Music Singles

Instrumental tracks you found on
the YouTube channel

Over time, Mahakatha has come out with instrumental tracks that have gained popularity on our YouTube channel.

Though we concentrate on mantras perfect for meditation, we like to throw a few instrumental tracks in the mix.

This is the spot where you can find these tracks, and download them if you loved what you heard on the channel.

Mahakatha's music/instrumental singles

1. Ancient Bell Gold Link meditation music

This track features the ancient metal bell sound from India. The sound of the metal bell is extremely powerful and it resonates its frequencies in a way that can cleanse the negative energy from your home space.

You can play this instrumental music in the places in your home which needs energy cleansing.

2. Bhakti - Indian Tabla beat meditation

This track features the Tabla blended in with Reggae and Hip Hop Drum pattern. The music is ideal for an upbeat yoga session, or for a laid back meditation session.

3. Brain Healing spiritual sounds

The hang-drum is used to create a track that is deeply relaxing and aids in your natural healing processes to focus on your brain.

4. Krishna in Mathura - Flute instrumental

This instrumental track was inspired by the entrancing visuals of Lord Krishna in his hometown of Mathura.

It has been rendered with sounds of cattle and children, to transport you to what might Mathura have been like in the days of old.

5. Music for healing female energy - Kundalini Awakening

In Hinduism, Kundalini is a divine feminine energy located close to the base of the spine. This can be visualized as a coiled force of creativity and power.

Meditating to this track can unleash this force that is contained within you.

6. Water Koshi Chimes meditation

Koshi Bells Water element meditation is great for sound healing and therapeutic use.

These elegant wooden chimes bring calmness, positivity and inner joy to you. Koshi Bells are usually blended with earth, water, air, and fire elements.

7. Yoga flow music for Positive vibes

The Yoga flow music is combination of ambient vocals and the hang-drum to create the perfect ambience for a perfect yoga session.

It relaxes while being refreshing at the same time, perfect for breath control and movement.