Sacred Chants from India and 
Powerful Mantras for Healing

Mahakatha Music is a collection of the most powerful and healing mantras for your body, mind and soul. Most of our songs are mantras, shlokas, chants, kirtans and bhajans sourced from the huge library of Hindu mythology and ancient India. 

The healing effect in these sacred chants from India  is immense as we focus on pure, serene and calming voices to bring in positive energy.

Hindu Music Youtube Channel

We are a dedicated hindu meditation music youtube channel where you'll find the best mantra music with meanings and benefits. 

Our chants and mantras like Nirvana Shatakam and Sudarshana Ashtakam  are loved by our listeners from all over the world.  The positivity and warmth these powerful mantras emit are being embraced by our listeners who look for a eternal and spiritual remedies to some of their life's biggest problems. 

Yoga meditation music

Our music is used as alternative medicine music, chakra healing music, mindfulness meditation music, stress relief music and  natural healing. 

Ancient mantras album

In early 2016, our first album Ancient Chants from India - Vol 1 was released is one of the most popular yoga music with versions of Nirvana Shatakam, Opening Prayers for Yoga and Deep Om Chanting. 

Listen to the our Mahakatha Music Youtube Channel


Ancient Chants from India Vol - 1 is a part of series of spiritual music from India.

The album features some of the best mantras and shlokas for natural healing, mantras for yoga, OM chanting for deep sleep and more.​