makes your dream appear achievable and creates a direct road to it.
  1. Feel the emotion Connect with the feelings of joy and fulfillment associated with your goal or dream. Allow yourself to feel these emotions deeply and use them to fuel your manifestation practice.
  1. Release Release any attachment to the outcome of your manifestation practice and trust that it will arrive when it is meant to. Release any expectations or attachments and allow yourself to be surprised by the results of your practice.
This manifestation process can be enhanced further by the use of powerful meditation mantras like the Amitabha mantra.
The Amitabha mantra is a Buddha mantra that helps clear inner blockages like the ego. The ego, as you know, is what stops the mind from making positive choices during tough phases in life.
Play this mantra as you go through the visualization process to erase negative energy and raise your vibrations.
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The Amitabha mantra is part of the Ancient Medicine Buddha Mantras album. The album is part of the Ancient Chants from India - Gold Edition bundle.

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is a powerful tool that can be used to bring about positive changes in life. It involves focusing on positive thoughts and energy in order to create an ideal life for yourself.
By visualizing a better future, we can begin to manifest our dreams and goals into reality. Positive thinking is the engine that drives manifestation, and guided meditation is one of the most effective ways to practice it.
Guided meditation for manifestation involves taking a step-by-step approach to visualizing your desired outcome and feeling the emotions associated with achieving your goals.
By setting an intention and engaging in a visualization journey, you can create a powerful connection between your thoughts and energy and the universe’s energy of abundance and possibility. Through this connection, you can begin to manifest your dreams into reality.
There are people that use gratitude journals as part of their manifestation process. The journal provides contentment so you work toward the future with a foundation of abundance.
You can enhance this process further using daily affirmations. Remind yourself regularly that your dreams are a period of time away from reality and you are capable of seeing this through.

How to enhance manifestation

The following tips will help you enhance your manifestation meditation practice:
  1. Practice regularly The more often you practice manifestation meditation, the more powerful it becomes. Regularly set aside time for this practice and allow it to become part of your daily routine.
  1. Believe in yourself Believe in yourself and in the power of manifestation meditation to bring about desired outcomes in your life. Trust that it will work and let go of any doubts or negative thoughts that arise during the process. Use positive affirmations to achieve this belief.
  1. Take action After each manifestation meditation session, take action toward achieving your goal or dream. This could be something small like researching ways to achieve your goals or taking steps towards them each day.
  1. Allow yourself to feel joy During manifestation meditations, focus on feeling joy and gratitude for what you already have in your life, as well as for what you are manifesting. This will help to attract positive energy into your life and toward your desired outcomes.
  1. Connect with nature When possible, practice manifestation meditation in nature and allow yourself to connect with its healing energy. Nature has a powerful energy that can help to amplify the power of manifestation meditation and connect you with the Universe's energy of abundance and possibility.
  1. Connect with the universe Connecting with the Universe is an important part of manifestation meditation, as it allows you to tap into an infinite source of power and potential for manifesting your desires into reality.


By focusing on positive thoughts and energy, manifesting our dreams and creating a better future is possible through a guided meditation for manifestation - a step-by-step approach that includes:
  • choosing a theme for meditation
  • setting an intention
  • visualizing our desired outcomes
  • feeling the emotion associated with achieving our goals
  • releasing any attachment to the outcome
  • practicing regularly
  • believing in ourselves
  • taking action towards achieving our goals
  • allowing ourselves to feel joy
  • connecting with nature
  • connecting with the Universe's energy of abundance and possibility
All these can help us enhance our manifestation practice to help us achieve our dreams and create a better future for ourselves.

How to use meditation for manifestation
Meditation involves setting the intention for that session, in advance. This intention can be inner peace, reduced anxiety, better health, or a better future.
When you set your intention to a better future or visualize this future, the meditation session becomes about manifesting this future. It means your thoughts are changed to accommodate this future.
The key is to visualize this future in its entirety - what it’ll feel like and how achieving it would make you feel.

Frequently asked questions on meditation for manifestation

How do you manifest using meditation?
The key lies in the details of your visualization. Before meditation, visualize exactly what you hope to achieve in the future. The more intricate the detail, the more effective is the manifestation meditation.
How can I start my manifestation practice?
A great way would be to make a vision board or have a journal about your hopes for the future. This means you can visualize the dream future accurately.
How do I attract what I want in the future?
Visualize the details of this future, in minute detail. Also, remember to remove limiting thoughts that arise from past failures.