6 Best cushion for meditation

If physical limitations are hurting your meditation experience, it may be time to incorporate the best meditation cushion in your routine.

Apr 30, 2024
If you're someone who has been meditating for a few years, this might be a familiar problem.
Has it become increasingly difficult to meditate?
It might be time to meditate using a cushion for added comfort for longer periods of meditation.
A comfortable cushion can help you stay comfortable for longer periods of time, making it easier to stay focused on your practice.
Based on your needs, your best bet might be a simple Zafu cushion used by traditional Zen Buddhists or a meditation bench that gives added clearance for your knees.
In this article, we will discuss the best kinds of cushions to help ease the kind of meditation you have practiced, and how to best use them.

The best cushion for meditation

The best cushion for you depends a lot on what pose or posture you use, and many factors like lower back strength and body shape.
Some features like a convenient handle and removable cover should always be chosen for effective long-term use.
The best option for meditation would be a Zafu cushion. While it does not do much for spinal alignment like a meditation chair, it is non-intrusive allowing you to remain unimpaired for an extended period.
Look for Buckwheat Zafus with a washable cover, which is close to 6 inches tall. It should at least be 12 inches wide, for easier rest.
We would opt for one with buckwheat filling for additional support. You can always refill the pillow using organic buckwheat hulls, which are readily available.
Place a meditation mat first, and place the Zafu cushion on top. Then rest your buttocks on the center of the cushion so your knees have some leeway. Then proceed with your meditation.
We would recommend playing the Surya Namaskar mantra for an early morning meditation on a Zafu cushion.
The Surya Namaskar pays homage to the Sun, a primordial deity that gives energy to all life forms on the planet. This Sun mantra will give you both physical energy and mental energy.
You might start the session by taking some time to sit quietly on the cushion and think about what you want to achieve through meditation, and what is important for the day ahead.
Then, play the Surya Namaskar mantra for 15 minutes as you meditate the same way you have in the past. You might end the session with some journaling.
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Do a few rounds of Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskars) if you can. This is an excellent exercise to get your body moving and it will help you wake up.
The Surya Namaskar mantra is part of the Ancient Chants from India - Volume 1 album. This album can be found as part of the Ancient Chants from India - Gold Edition bundle.
There are the best meditation cushion options for your consideration:
1. Zafu cushion
2. Yoga bolster
3. Meditation pillow
4. Yoga block
5. Meditation bench
6. Meditation chair

Things to know before you purchase a meditation cushion

The wide variety of cushions, in terms of shape and filling, means you won't be short of useful options.
Before purchasing a cushion, consider your own meditation practice. Different types of cushions are best suited for different types of meditation.
Choose a cushion that is made from comfortable materials such as cotton, wool, buckwheat filling, or foam. It should also be firm enough to provide good support for your body. Consider the size of the cushion to ensure it is large enough to provide adequate support for your body.
The outer cover must be easily washable, as regular wash will lead to quick wear and tear.
It should be big enough to sit comfortably on and provide support for your joints and spine. If you are looking for a meditation cushion that you can take with you on the go, look for one that is lightweight and easy to carry.

6 best types of meditation cushions

Chances are that you might not be familiar with all the options available for the modern meditator.
Here we go through each option that we think is great:
Zafu Meditation Cushion
Source : Crate and Barrel
Source : Crate and Barrel
Zafu cushions are traditional circular cushions used in Zen Buddhism and other forms of meditation. It is usually filled with buckwheat or kapok, providing firm support and comfort at the same time.
Yoga bolster Meditation Cushion
Source : Scoria Canada
Source : Scoria Canada
A bolster is a long rectangular cushion that provides extra support for your back and spine. It can also be used as a seat cushion or even an armrest.
Meditation chair as Meditation Cushion
Source : Harmony In Design
Source : Harmony In Design
A meditation chair is an ideal option for those who find it difficult to sit on the floor for long periods of time. These chairs are designed to provide extra support for your back and legs while still allowing you to maintain an upright posture.
Meditation pillow as Meditation Cushion
Source : West Elm
Source : West Elm
These pillows are a great option if you want something soft and wide to sit on while meditating. They are usually filled with foam or cotton, providing extra lumbar support.
Yoga block as Meditation Cushion
Source : Bad Yogi
Source : Bad Yogi
The yoga block is what a yoga teacher would recommend to you. This option ensures a good posture.
Meditation bench as Meditation Cushion
Source : Relaxus Wholesale
Source : Relaxus Wholesale
If cushions don't cut it, you can try a meditation bench for the extra clearance it provides.

