songs, mantras, shlokas, chants and stories
from hindu mythology


Mahakatha is dedicated to the wealth of
India's Mythological and Spiritual abundance.​

We collect, curate and put together some of most soothing hindu mantras for meditation, wellbeing and spiritual healing.  We share some of the best indian mythology stories for children and adults alike.

Hindu mythology blog

Hindu Mythology Blog

Through our blog we bring to you some of the best mythology articles and writeups on the eternal Indian culture and heritage.

With mystic places, authors, books, myths, legends and more we take you through the ancient times and spaces of India. 

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Hindu Mythology Music

Mantras are the medicine for the soul. All our mantras are sung by the most divine voices you'll ever hear.  

Inspiring and deep, our music ranges right from Nirvana Shatakam to some of the most powerful chants and shlokas, bhajans and kirtans from ancient India that'll transform your life. 

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Hindu Mythology Podcast

Mahakatha is India's first podcast dedicated to Hindu Mythology.

Every week you'll hear magical stories, myths, mystics, time-travels, songs from ancient hindu mythology.

We take you back in time through stories about hindu gods and goddesses, mythological characters, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Folk tales, Panchtanra, Jataka  and more.

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