10 Positive affirmations for early pregnancy

Starting a family can be daunting. Tap into positive thought using 10 positive affirmations for early pregnancy.

Apr 30, 2024
Are you considering having a child?
But a bit afraid of having a non-ideal pregnancy experience?
You will need to tap into the power of affirmations during pregnancy.
If you're trying for a child, and you want success quickly, your mindset is important. Use the power of positive pregnancy affirmations to ensure a great pregnancy period and beautiful birth.
With positive affirmations for early pregnancy, you can create a positive mindset that will help you manifest your dreams of having a baby.

10 positive affirmations for early pregnancy

A positive mindset is absolutely crucial for pregnant women. At such uncertain times, mental strength will be their biggest asset.
There will always be a lurking fear of pregnancy loss and despair thereafter. But a safe birth is likelier if the mother is feeling optimistic and bright.
We have curated 10 affirmations for a peaceful pregnancy and a beautiful baby.
  1. I am open to new beginnings in my life
  1. I am worthy of having a baby
  1. I am full of hope and optimism for the future
  1. I am grateful for the miraculous gift of life
  1. I trust that my body knows what it needs
  1. I am surrounded by love from those around me
  1. I am strong enough to handle any challenges that come my way
  1. My mind is open to new possibilities for me
  1. I am creating an environment full of love for my baby
  1. I have faith that I will have a healthy pregnancy
Our personal favorite affirmation is "I am grateful for the miraculous gift of life". Gratitude is such a powerful emotion that it immediately puts you in a positive and optimistic mood.

What is the power of positive thought?

Positive thinking is the belief that good things will happen in our lives. An optimistic outlook on life allows us to stay motivated and focused on our goals.
This type of thinking seeks out the best in any situation and has been proven to be beneficial for our mental health.
Positive thinking can help us to manage stress and anxiety, reduce depression, increase our self-esteem, and improve our overall well-being.
When we think positively, we are more likely to take action toward achieving our goals. We are also more likely to seek out solutions instead of dwelling on problems.

Does positive thought result in success?

The power of positive thinking has been well-documented and researched. Studies have shown that it can improve physical and mental health, reduce stress, and even increase life expectancy.
Positive thinking has been linked to improved moods, better sleep habits, and increased self-confidence. It also helps us focus on our goals and take action toward achieving them.
Examples of successful people who used positive thinking are Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, and J.K. Rowling. All of these individuals were able to turn their dreams into reality by maintaining a positive outlook on life and never giving up on their goals.

What is meditation?

Meditation is a practice of focusing the mind on the present moment without judgment or attachment to thoughts.
It is a way of calming our minds and helping us become more aware of ourselves and our environment. During meditation, we can observe our thoughts without becoming attached to them or getting caught up in them.
This allows us to gain perspective and clarity on ourselves and our lives which can help us take action toward our goals.
Benefits of meditation include reduced stress and anxiety, improved concentration and focus, increased self-awareness, improved immune system function, increased creativity, and improved relationships with others.
Different types of meditation include mindfulness meditation, guided meditation, mantra meditation, and loving-kindness meditation.

How to use affirmations with meditation

Affirmations are positive statements that shift our mindset and create positive energy in our lives. They are short sentences that we repeat to ourselves in order to manifest our goals or desires. Affirmations should be specific and realistic so that they are more likely to manifest in our lives.
Using affirmations with meditation is an effective way to manifest our desires quickly and easily. During meditation, we can focus on our affirmations by repeating them silently or aloud while focusing on the present moment without judgment or attachment to thoughts.
This will help us create positive energy around our affirmations which will help us manifest them in our lives.
Examples of affirmations include “I am open to abundance”, “I am strong and capable”, “I am surrounded by love”, “My body is healthy and strong”, and “I am worthy of love”.
Here's how you can use a pregnancy affirmation with meditation and use Vedic mantras in the same session.
Pick one or more from the 10 pregnancy affirmations curated here, and prepare for a meditation session.
Before you start the session, play the Pranamya Shirasa Devam mantra at a comfortable volume. This powerful Ganesha chant has the ability to ensure success during the pregnancy journey.
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With the mantra playing in the background, begin meditating and repeat the affirmation in your mind. Stay with this practice till you feel the positivity surging through your body and mind.
The Pranamya Shirasa Devam was released as part of the Ancient Chants from India - Volume 1 album. This album is included in the Ancient Chants from India - Gold Edition bundle.

How do affirmations affect success?

Evidence has shown that using affirmations can help increase success and manifest desired outcomes in our lives. Studies have found that people who use affirmations are able to focus more clearly on their goals and take more action toward achieving them than those who don’t use affirmations.
Success stories of people who have used affirmations include entrepreneur Tim Ferris who used affirmations to achieve financial freedom.
Examples of affirmations include “I am worthy of success”, “I trust my inner guidance”, “I am open to abundance”, “My dreams are coming true”, and “I am brave enough to try new things”.


The power of positive thought combined with meditation and affirmations can be a powerful tool for achieving success in any area of our lives including early pregnancy.
By using affirmations during meditation, we can create a positive mindset which will help us manifest our dreams quickly and easily.
Benefits of using affirmations include improved mental health, reduced stress, increased self-confidence, and increased success with achieving desired outcomes in life.
Use these ten affirmations for early pregnancy as a starting point for creating your own unique affirmation practice that will help you manifest your dream of having a baby!

How to use affirmations for early pregnancy?
The power of positive thought is a daily exercise.
As you discuss starting a family, it is a good idea to create a habit out of tapping into positive thoughts.
You can put aside some time every day to internalize positive thoughts. This is when you’d use affirmations for early pregnancy.

Frequently asked questions on the power of affirmations

Does positive thinking work?
Any endeavor is strengthened by your belief in it happening. Any good result you want is made more probable by you believing in it happening. This is simply the power of your mind at work.
How do affirmations help?
Affirmations are positive statements you make to yourself so that you can internalize a thought. It can be tough to believe you’ll be employed when the job search is taking too long. An affirmation helps tip the mind into a positive state during such times.
How often must I use affirmations?
Think of affirmations as a support system you set up for yourself. Whenever you feel your belief slipping or you start doubting the eventual result, repeat the affirmation to yourself. It is also a good idea to make a habit of repeating affirmations in the morning.