4 Best frequency for positive energy

Sound healing is an excellent way to invite positivity and optimism, especially with the best frequency for positive energy and positive thoughts.

Apr 30, 2024
Has your mind felt heavy recently?
This might be the result of several unaddressed negative thoughts.
You can start using sound healing to invite positivity into your mind right away.
Sound healing is an ancient practice that utilizes instruments or music set to specific frequencies to bring about healing and balance in the body and mind.
We’ve put together a list of the best frequency for positive energy and removing negativity.

The best frequency for positive energy

Many sound frequencies can have the effect of banishing negativity and bringing in positive energy.
The best frequency you can go for is 432Hz. It is called the 'healing frequency' for a good reason. It promotes feelings of harmony while reducing any stress you might have.
Here are the 4 best frequencies for positive energy:
  1. 432 Hz Promotes feelings of peace
  1. 528 Hz Promotes joy & compassion
  1. 741 Hz Rejuvenates the mind
  1. 852 Hz Gives clarity of thought

What is sound healing?

Sound healing is an old practice that has been used for centuries to restore balance and harmony in the body and mind. It works by using instruments or music set to a specific frequency for a specific healing benefit. This technique has been used by many cultures around the world, from ancient Chinese medicine to modern-day shamanic practices.

How does sound frequency create positive energy?

Studies have shown that certain frequencies can stimulate certain emotions and reactions in the body.
For example, the frequency of 741 Hz can help to stimulate feelings of peace and contentment. Similarly, 432 Hz can help to reduce stress, while 852 Hz helps to bring clarity and focus.
By helping you lean into positive thoughts, all negativity is erased. The mind is fertile ground for you to create positive thoughts.

The benefits of sound healing

The benefits of sound healing are numerous. It can help to reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, enhance creativity, and even promote better sleep. It can also be used to help promote positive energy in the home or workplace, creating a more balanced and harmonious environment.
Let’s take a look at the four best frequencies for promoting positivity and removing negative energy:
  • Frequency 1: 432 Hz This frequency is known as the “healing frequency” as it promotes feelings of peace and reduces stress. Studies have shown that it can also help to reduce anxiety and promote better sleep.
  • Frequency 2: 528 Hz This frequency is often referred to as “the love frequency” due to its ability to promote feelings of love, joy, and compassion. It can help to reduce tension and create a more harmonious environment.
  • Frequency 3: 741 Hz This frequency is known as the “rejuvenation frequency” due to its ability to stimulate feelings of peace and contentment. It can help to enhance your natural intuition.
  • Frequency 4: 852 Hz This frequency is known as the “clarity frequency” due to its ability to promote focus and clarity of thought. It can also be used to reduce mental fog and bring about a sense of inner peace.
We have our own version of sound healing music. It is called Om Chanting @417Hz. We combined the primordial sound of Aum, and set it to 417Hz.
This created a profound effect on our listeners, as it purged all negativity.
To create the right conditions for this track to heal you, you have to meditate on it. Here's what you can do. When you get back from work or finish your daily chores, find a secluded spot.
Then deliberately breathe slowly and deeply. This will reduce your heart rate, and you'll feel partially relaxed.
Now, start playing the Om chant @417Hz and meditate while it plays. Let the thoughts that come to your mind pass without judgment.
This will work like a detox for your mind, as all negative thoughts are wiped away to be replaced by positive ones. The mantra adds to this purge of negative thoughts.
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How to do sound healing

The first thing to do is to find a secluded spot where there are no external noises. Since sound is a healing instrument, any noise pollution would be detrimental to the process.
If you can manage this, you can set the ambiance by lighting a candle and turning off the lights. If you prefer, an incense stick can be lit or essential oils can be diffused.
Once this is done, either play 432 Hz Solfeggio frequency music or use one of the instruments set to that frequency.
As someone new to this, we would recommend a Tibetan singing bowl. It is easier to operate this instrument.
Source : Good Housekeeping
Source : Good Housekeeping
Try whichever sound option you chose, for 15 minutes at the start. Let the sound waves wash over you.
There are music options that might resonate with you more, like classical music set to 432 Hz that you can play instead.
The advantage of a musical option is that you can experience the healing sensations right away.


We’ve seen how certain frequencies can be used to promote positive energy in our lives and remove negative energy from our environment. The four frequencies listed above are some of the best for achieving this goal. They can help us feel more relaxed, focused, and content, while also helping us experience more joy and love in our lives.
Sound healing is a powerful tool that can help us all experience more positive energy in our lives. By using these frequencies we can create a more balanced and harmonious atmosphere that encourages growth, creativity, and inner peace. So why not give it a try today? With just a few simple steps you could be reaping the benefits of sound healing in no time!

How to use frequency for positive energy
Sound healing is a process by which music of a specific frequency can cause beneficial effects.
For this to work, you have to be in a space without external noise, for a sound bath. But if this is not feasible, you can use noise-canceling headphones for the healing effect.
The energy of this music is then able to heal you physically and mentally and cleanse negativity.

Frequently asked questions on sound frequencies for positive energy

Which is the best healing frequency?
The 432 Hz frequency is the best healing frequency. It is referred to as ‘The healing frequency’ because of its ability to affect physical & emotional healing.
Does sound healing need specific music to work?
Most music today is made at a standard 440 Hz and does not fall into any of the healing frequency bands. So you do need to find music made at a specific healing frequency.
How do you feel after sound healing?
After a session of sound healing, you feel uplifted. The body tingles with energy and your mind is content and peaceful, resulting in complete relaxation.