Silent meditation retreat East coast

Silent meditation retreat East coast

Whether you are facing a low point in your life or just tired of modern life distractions and expectations, a silent meditation retreat, east coast especially, can help you.

When you spend a few days away leaving behind all the distractions, your mind slows down. 

Spending time in a silent retreat can help you to ease a deepening sense of depression, and instead use a contemplative approach to achieve stillness in your mind

A silent meditation retreat center can change your soul helping you better understand life and the suffering.

These meditative retreats are places to recharge yourself and feel rejuvenated. Here you get to learn yoga and meditation under experienced trainers.  

Top 7 Silent Meditation Retreats in the East Coast

We have picked top 7 silent meditation retreats on the East coast, visit these Silent retreats to bring the best version of yourself. 

1. 6 Days Positive Thinking Meditation and Yoga Retreat New York, USA

new-york-silent meditation retreat east coast

It is a warm welcoming retreat that helps you experience fresh air and peace. There is a daily Satsang of 30 minutes silent meditation followed by spiritual chanting and Hatha yoga that enhances your well being. 

Sivananda Yoga Ranch is a traditional, slow meditation class that improves strength, flexibility, and vitality of your body along with calming your mind.

This meditation retreat is a unique experience that helps you to understand yourself better. You will be served with organic vegetarian food. Spending time in this retreat brings you a calmer mind and better relationships. 

The price starts at $375 for a private tent to $1100 for a private twin room. Visitors explained it as a blissful experience where you get to learn yoga and meditation better than any other place. 

2. 7 Days Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga Mountain Retreat in Medellin, Colombia 

medellin-colombia-silent meditation retreat east coast

Located in the Columbian mountains this is a perfect place to learn meditation. It is a non-religious meditation and yoga center. 

Here you will learn:

  • Samantha meditation – calming the mind
  • Vipassana meditation – insight into true nature
  • Pranayama – breathing exercise
  • Yoga asanas or postures.

To cultivate inner growth and peaceful mind there will be noble silence for some days of a week.

After the guided meditation there will be a question-answer session where you will be encouraged to clear your doubts. There are also some additional spa therapies available in this retreat. 

The price of this 7-day retreat starts from $450 for a shared dorm to $1110 for a two-persons private cabin. It is the ideal place to learn Vipassana meditation and to experience silence and guided meditation.

3. 13 Days Ananda Meditation Teacher Training In Northern California, USA

california-silent meditation retreat east coast

Based on ancient yoga practices from India this retreat gives you a balanced perspective of life in a complete spiritual environment.

With extensive meditation practice, it prepares you to teach meditation skills to anyone.

A wonderful location with a beautiful temple to practice meditation will create a perfect spiritual environment. 

Experience great happiness with daily meditation and yoga practice and uplift your energy. The price for this retreat starts from $1524 for one person.

4. Farm Rustic Getaway Yoga Retreat USA

rustic-usa-silent meditation retreat east coast

Rustic charm and essence of nature give you the most needed break from your stressful life. With a lovely pond and hiking trails, it offers complete peace. 

It includes different types of yoga such as Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, early morning sunrise flows, sound healing with crystal singing bowls and a unique stand up paddleboard (SUP) yoga. 

This retreat offers to tune with the guided natural nighttime world and for the weekend there is a night-time bird ranch that you can join.

You are free to join as many sessions as you want and you can have plenty of time to explore this wonderful place. 

The price starts at $418 for 3 days. Nature and animal lovers have highly recommended this retreat. 

5. 8 Days Revitalizing Meditation and Yoga retreat in Florida

florida-silent meditation retreat east coast

Zen Den Yoga School provides a perfect environment to meditate. In this retreat, you will learn various forms of yoga including Ashtanga- inspired Vinyassa, the true Sivananda, Hatha, Restorative, and other traditions.

Based on ancient yoga practices from India this retreat gives you a balanced perspective of life in a completely spiritual environment.

Experience great happiness with daily meditation and yoga practice and uplift your energy. The price range starts from $1350 for 8 days.

6. 4 Days Life Design and Yoga Retreat in Maine, USA

maine-silent meditation retreat east coast

Practice nationally recognized yoga and horse program in this retreat. Start your day with clarity in this nature-friendly location.

Walk or jog on beaches of Maine and unique guided yoga practice with horses will create some transformative moments in your life.

Enjoy activities like beachfront yoga, paddle boarding, and boating. The price for 4 days starts from $649. Visit this retreat to have an adventure-filled relaxing experience. 

7. 8 Day Rejuvenating Yoga Break Retreat in Island Falls, USA 

island-falls-silent meditation retreat east coast

Seawall House is designed to bring positive changes in your life with a comfortable schedule program.

Early morning meditation at the riverside followed by Ashtanga yoga practice brings peace and happiness right away. Afternoon practice follows Kundalini yoga and meditation classes. 

With the help of experienced yoga trainers, you can choose your schedule and activities.

With historic rooms and a wonderful location, this retreat is a perfect place to unwind and recharge.  The price for 8 days is $1983. You will be served with gluten-free vegetarian food. 


These silent meditation retreats help you to free your mind from past worries and concerns. 

They might be inspired by Taoist, Buddhist or Hindu philosophies. But at the end of the day, the core of such a place is the same.

Whether you want to learn yoga and meditation or just to escape a stressful life, these silent meditation retreats are for you.

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