How to do Transcendental Meditation

Meditation is a form of mental exercise, which is existing since 5000 BCE. It is said that when you regularly practice meditation, you release all your stress and walk forward to achieve the peace of mind. 

Transcendental meditation is one technique that is helpful in decompressing the mind. This form of meditation is simple, effortless, and involves meditating with the silent mantras. 

Transcendental meditation was first developed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a great teacher from India in 1959.

He first started this practice in the United States, and now almost 6 million people from around the world have already learned how to do transcendental meditation. 

Why Is Transcendental Meditation Called Mantra Meditation 

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi explains, “Mantra is a form of specific thought which suits us. A trained transcendental meditation teacher offers you a suitable mantra to recite.”  

Transcendental meditation involves reciting of mantras, letting your mind to settle down in an extremely calming position.

While practicing transcendental meditation, you have to sit in a comfortable position and simply repeat a mantra that is chosen for each individual by the instructor. 

It is advised to practice this form of meditation twice a day for 15–20 minutes at a time.

How to Do Transcendental Meditation

You can start to practice transcendental meditation by finding a certified teacher and taking up the course. These teachers are certified by Maharishi Foundation USA, which is a recognized nonprofit organization.

You need to follow specific steps to practice the art of transcendental meditation properly. Some of the steps are mentioned below:

  1. Switch off your phone or any other electronic device that can cause disturbance for at least 20 minutes. However, you will need an alarm or buzzer.

  2. Sit in a comfortable position. If you are unable to sit on a floor mat, you can even sit on a chair with hands on your lap. Just ensure that your legs or arms are not crossed. 

  3. Close your eyes.

  4. Take a few deep breaths to relax your body completely.

  5. Focus for a few seconds and start repeating the mantra given by your instructor. This mantra would be typically in the Sanskrit language. 

  6. Repeat the mantra for 20 minutes. Also, make sure to learn the correct pronunciation of the mantra to reap out maximum benefits.

  7. If you are unable to concentrate and there are multiple thoughts pondering in your head while chanting the mantra, simply ignore that and return to mantra with full concentration.

  8. After 20 minutes, move your toes and fingers and relax.

  9. Open your eyes.

  10. Sit for a few minutes.

  11. Move when you feel ready to start your day. If you are practicing meditation at night, go to bed without watching TV or using your mobile phones. 

Benefits of Transcendental Meditation

Exercising meditation gives you peace of mind and lets you focus on your thoughts and organize them. Once you command your thoughts, you should not allow or turn negative thoughts into your mind.

When done in the right way, it will lead you to inner happiness and personal strength. Your body will start to maximize its overall potential.

Some of the other benefits offered by practicing transcendental meditation are the following:

  1. Transcendental meditation allows you to relax and avoid distracting or negative thoughts. 

  2. It will help you to reduce stress and depression. Some people have also found this technique beneficial who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

  3. When transcendental meditation is being practiced at night before sleep, it relaxes the mind and body, and you can have a good night’s sleep.

  4. When regularly practiced, it promotes clarity of thoughts and actions. Slowly you will be able to stimulate your day-to-day routine. 

  5. It is also known to stimulate the brain in releasing serotonin, which is also called “happy hormone,” hence increasing the overall pleasure.

  6. It is said that practicing transcendental meditation helps you to concentrate on your breathing.
    When you focus on inhaling and exhaling, it leads to a substantial positive impact and improves the functioning of the heart.

  7. Various studies show that transcendental meditation reduces cortisol levels. Due to the reduction in stress and anxiety, cortisol levels can reduce by 30 percent.

How Is Transcendental Meditation Different from Other Forms of Meditation

There are various forms of meditation, and all of them focus on mindfulness, except for transcendental meditation, which goes beyond the thinking process. 

Mindfulness means carefully observing the thoughts without any judgment and letting go of the negative ones. It is an act of releasing such thoughts by focusing on your body and the way you breathe.

As soon as we empower ourselves to meditate, we start making conscious choices for ourselves, and our own negative thoughts leave no more influence on us. 

Transcendental meditation is to train the brain of conscious awareness. This can be done by chanting mantras. By this, the mind experiences a state of rest, and we can let go of even the deepest of stress.

However, certain people cannot shut their thoughts, and regular meditation is of no use to them at the initial stage. For such cases, transcendental meditation is an effective technique. 

All you need to do is to seal all the thoughts while chanting mantras and focus all your energy on the recitation of words correctly. Still, if there are any thoughts, you just need to let go of them while concentrating back on meditation.

Best books on Transcendental Meditation

To help you increase your focus and follow the right practice, there are various books available through which you can get a deep insight into transcendental meditation.

Also, these books will help you to understand how transcendental meditation works. We have compiled a few of them for you/

1. Transcendence: Healing and Transformation through Transcendental Meditation 

This book will explain to you many reasons to start transcendental meditation. By reading this book, you will get an analysis of how transcendental meditation will help you resolve various health problems. 

There are multiple diseases covered in the book along with their details, and for each disease, the book gives an answer to how transcendental meditation will help in curing them.

2. Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity

The book has various independent sections that explain the art of life and meditation. Director David Lynch explains his own experience for the development of consciousness, spiritual, and artistic growth. 

A Final Word

Transcendental meditation will help you to achieve good mental health, sound physical health, self-love, and self-awareness.

This technique has been proved to be effective for a long time. Also, it is easy and flexible to practice, for which you do not need any specific religious knowledge.

So let us know when are you starting transcendental meditation. If you have already begun transcendental meditation, let us know how it has helped you so far.

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