How to use meditation cushions

When using a meditation cushion, it is important to sit on the edge of the cushion rather than sinking into it. This will help keep your spine straight and aligned during meditation.
Find a comfortable position that allows you to keep your spine straight while still being able to relax your body. You may need to experiment with different positions until you find one that works best for you.
Use the cushion to provide extra support for your spine by gently pressing into it with your hips or lower back. This can help improve posture and reduce strain on your muscles and joints.
If you prioritize proper posture more than comfort, you can get yourself a yoga block.
A yoga block has several uses, but we will be focusing on its use in seated meditation. Place 2 blocks at a distance where they can support both your legs in the seated position. This automatically improves your posture.
In this pose, you can meditate to the Om Shanti mantra, a very simple chant for the start of a meditation session.
The Om Shanti mantra is a peace mantra that blesses all living beings with peace and harmony. The word ‘Shanti’ means peace in Sanskrit. It is therefore peaceful energy that you bring by listening to this ancient chant.
Chant along with the peace mantra for around 5 minutes, until you feel fully relaxed. Then proceed with your meditation routine as normal, but now with harmonious vibes surrounding you.
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The Om Shanti mantra is part of the Ancient Chants from India - Volume 2 album. This album can be found as part of the Ancient Chants from India - Gold Edition bundle.
You may personalize your routine further with the use of incense sticks, to add to the ambiance.
If you're somewhat new to meditation, you might like to know more about the basics of meditation.

What is meditation?

Meditation is an ancient practice that has been used for thousands of years to cultivate mindfulness and awareness. It involves sitting in a comfortable position, focusing on your breath, and allowing your thoughts to pass without judgment.
This practice has many physical and mental health benefits, such as reducing anxiety, improving concentration, and increasing concentration.
There are physical benefits as well, to meditation. It helps you sleep better and it can help with your stress levels.
It’s also a great way to relax and de-stress after a long day at work or school.
Meditation is the perfect thing for people who have trouble sleeping. You can practice it before bedtime and get some restful sleep.
Normally, you wouldn't need any special equipment either.
However, for those struggling physically to keep up with the demands of meditation, the right cushion can make a massive difference.


This article has discussed the importance of using a meditation cushion and provided tips on how to find the best one for your practice.
It has also outlined some of the most popular types of cushions available and how best to use them. Using the right meditation cushion can help improve posture, reduce strain on muscles and joints, and make it easier to stay focused on your practice.
We would strongly recommend the use of the Zafu cushion, the likes of which have been used in traditional Zen Buddhism.
A meditation cushion can be an invaluable tool in helping you gain more enjoyment and benefits from your practice. With the right cushion, you can make sure that your body stays comfortable and supported throughout your practice.

How to use cushions for meditation While meditation is generally done, seated on the floor without external support, being uncomfortable does not serve the meditation experience. It is imperative that you not be too aware of external stimuli during meditation, so physical comfort plays a huge role in it.
Then the idea becomes finding the right cushion for the issue you face while seated in your meditation pose.
For instance, if you prefer the lotus pose but your legs are giving you trouble while seated, a meditation bench would provide your legs with the necessary clearance to get comfortable.

Frequently asked questions on best cushions for meditation

What type of cushion works best for me?
There are several types of cushions based on the type of filling it uses. You can choose from cotton, foam, or buckwheat hulls. We personally recommend the ones with buckwheat filling. But this is something you figure out through experimentation.
Do I practice meditation if my back hurts?
If your back hurts, it is best to prioritize healing first. But if you do not want to break the routine and not want to make the injury worse, you can meditate seated in a comfy chair or even lying on the bed. You can still focus on your breathing and observe your internal thought process.
What is the most comfortable meditation position?
The most comfortable meditation position would be sitting down with crossed legs. The hip should be slightly raised off the ground using a zafu cushion so that the hips are slightly higher than your knees.