3 Best mantras for love

True love requires a lot of work and the ability to empathize. We take a look at the best mantras for love.

Apr 30, 2024
Love is an intricate dance between two souls. It calls for balance, harmony, and mutual growth as the two partners build a shared future.
Yet, maintaining this harmonious balance can be challenging, especially in today's fast-paced world. That's where the ancient wisdom of mantras comes in.
These powerful tools of transformation can aid in fostering the right mindset to nurture and attract love.
We take a look at the best mantras for love, and how to use them with meditation for maximum benefit.

3 best mantras for love

It is often the experience of people to fall into toxic relationships, that make them doubt the very concept of love.
In such situations, you need to heal yourself and reconnect with your inner generosity to get back on track.
Here are 3 mantras that are especially good for this:
  1. Radha Krishna Mantra A Krishna mantra for unconditional love Read more about the benefits of the Radha Krishna Mantra
  1. Jala Gayatri Mantra Powerful mantra for healing relationships Read more about the benefits of the Jala Gayatri mantra
  1. Anahata Mantra for Heart Chakra Chakra mantra to open your heart Read more about the benefit of the Anahata mantra
We'd like you to try the Radha Krishna mantra for your daily meditation, as this will surely attract unconditional love to you.
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This soothing Krishna mantra helps you reconnect with your inner optimism so that you are in the best mental state to seek out love.
The Radha Krishna mantra will soon become your favorite mantra for regular meditation. Get the audio of this chant to meditate daily.

Understanding Vedic mantras

Vedic mantras are ancient Sanskrit phrases that are chanted or meditated upon to bring about specific effects.
They originate from the Vedas, the oldest scriptures of Hinduism, and have been used for millennia to bring about spiritual and emotional transformations.
In the context of love, Vedic mantras help balance your emotions, create a state of mental tranquillity, and open your heart to give and receive love. They work by aligning your thoughts and feelings with the energy and essence of love, thereby creating a conducive environment for attracting and nurturing harmonious relationships.

How mantra meditation works

Mantra meditation involves focusing your mind on a mantra while meditating. This practice enhances the effects of the Vedic mantras, allowing their energy to permeate your consciousness more deeply.
When you meditate on love mantras, they help dissolve negative emotions and beliefs that may be blocking your ability to love wholly and passionately.
They work by subtly altering your subconscious thought patterns, replacing them with positive affirmations of love, acceptance, and harmony.

Benefits of mantras for love

To invite more love into your life, consider meditating on these three powerful Vedic mantras:
  • Radha Krishna Mantra Radha and Krishna are the divine couple in Hindu mythology, epitomizing eternal love and divine union. The mantra seeks their blessings for a love that is deep, passionate, and transcendent.
  • Anahata Mantra for Heart Chakra The Anahata or heart chakra is associated with unconditional love, compassion, and empathy. The mantra "Yam" is chanted to open and balance this chakra, inviting a greater capacity for love and emotional harmony into your life.
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  • Jala Gayatri Mantra This mantra is dedicated to Jala or water, symbolizing emotion and intuition in Vedic cosmology. The mantra lyrics are: ” Aum Jalabimbaaya Vidmahe Neela-Purushaya DhimaheeThanno Appu Prachodayat " This is chanted to invite emotional fluidity, deep connection, and intuitive understanding of love.
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Best meditation routine to invite love

Inviting love isn't just about chanting mantras; it also involves cultivating a regular meditation practice that fosters emotional balance and openness.
Here's a 10-step routine you can follow:
  1. Find a quiet space where you won't be disturbed.
  1. Sit comfortably with your spine erect.
  1. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  1. Begin by chanting the Radha Krishna Mantra silently or aloud.
  1. Visualize divine love flowing into you with each chant.
  1. Next, chant the Anahata Mantra while envisioning your heart chakra opening like a blooming flower.
  1. Feel this opening invites more compassion and love into your life.
  1. Finally, chant the Jala Gayatri Mantra as you imagine emotional fluidity coursing through you.
  1. Stay in this state of open receptivity for a few minutes after chanting.
  1. Slowly bring your awareness back to your surroundings before opening your eyes.
As you practice this meditation routine regularly, aim to incorporate these mantras in your daily life too - perhaps as affirmations upon waking up or before going to bed.


Love is a fundamental aspect of human life that brings joy, growth, and fulfillment.
By harnessing the power of Vedic mantras through meditation, you can create a conducive environment within yourself to attract passionate, balanced, and unconditional love.
So embrace these mantras and meditation practices with an open heart.
As you journey towards greater love in your life, remember that it's not just about finding the right partner but also about becoming the right partner yourself - one who embodies balance, passion, and unconditional love.

How to use mantras for love
To infuse your life with love using Vedic mantras, select mantras that evoke feelings of love and devotion, such as Radha Krishna mantra.
Chant the mantra with heartfelt intention, allowing its vibrations to resonate within you and attract love into your life. Visualize yourself surrounded by loving and harmonious energy, manifesting deep and fulfilling connections.
Embrace the transformative power of Vedic mantras to invite love, cultivate self-love, and manifest meaningful relationships in your life.

Frequently asked questions on mantras

How do mantras work?
The energy given off by the mantra benefits the listener in different ways. Some heal stress, others invite abundance, and others bring inner peace.
Where do mantras originate from?
Mantras owe their origin to religious texts, mainly from Hinduism or Buddhism. These are homages to various deities, where their strengths and blessings are mentioned. By chanting these, you invite the same strength into your life.
How do we use mantras with meditation?
Meditation works with an intention, which is a benefit or healing you desire from that session. You can find mantras that suit this intention perfectly, enhancing the power of meditation.