how to teach a child to meditate

How to teach a Child to Meditate

Stress is inevitable – even in children. These days, children also have reportedly high-stress levels. Amongst this stressed and depressed environment, it's important how to teach a child to meditate.

The question of how to teach a child to meditate is better phrased as how do you sell stillness or any meditative exercise to them. 

Regular practice of meditation for kids has proven to have beneficial effects on their emotional, mental, and intellectual development

Whether kids are learning mindfulness in school or not, parents bring awareness to their wards at home. Teach your children to focus on their breath and quiet their minds.

Be mindful of the example you set, as children naturally grasp things that their parents do. 

Develop your meditation practice and then guide your children along the way, and there will be a collective stress reduction at home.

To get in the right position to meditate, your child needs the right meditation tools. To ease it for you, we have listed some of the best products that will help the child focus and meditate comfortably.  

1. BirdRock Home Adjustable Meditating Chair 

This chair is designed with high-quality chopped memory foam and soft plush fabric to give a comfortable seat as it conforms to your body. It easily adjusts the floor into fourteen different positions, giving you a variety of options on how to use it. It provides kids with a safe spot so parents don’t worry about their kids falling off while meditating. 

This functional chair allows for easy storage as it lies flat so that it can be easily stored under your bed or tall couch. Also, they can be stacked on top of each other, making them easy to put away. Due to the flexibility of memory foam and backrest, even adults can sit on it with their kids comfortably.

Whether it is for meditation or lounging to watch your favorite movie or play games, this multipurpose kid’s chair is definitely worth the buy. 

2. Ansee Floor Chair Cushion Sofa for Meditating

This highly comfortable meditation chair is filled with the high-elasticity sponge and PP cotton. The design is sleek, and it is perfect for any room or any age.

It is a kind of recliner chair that easily adjusts its back to five positions with a click-clack mechanism, allowing you to sit at the most comfortable angle. 

It comes with a backrest that prevents slouching, back pain, and promotes a healthy posture. The backrest of this product supports the bodyweight of up to 220lb.

This foldable chair lies flat for easy storage. This versatile chair will serve you a specific feeling when sitting in.

The zippered, soft-brushed polyester cover is removable for easy cleaning. It doesn’t need any assembling—open it and use it straight away.

Quite multipurpose, it can be used as a floor cushion, meditation chair, yoga chair, reading chair, gaming chair for the floor, or ground seat.

3. SPOKO Meditation Bench

Fully handcrafted and beautifully unique, this bench has been constructed out of premium-quality massive birch wood.

Perfect for kids, this low meditation bench provides for proper body posture and alignment, thereby improving your circulation and increasing your energy level. 

Its excellent ergonomics helps you relax your muscles and expand your shoulders for gratifying deep breathing. Offering ultimate comfort, the gentle incline of this bench allows you a space of balance and well-being. 

It easily disassembles into a convenient travel-size package, making it easy to fit it in your luggage.

The best part about this bench is that it is so comfortable that you don't require any cushion, mat, or pillow. With its prolonged use, you are bound to feel the benefits. 

4. Cosmic Kids Yoga/Meditation Cushion

Featuring a patented breakthrough design, this meditation cushion is made with earth-friendly materials.

Stuffed with either prime kapok or buckwheat hull, which are both natural and biodegradable fillings, this cushion has got the little meditators raving! It has been designed in a way to offer supreme comfort during meditation. 

The cushion’s wedge profile tilts the pelvis slightly forward, supporting your lower back while meditating.

Its tapering wings support the entire length of your thighs, thereby evenly distributing your weight and eliminating restlessness while long hours of meditating. 

Also, the heel cradle has been curved to minimize stress to your hips and knees. Lighter and easier to carry, it lends firm support. Overall, this Cosmic Kids’ Cushion is a perfect-sized cushion for your little meditator. 

5. Moonbeam: A Book of Meditations for Children

This book introduces the powerful practice of mindfulness in a fun and exciting way. It is born out of the author’s desire to help her three-year-old daughter sleep soundly. It is loaded with delightful stories to help your child feel secure and sleep peacefully. 

This mindfulness and relaxation book is a great way to teach your child about focus and meditation.

The author guides parents to use the imaginative world with their children, helping them deal with their anxieties, developing their concentration, and enhancing their creativity. 

Each meditation given in the book has a distinct theme. This book is an enchanting beginning for teaching meditation to kids. Highly recommended, it is a must-buy. 


It’s quite beneficial to introduce meditation, and mindfulness at an early age will help your child build self-confidence and a sense of calm. 

You will also find many guided meditations online. Try to make the process relatable on a child’s level. Show them pictures, or go for a storytelling approach to demonstrate what meditation is all about. 

Practicing meditation may not come naturally at first, but that’s okay. Know that over time and with regular practice, they will be able to master and experience the wonderful benefits of meditation

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